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OCR00892 - Radical Dreamers "Dreaming"


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this is great.

the ending theme from radical dreamers (Le Tresor Interdit) would easily be in my top 10 favorite songs of all time. Along with the epilogue from radical dreamers as well.

That game had some very very good music. Yasunori Mitsuda would have to be one of my heros.

Anyways, on to the arrangement.

Some nice lush stuff going on here. Everything sounds great. Especially that piano.

The arrangement itself is genious. The piano flows smoothly throughout the entire song, and the percussion and everything else work together to bring you into this song. There's also many nuances that i've noticed that help make this song great. There are lots of little things that you may not notice by themselves, but without them the song wouldn't be itself.

Overall, this is great.

One of my new favorites, definately.

Thanks for covering one of my favorite songs Kaijin. :)

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You know, there are a lot more Squaresoft works of art that we simply don't know about, the ones that never made it to our shores. There are quite a few good games, too. I've seen some translating groups working on those games, so hopefully soon we'll at least get to check them out, in english. :)

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Its with great pride that i make this my official 1000th mp3.

Kaijin simply blows me away with this one, the beauty on this song is off the charts, i've rarely heard something this amazing.

Everything about this is harmonic, and it has that whole ballad-feel to it, a trademark of Kaijin.

So for the second time, im proud of making this my 1000th mp3, great job.

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Hey-sweet job. This is probaly Mitsuda would have made this sound if he didn't have to make this for the snes sound hardware. Nice work. Very professional.

I believe this song would most likely make him cry.. I mean, come on. Knowing that so many people all over the entire world, wanting to idolize and perfect your sound..

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keep doing your thing, Kai. you once mentioned that your aim in remixes is to merely exploit all the emotion for what it’s worth. and lemme tell ya, you consistently succeed in doing so. this one’s no different. the Guitar Mix of this is subtle but discernible, and i enjoyed that one as well

and anyone that still needs convincing as to Kai’s ability to exploit emotion should pick up his Xenogears - Emotion (Starlight Dream Mix)

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[...] anyone that still needs convincing as to Kai’s ability to exploit emotion should pick up his Xenogears - Emotion (Starlight Dream Mix)

Ah.. but I am not able to find it here on this site. Was it removed in one of the 'purges'? Or do you mean 'Xenogears - SoftWindsCry'?

he is talking about a remix that was written 6 years ago before I even knew about OCremix. It's not very good and really isn't a good example of exploiting emtion. A good example would be the much more recent and obviously higher quality "A momentary emotion" posted on VGmix.

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Very pretty style, and great interpretation of the theme. Being overly familiar with the song, I have to say the rhythmic change-ups on the melody were very refreshing and tasteful. Very nice filling out of the sound, and the only real (minor) weakness is some of the sequencing/sample defficiencies of the solo violin.

I've actually had this on my playlist for years and years and it's always nice when it comes up. The piano and bells are great, and the mood it sets is beautiful.

Nice work :-)

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During my time on OCR, I've listened to plenty of remixes, but this one is still my favorite.

It preserves the mood of the source and yet adds more to it. Something that always amazed me in this remix is the cohesion between the piano and other instruments. Every part of this remix is great and they all blend into an awesome whole.

There's only one problem with this remix though: it's too short! I could just put the outro on a loop and listen to it until my ears stop working :D

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR00892 - Radical Dreamers "Dreaming"

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