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Teens charged with "Mortal Kombat" killing


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I can only feel anger towards the murderer as well as that community which took one day too fucking long to realize something was seriously fucked up at that girl's home...

There was another news link (I had it yet stupidly lost it) that mentioned the little gilr has given reports about her bruises from previous days and for some mindnumbing damn reason the cops didn't do shit nor did CPS... how fucked up is that!?

NOT TO MENTION this is gonna give Jack Thompson with ammo.

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I would have thought that by "Mortal Kombat" they would have meant harpooning someone in the chest or tearing their head off or something like that. "hit, kicked and body-slammed her" sounds like something you'd pick up from pro wrestling more than Mortal Kombat.

Either way, this is terrible and I can't believe that two teenagers can beat up on a 7 year old girl to the point of her death.

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call me insensitive but i found something more interesting

<Arek|sleepin> Two teens have been charged with killing the 7-year-old sister of one of them by beating her with imitations of moves from the "Mortal Kombat" video game, prosecutors said.

<Arek|sleepin> is it me

<Arek|sleepin> or is there something really wrong with that sentence grammatically

<Arek|sleepin> oh ya im awake again

* Arek|sleepin is now known as Arek

<starla|work> ....Wow, I can't believe how poorly formulated that sentence is

<Bahamut> heh

<starla|work> was that from a real news site :(

<Arek> gj cnn

<Arek> http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/law/12/20/mortal.kombat.ap/index.html

<Bahamut> that of one of them part is fail

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Aren't they, like, 10 years too late to blame Mortal Kombat?!

And I more wanna know how that game's name got listed as being the source they imitated.

It's surprising and sick that those two would do that... even more so that they barley mentioned brother, "Roberts" was downstairs drunk and playing video games.

He was barley mentioned and he was drinking and not supervising... I think he shoudl be put away too as being an accomplice

Sick sad and wrong.

But ya, the next most important thing, I think, outside of taking care of what to do with the murderers... How did Mortal Kombat end up in that story?

I agree, I thought I was about to read that someone broke up someone elses' chest and ripped there heart out or something.

"Hit, kicked and body slammed" is pretty much common in all fighter games and you can see it more easly on TV in Wrestling, as Calpis pointed out.

Same with school shooters and so on... there is something mentally wrong with the girls that they may not dive into any further exploring if they are pointing there fingers at video games.

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it is pretty obvious that some novice "righteous" seeking bastard wrote this story

not only is it poorly written, it also, as stated above, does not note the IMPORTANT FACT that the supervisor of the girl was fucking drunk

the douchebag has to be a part of the "video games are bad" crusade


edit: gah the more i read this the more i get pissed off

fire this fucking journalist

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We should send e-mails to every journalist who has written something about this incident in reference to Mortal Kombat, and remind them that using one facet of society as a scapegoat for drunken stupidity is STILL bad journalism, and they should recognize the fact that these fucked up kids are only a year older than MK, probably not even familiar with the game, and that idiot journalists need to check their facts and blame alcohol instead of video games.

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I fail to see how videogames had anything to do with this. Two drunk teens beat a 7 year old to death and the first thing they blame to is a has-been game from the 90's? This is just ridiculous in every aspect.

Midway have money. That's why.

These so-called 'righteous' people need to remove their heads from up their own arseholes and use that rotting pink piece of vegetation in their skulls before they point the finger. While I'm saddened by the murder, I'm pissed off that the media have nothing better to do than put the blame on a large company.

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A slightly better written article

According to the arrest affidavit, Roberts and Trujillo were baby-sitting Zoe Garcia at her home when Trujillo and Garcia were wrestling as they always do, karate kicking, punching and kicking.

However, court records said a witness saw Roberts kicking and body slamming her. The witness said Roberts didn't know how bad he was hitting Garcia because he was drunk.

So yeah, things were going fine until the drunken idiot took things too far.

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I'd like to counter your question with a question. How do you think Midway reacts? I'm very interest to hear how the lay-people think companies react to such news.

Honestly, I can think of two different responses, one kind hearted and one heartless.

Good - Would feel very sympathetic towards the family who's child was the victim and try to help them out in this time of need. Or something of that nature.

Heartless - Well the word says it all basiclly. Not caring at all and brushing it off to the side. Ignoring it.

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a b a c a b b !!!



I don't know how I remembered that.

Anyway, this is lame. Blaming a game for violent content is retarded. Parents go out and buy games for their kids, which require the parents' active involvement. What's easier to access is violent television because it's readily accessible and full of violent content, but you don't see anyone blaming that. I hate hearing people complaining about something like they didn't cause it.

Yeah, and underage drinking?! Sounds to me like "Mortal Kombat" is the least of that family's issues.

I would imagine Midway is sorry for the loss of life, but really anything can motivate crazy people to kill. Hell, Pokemon caused a few kids to hang themselves over cards. I mean, companies can't take the blame for everything. Even if their product influenced a crazy person to do something terrible, at what point does personal accountablity come into play.

It comes down to this. If you're messed up to begin with, anything could potentially cause you to go off and kill someone, and parents should be paying more attention to their creepy little spawns to see what their children's issues are. The blame game is not viable, as Midway is not raising your kid. To parents with this mentality, you are dumb bitches. That is all.

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How does one "Immediate Mortal Kombat moves"?

I mean....unless you can shoot ice and spears out of your hands, isn't it just basically, oh I don't know...kick, punch, throw?

Shit man, if that's what the deal is, I'm going to enter the next tournament because I got that fighting style DOWN PAT.

kick punch it's all in the mind, if you wanna test me I'm sure you'll find that all the things i'll teach ya, are sure to beat ya. nevertheless you'll get a lesson from teacher now.

sorry Parappa moment.

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