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    • Altered the mix a bit so the kick and bass might be clearer together, and generally reduced compression on some of the instruments. It's got a bit more space in it, and will probably need to make a bit more room for the vocals too, but that'll be a separate mix.
    • I have the basics of a novel titled Remorse: Nothing More that I would love to publish one day alongside an album with each song corresponding to a chapter of the book. The album would all be orchestral (at least mostly) and each chapter's song would correspond with specific events in each chapter in mood and style. In this chapter, chapter five titled "Sustenance," the main character and the supporting character are resting after spending an entire day burying the martyred townsfolk. This rest after the weary and sad work is what the beginning is based upon. The supporting character then reveals that he grew up and lived some of his adult life as a soldier of the dictatorship ruling over their country. This dramatic revelation occurs with a flashback to his military days and is what the second part is based on. The final part (which hasn't been started--it is only a piano cord at the end) will be the main character staring at the partially burned church as a he falls asleep in prayer.

      Even if you don't understand what I'm trying to convey with the story please have a listen to my work in progress. I recently purchased new instruments so I am not that proficient with them yet. I use the DAW FL Studio 12. The following is the link for your listening pleasure. Please, I ask for feedback so that I can finish this piece! I also have a sound cloud account under the name of Tonal Bliss so please check me out. Thank you!
    • Well, the good news is you already seem to have a pretty strong intuitive sense for how to balance your sounds (and also just how to write music that works). In that track you linked, only the saxophones really stick out to me as bad.

      That being said, you can't get free saxophones that sound better than that; it's just not gonna happen. Anything that would sound better would take a lot of work, and that's work that someone would sell it for to make money on.
    • This is the OverClocked PodCast, a weekly dose of video game music and conversation from OC!  This week we venture into Andrew Aversa’s new roguelike Tangledeep, observe the ostinato of Hyper Light Drifter in an episode of Between the Lines, and travel to distant lands in an atmospheric Playlist. Direct Download:  Next week's Playlist: Boss Music ReMix ReWind: Re-Act - Scandal Jay Kneel, Laarx Sleepy Baby Weasel Dork - tymime Fixations - RiverSound Chun-Li's Theme (Funky Flute Mix) - mlho7 Traversing the Aether - Avaris Magitek Research Symphony - RebeccaETripp In-Tune Interview with Andrew Aversa (Zircon): The soundtrack to Tangledeep Smash Superstars - Originally from Super Smash Bros, ReMixed by Zircon Tangledeep Kickstarter Between the Lines with Laura Intravia: Hyper Light Drifter: Trois Nocturnes III. Sirenes - Debussy Sonatine III. Anime - Ravel Vignette: Visions - Hyper Light Drifter Flock - Hyper Light Drifter Midnight Wood - Hyper Light Drifter Vignette: Panacea - Hyper Light Drifter The Playlist: Atmospheric Music: Cascades - Hyper Light Drifter (MajorThird) Night of the Dark Dream - Birth By Sleep (SquarEvil) Menu - Spore (Patchpen) Battlescape - UFO: Enemy Unknown (Eino) Smells Like Crickets, Tastes Like Chicken - Age of Empires II (genghisdani) Tree of Life: Roots - Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon (timaeus222) In-Game Music 1 - Skeleton Krew (lazygecko) Mission to the Asteroid - The Dig (Jorito) Forest - Elemental Gearbolt (Cin) Skyrim Atmospheres - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Stephen) Bumper music: Late Night Sneakin' - HappyBivouac Jet Set Groove #3 - Hideki Naganuma S.E. Tape - SEGA Oldies But Happies - Hideki Naganuma The Concept of Love - Hideki Naganuma Like It Like This Like That - Hideki Naganuma S.E. System01 - SEGA Chillin with the Bros. - Amphibious Extra info: Twitter: @OCRpodcast Bryan: @LordMeldorr Stephen: @StephenKelly180 Andrew: @Zirconst Laura: @LauraIntravia Discord: Email: YouTube: Google Play:

      iTunes: Stitcher: RSS: OverClocked ReMix is dedicated to the appreciation and promotion of video game music as an art form. Learn more at! View the full article
    • Unless there's some reason for it not to be included, Rainwarrior's updated NSFplay is pretty much the go-to reference for accurate NSF playback. The winamp plugin (in_yansf.dll) is included with the standalone player download.
      It hasn't been updated in a while but it's open source and Brad is still maintaining it - he's busy working on his NES game, though. On a related note,'s homepage should probably be updated to
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