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OCR00883 - Chrono Trigger "Green Amnesia"

Disco Dan

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Chrono Trigger 'Green Amnesia'

I appear to be the only review mod up so I'll just cover this one quickly and say a few words 'bout it. I'm really not sure what came over me with this one. I may have been sick or something. In fact, I don't really remember writing this...


Ok, but um... yeah, for those of you that have heard "Downtime," this isn't all THAT new, but with a Chrono Trigger flavor to it. And um... yeah. Well I'll let other people say stuff. I feel kind of dirty talking about my own stuff like this.


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Pretty good mix, dan, but I'd have preferred accoustic drums over the "new-age R&B" set you're using or something.

The ones after the wind "break" are better, but still, some kind of accoustic jazz set would be much better - they actually might be the same... I can't really tell.

Love the double-time at 4'32. ;) The drums work here.

Ew. Not a fan of the ending.

Besides some drum sample gripes (which are just personal preference - the sequencing was actually done very well) this song is definitely awesome. :)

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Hmm, much of like any of Mazedude's remixes, I've always appreciated pieces that fly in the face of convention in some way. I happen to like the "new age r&b" flavor it gives the remix. When I first downloaded it, I thought "geez, 6 and half minutes?" as some remixes of that length to get a little self indulgent and repetitive, but this one is very well paced and styled. I really like this a lot...in case you couldn't tell already. :) Dan, excellent job in creating a standout remix for a game saturated with remixes.

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Now see? This is exactly why those "Not another chrono trigger remix~!"

posts are not always grounded. Yeah, we've heard this theme a million

times over, but this is just a damn good arrangement. It's a wonderful little

theme, and this just exploits the melody wonderfully. I really enjoyed this

one Dan. It's nice to see someone bring a fresh look to a tired and

overworked theme.

Also, I thought the ending had a nice finality to it. Cool stuffs.

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Dan does it again! This remix is nice. Definitely staying in my playlist for a while. This remix is so good my mom even commented on it (she overheard it playing).


Btw Dan, Mel was kinda pissed that she didn't get mentioned in DJP's little review ;).. Accordin to her you were supposed to tell DJP to say that it was dedicated to her :P

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oh man

this is great. damnit. it's about time man.

downtime was an awesome song, and you took that greatness and applied it to chrono trigger.


there is nothing to complain about in this mix. it is damn near audio perfection. i don't see how anything could have been done differently.

no missed notes. no clipping. nothing. volumes are just right. exact amounts of reverb...

dan surely knows what he is doing.

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Disco Dan once again justifies my blind adoration of his work. :)

I'd have to say this is one of the best thought out and executed remixes I've heard in a long time.

As others have said, it remains true to the original theme and expands upon it in ways previously unimagined. Everything is placed and timed just so. The whole work flows effortlessly. Dan, if you don't have a music production job, GET ONE.

I thought the ending was very appropriate. I think some found it objectionable because the piece seemed like it could have gone on forever (it's a good thing :D ). It reminded me a bit of the closing strains of "Neptune, the Mystic" from Holst's "The Planets". Or possibly the closing theme from "Contact".

I am eagerly awiting further musical exploration by Disco Dan ~ :)

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Hmmm. I like. All the samples are nice n smooth. The wind sounds work well, and I like the drums that come in right after. The ending is great; it makes it sound epic and leaves a great impression. Only thing I don't like is the muted trumpet. Super good job!

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If Webster were to make a new, updated dictionary, he'd definetly put the title of this mix under the word "awesome". That's just the only way to describe it. If it's possible for a man to fall in love with a song, I've done it. The transitions are smooth and great, and the music is just...wow. Not too sure about the ending, but it does the job. I mean, if I had a choice of getting a billion dollars, winning the Super Bowl, and having Britney Spears as my personal b!t(h slave, or listening to this song, I think I'd choose listening to this song. It's that good.

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An absolutely gorgeous remix. It draws you in completely, layers you in soft harmonics, and then steps up the tempo in a series of brilliant transitions, and truly takes you for a long, melodic ride.

I personally recommend to turn the volume way up at the beginning of this song and let that low, smooth bass that comes in at 1:15 just run through you. *shivers*




blinded by the moonlight...

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Stunning.... I love this song. It's such a beautiful melody.

Two tiny things I don't like with this remix...

The trumpet thing in the intro. Great idea, but... it sounds fake.

And sometimes, I think the piano has slightly too much delay. You know... I would have liked the melody to be even more distinct.

But that's just my opinions... I still adore this piece of music.

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