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you ever listen to a remix before listening to the original song?


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Yup. I thought that adding notes to the existing melody was changing the song all together. >_>

Hahahah. Come on man. When you think about it, how is adding extra notes any different from adding techno drum beats or a guitar solo? ^_^

A really easy-to-understand example of adding extra notes to a melody is Island of Zeal by Mazedude.


It's groovy. After one time through the main melody, keeping it almost exactly the same as the original, there's a guitar solo and then when the main melody comes back it's got an additional harmony line added to it. It fits so damn nicely. Check it out.

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Hayz I got a tip, did you know you can change the TEMPO of the song you remix as well?! ZOMGAWESOME!!11

Oh, ontopic: I actually downloaded Cavestory because of the remixes I heard of it on here, the music really is awesome =3

Yeah but I bet you can't change the key or time signature or the genre of the piece can you? Yeah didn't think so!

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To answer the thread topic's question, I'd have to say that probably half of the remixes I enjoy the most, I've never heard the original source material. It's always interesting to hear the original of course, but I enjoy a great many of these remixes as musical tracks unto themselves.

That being said, I think the remixes that top my list of favorites are those which I am familiar with the original source tune. So it's a mixed bag of sorts.

Now, another issue altogether is whether or not I've actually played the game. I'd have to say that 95% of the remixes I enjoy, I've never played the game the source material is from. A ready example that comes to mind is Final Fantasy VII - never played the game, but I have the soundtrack and VotL is probably my favorite OCR tribute album to date. Go figure!

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