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  1. @Garrett Williamson maybe this will help too? https://www.native-instruments.com/en/support/knowledge-base/show/2577/how-to-resolve-issues-with-missing-samples-for-a-kontakt-library-batch-re-save/
  2. I agree that this is very much a cover with a few flourishes and that, ultimately, it's a bit too conservative to the original song to be posted on OCReMix. At just over 2 minutes long, there's not a lot of time to get more interpretive. The fill around :25 was a good start but aside from that, this feels like a pretty direct cover of the original, which is not what we're looking for on the site. However, the thing that really bothers me about this is the drum tone. Your kick drum is SO clicky, there's no meat there at all The sequencing also feels like it's missing a lot of attention to detail - the 1:13 or 1:20 really highlight how robotic the drum programming sounds. I think you need a better drum library, and it would definitely not hurt to sequence the MIDI with a bit more attention paid to velocity as well. Good guitar chops, but the drum programming and production definitely needs work. Sorry guys! NO
  3. Right off the bat, I love the tone of the pan flute but there's zero expression to the melody. It sounds like it's played extremely stiffly. The section that follows offers some neat interpretation on the theme, fusing electronic, rock, and orchestral elements together. However, the leadwork in the track overall is really dragging this down. The panflute plays such a low register that it gets almost completely lost behind the percussion, so it almost feels like those sections are lacking a lead entirely. The next synth to come up feels so thin and just doesn't feel like a good fit for how intense the rest of the track is. 2:15 shows some really cool development to the melody, I really love what you did with the harmonies here. The sequencing on the violin is not very realistic though, with almost no attack on the sample at all, the playing doesn't feel natural. 3:30 brings some really exciting drumwork that moves things along really well, but by this point, the same repeating violin melody is starting to feel tiresome. The fadeout at the end sounds like you ran out of ideas and weren't sure how to conclude the track :-\ For the most part, I think the leadwork needs to be revisited here. The rest of the track is solid enough but I'm finding a common thread between all of the main issues with this mix. If you could liven up the lead sequencing/patches and make them more humanized/expressive, I think you could be onto something good here! NO (resubmit)
  4. This is pretty much begging for a bassline to flesh out that low end. In spite of that, the personality and overall unique approach is undeniable here. You seem to have taken a super-loose tavern jam approach and, in that regard, I think this works really well. Just a good old-fashioned, unpolished romp! Let's get those samples outta there and post this one. YES
  5. Very brooding and emotionally compelling. The melancholy guitar work reminds me of what Nekofrog would make if he placed a heavier emphasis on percussion in his tracks. Though I found it strange to start off with the drums at such a high intensity, the arrangement quickly settled in and just kept getting better from there. When the heavy guitars and a more dominant lead finally entered around 2:40, I was hooked, and you completely won me over at 3:45 with the low-tuned rhythm guitars. Seriously badass. The last few minutes of this track were incredibly gratifying and, on a personal level, this has to be one of my favorite metal arrangements that I've heard in a long time. YES
  6. Not too shabby! I wasn't totally sold on this at first, with the soundscape sounding a little exposed and dry overall, but when the track unexpectedly breaks wide open at 1:30 I was feeling it! Can I call this "glitch-funk?" The electric-piano and other funk/jazz elements juxtapose really nicely with the more traditional, chippy glitch-hop instrumentation. It's so cohesive and pleasing that I'm actually surprised I haven't heard more of this style. I'm not gonna retread over the valid critiques that the other two judges brought up. Despite a slightly underwhelming first minute of the track, this definitely found its groove and should be a wonderful addition to our catalog. Nice stuff! YES
  7. Gario nailed it. This is an ambitious attempt and I actually love a lot of the elements of the track in a vaccuum. The strings sound like the start of a really cool orchestral arrangement, the synth patches are really moody, and the drums go through a lot of cool motions, but I think you're having some trouble getting them to gel together. Many of the sections feel like disparate concepts that don't transition properly together. To be frank, I can't really find much structure with the arrangement - just as it sounds like you're about to swell up to a really big climax around 3:15, the track tapers off and ends. The lack of a bassline, as Greg pointed out, may play a role in this. To start with, the production is pumping super-hard against your limiter, which is giving your whole track a very boxy sound. Ease up on the volume of some of your elements and lower the overall compression so your track has a bit more breathing room, and I think this will sound a lot better already. I love seeing such an ambitious take on a very commonly-remixed theme, and I think you could get these ideas to work, but the concept doesn't feel fully realized at this point. Good luck if you choose to pursue this track further! NO (resubmit!)
  8. Excellent use of dynamics here. The mixing has been criticized on this point by other judges, but I think the dramatic rise and fall in the volume level contributes to a sense of overwhelming fear and tension. I think Gario's justification is extremely thoughtful here and I agree 100%. Otherwise, not much I can say except I'm surprised that this has boiled down to a split vote on production/humanization merits. It's not 100% perfect but the attention to detail HeavenWraith put into crafting a massive, ambitious orchestration is evident here - the strings are incredibly dynamic, and even at their worst when they take a lead melody role, the brass still sounds totally passable in my book. Good luck with the rest of the vote - this sounds great to me! YES
  9. I think this one's finally hit the mark, and I'm so glad Faseeh was patient with the panel's feedback here! The end result here is so much stronger than the previous 2 submissions. The core concept here has always been tight, doing an excellent job of simmering down the Planet Wisp source into something more serene, evoking some beautiful late-afternoon vibes. The bassline and the funky guitar really drive home that french-house vibe. Your end result feels very Daft Punk-esque - a combination of the pounding beats of Discovery, and the disco-throwback instrumentation of Random Access Memories. I totally dig it. Production and arrangement are much tighter this time around. Faseeh did a good job of trimming the excess fat while still fully exploring his concept. I'm happy to say this one is finally over the bar in my eyes! YES
  10. Previous Decision (Resub #1) Original Decision Remixer Name: Faseeh Real Name: Faseehudeen Email address: Website: https://soundcloud.com/gottagofas User ID: 30380 Game arranged: Sonic Colors (Wii) Name of arrangement: Misty Night Name of individual song: Planet Wisp - Act 1 Oh my, been a year since the first resubmit. The comments of the judges came in very handy and the time that has passed has really helped me improve this track. Hope the judges give it the Yes now! Imagine Planet Wisp, in all its beauty with the dew on the leaves and you among the mist, sky all purple and lost in the serenity. I wanted to keep the track somewhat true to the original source and yet give it a new musical dimension. I hope you enjoy this chill remix. This remix has really taught me so much and I'll always look back to it fondly. Hope you enjoy this remix as much as I did as I produced it. And oh, there are two small other Sonic track references, let's see if anybody catches them. Thank you so much!
  11. Gorgeous textures and production on this one, I have been itching to remix Aquatic Ambiance into a modern Drake/Future-esque trap beat like this but you beat me to the punch Your bass is mixed great with the beats, you nailed that modern production sound, and the ambiance floats beautifully around that foundation. (The producer tag feels hella cheesy and tacked on, though. I know it's standard practice these days but my two cents is that it feels very extraneous.) I'd have loved for the rolling hi-hats to do a little bit more - they change up rhythms quite a bit but they sound completely unprocessed and ultimately feel lifeless. I don't think I would mind if there was some sort of vocal or lead element to this track, but when it's just the beat, I think the detail work needs to be dialed up a bit more for this to work as a standalone piece. For a 5 minute track, you need about 150 seconds of source to hit the 50% bar... I'm only hearing 15 second bursts of direct source usage a few times throughout the track: :09 - :27 1:56 - 1:14 3:44 - 4:00 4:18 - 4:35 What am I missing here? This feels much more like a heavily-inspired-by track than something actually remixing Donkey Kong Country. I really like the overall concept here and the vibes are top-notch, but the lack of source coupled with the overall repetitive nature of the track that doesn't have a strong melodic/vocal hook to give it variation makes it hard to stand alone as an OCReMix submission. It was an enjoyable listen either way, though! NO
  12. My Producer Name(Remixer) Slick Amvdeus Darrell Howard Jr https://soundcloud.com/slick_amvdeus http://ocremix.org/community/profile/33328-slickamvdeus/ Donkey Kong County: Tropical Freeze -Aquatic Ambience The name of my arrangement: Into The Unknown It's set to private Well, I was in the middle of making a project, and I wanted to explore uncommon ground. I love ambient/drone/atmospheric/minimal type of music. I planned on making a video game OST for OC in the near future. You can kinda say that this is a single in a sense. Thanks for the this opportunity.
  13. Remix: Overgrowth (Tallon 2/Chozo Ruins) Demo Hey everyone! Thought I'd share a remix I'm working on that's not currently finished. Feedback definitely welcomed here, especially on the mixing side of things. I'm trying my hand at swing rhythms this time. This is heavily influenced by artists like Bonobo and Emancipator. Not a ton to say - the structure is all over the place right now and I'm more focused on sound design/motifs/production at this point, but I feel like there's potential here! Sources:
  14. I'm digging this update. Maybe I've forgotten what the kick sounded like before, like but the kick/bass combo still sounds plenty beefy to me. Production seems very clean. This time, there's a lot more focus on sound design so that the backing synths/tubular bells/fx are less ambient and more up-front which helps hold my interest a lot more than the previous version during the more sparse sections. The sound design is a definite improvement overall, and the transitions, although they all use a similar upsweep style, have some variation to them this time around so it feels a little fresher. Digging the bassline at the end, I wish it was present throughout more of the track but it helps justify the final section of the song and retain my interest. The overall progression of the track feels more effective with this update, even if it's not the strongest arrangement I've ever heard. It's still minimalist for most of the track, but that contrast has always served to accentuate moments like 2:15 more dramatically by comparison. Now that some of the other sections are more lively and detailed, I think the arrangement serves its purpose without inducing boredom during the rest of it. Maybe I'm just off my game because I haven't been judging much lately, but I think this sounds great now. Is it perfect? Nah, but it was fairly close last time around, and these revisions do more to help the track than hurt it by making the breakdown sections more engaging. Quoth the Liontamer - 'Don't make perfect the enemy of the good" - I think that applies here. Good luck with the rest of the vote! YES
  15. Definitely hearing the bLiNd influence here, this reminds me quite a bit of his old Gradius remix but with a healthy dose of modern production techniques and flair. This does an exceptional job of bringing this "old-school major-key dance anthem style" into the modern age with lots of synth processing, layers, and rock-solid production work. I also appreciate the heavier melodic focus on this track compared to some of your recent fare - it's cool to hear the old melodic Chimpazilla style paired with her leveled-up EDM production sensibilities. It just works! YES