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Condolences/Prayers/Best Wishes to Reuben Kee's Family

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The name Reuben Kee rang a bell and sure enough I'd downloaded a couple of his songs, not only that but were on my playlist of favourite songs.

It's a damn shame, but at least I can say hand on heart I enjoyed his music.'Ryu for Four Pianos' is excellent and I'm giving it a play in your honour

Rest in peace mate

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It was kinda.. no a really big shock to see this on the front page after about a year later of coming back here. I always loved his work the most I think out of all the songs I listened to. I actually came back to revive myself to more music.

Then this showed up and I don't know why but I still don't believe it. He was so inspirational because I have such a love for piano music and the feeling he got out of his pieces really moved me. He was up there with Noriyuki Iwadare from Grandia games and the like... I don't know what to say but if I could just thanks him for what he has given me I would feel more able to cope with this shock. Thanks you so much Reuben for all you have done.

To family: I wish you the best but don't be too sad because Kee really has made a difference in this world. I and the OCR community are more than glad to have met him and the inspiration he left behind will not go without notice.

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When I read the news, I felt like something inside me was yanked out and stomped on mercilessly. I didn't know Reuben, but I knew his music, and The Place We Knew will always have a very special place in my heart. If someone can explain to me why I cried (and in fact am still crying as I type this up) I would be eternally grateful, but if someone who never had any contact with Reuben outside of his music is so moved by his passing, I can't even think about what his family and friends are going through right now.

My thoughts and prayers are extended to all of you who lost more than I with his passing. I hope you can find solace in knowing that his presence will live on forever in his music, but there is only so much that scales and notes can do to fill the void he left behind.

And to Reuben, who I'm certain is reading all of this, I would like to say thank you. Rest in peace, my friend, and may your music be eternal.

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Obviously, I mostly knew Reu through his music, not just here but on Reu's website, Pathos. I'm saddened the most by the fact that his gifts on that level won't be able to create the wonderful future works most of us knew he was capable of. In a community where too many talented people don't receive the opportunities their talents deserve, Reu was someone who, at a young age, was already slowly but surely making a name for himself as a composer as his professional works increased.

Being aware of Reu's martial arts and athletic background, even being Singapore's "Most Eligible Bachelor" for 2007 as well, it's been decidedly more difficult reconciling Reu's loss while honestly feeling that he was in his prime and only getting better.

My thoughts are with the Kee family, as they seek to find closure with the events that resulted in the tragic loss of whom most of us considered a shining star.

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Your music helped me cope in some of the worst places on Earth, it helped keep me sane and sound and it brought me home safely. It was inspirational. ...I don't know what to say. I'm happy to have been your friend in the brief time we were able to chat with one another. Thank you so very much for Beauty's Abomination. I can't listen to it without my eyes watering.

I'm crying now. Can you believe it? Our letters were brief, friendly, but you still touched me, man. Beauty's Abomination was amazing. No one ever did something like that for me before. I'm sorry I couldn't ever really repay you. Now that it's too late it would have been nice to get to know you a little better. I guess... life is kinda like that, isn't it?

You put more heart and soul in to what you did than almost anyone I know. And it shows. You gave a lot, even to complete strangers on the other side of the world. You left behind a wonderful legacy... Such wonderful music. You're in my thoughts and in my prayers Reuben. Thank you...

Thank you for everything beautiful you gave to the world.

Your Friend,


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UPDATE: I've contacted Reuben's father with printouts of this thread as well as a link. If you haven't commented yet, please still feel free, as we will leave this thread up as an announcement indefinitely, for all to see.

That is really great to hear. I am happy that they will be able to feel at least a little bit of happiness knowing that his son spread so much joy to the world.

It is still so hard to think of something to say in this thread. I want to think of the right words, but when I do, I freeze....

It is just so odd to think that he is gone.

I swear that I will write something though...soon.

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I briefly exchanged e-mails with Reuben a few years back. Complimenting his astonishing work and the mood it put me in. Always looking forward to the next original or remixed track he came up with. My prayers go out to you and your family Mr. Kee. :( And right now...my eyes can't stop watering. Love and peace be with him. Always.

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I didn't actually know Reuben himself, but my God.. his music is simply amazing, and I'm sure he was such an amazing person. I really don't know what to say, I just want to wish the best to his family and those who knew him. I'm for sure going to download every single one of his songs, simply because there is nothing else I can do to help. I really am so sorry for all this to happen, no one like him deserves such a tragedy. May you have a lovely time in a better world. Rest In Peace, Reuben Kee.

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It broke my heart to read of such a great loss. It was more than two years ago, while looking for Street Fighter remixes, that I first stumbled upon OCRemix and in particular Reubens 'Ryu for Four Pianos'. It was such an amazing interpretation of an iconic piece. I downloaded it immediately. It was that which helped kick start my own foray into remixing.

He will be missed by so many. To his family he was a loving son and brother. To me and many others who knew him only through his music, he was an exceptionally gifted musician whose music could make your hair stand on end and send shivers down your spine.

The music may have stopped, but it hasn't died. Reubens memory and his music will be kept alive by those who remember him.

Farewell Reuben. You and your music have been inspirational.

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