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Duke Nukem Forever video tomorrow


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Here's some more detailed info about the soundtrack and who all is working on the audio end of things:

EDIT: Nix that, it was brought to our attention that the composer for the game itslef has not been "officially announced" yet.

The TEASER itself was a bit underwhelming, but hopefully it does mean they're making progress.

It WOULD be interesting to hear what Jeremy Soule does with the score, given his orchestral background. He did work with guitarist Jason Evigan on the Supreme Commander soundtrack, though, and there were some cool orchestral/rock tracks there, so we'll have to wait and see IF HE'S THE COMPOSER!

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For the people who can't read disclaimers, it was a teaser and not a trailer.

Thanks for helping those of us who can't read disclaimers! We'd all be screwed if we didn't have skilled disclaimer-readers like yourself around.

It actually doesn't matter. They're both made to generate hype for the game. It's not like people are saying, "The game looks horrible," which wouldn't be accurate to say based on a teaser. I can still say it's underwhelming and didn't generate any interest here.

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The teaser was alright, I've seen a lot worse, where the only thing you see are boring catchphrases and a image or two, usually with fog - LOTS of fog.

The only thing is they did not technically show game-play, all they showed was short cinematic like clips from the game engine, while alright looking, in my books does not constitute as game-play.

Still, it was a nice sign of progress, and hopefully also a sign of more to follow soon.

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Personally, the music and gameplay from the 1998 E3 trailer is way better than what was shown in the 2007 trailer. The electric guitar riffs are just pulsing.

What trailer? It was a teaser, and it didn't show any gameplay at all.

And that 1998 trailer blew, horribly. Now the 2001 E3 trailer, that one was awesome-the first time I saw it a chill went up my spine. The only thing to see now is if the new DNF actually succeeds in giving me that same feeling again, if it does it'll be a great success.

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