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  1. Chiming in for a belated signup on backup, in case anyone drops out later and you need an extra person to fill the slots back up.
  2. The MAGFest schedule has gone live in the Guidebook app for iOS. The app is obviously on Android too, but some of my old buddies in the Metroid Metal community mentioned last night that something is buggy about the schedule on that side, as an advance warning. I imagine it will be fixed pretty soon. OP post has been updated with the OCR panel names and times. If anything else happens event-wise (like, say, a last minute OCU Spring Break dance party in someone's room or something), I'll continue to edit the post as necessary. Nine days to go! GET HYPE
  3. I knew perfectly well you were going, but I only added names to the OP post of people who posted in this thread to say they were going.
  4. Speaking of Metroid, would Lower Norfair from Super Metroid count? If so, then you can include that and its covered/remixed versions in Metroid Prime ("Lava Caves (Burning Trail)" and "Lava Caves").
  5. I just got an email from MAG staff on the block situation. It's business as usual... with the obvious change that the Gaylord sold out in less than 30 minutes, so there's only five rooms in the block! If you actually did get a room at the Gaylord, wanted to be in the OCR Block, and forgot to fill out the form linked in the OP post (shame on you), reply here with the full name of the person who reserved your room as well as the room reservation number, and I'll email it back to MAG staff to make sure you get in the block. I have to reply back to them by 6p EDT on December 3, so be quick. Current block members: Arrow bustatunez digitallyfanged JenZ OA
  6. Watching these streams is unbelievably fun, man.
  7. @Zeba and I did the Odin FATE yesterday. It was incredible, and loads of fun, and I died like 8 times but the 50 of us just barely managed to beat him with 10 seconds left on the Zantetsuken clock. Great stuff. We didn't get any of the drops you can turn in for Chocobo branding though.
  8. Post-MAG Edit I MISS ALL OF YOU ALREADY (also, screw you, MAGFlu) ---------- You know what this is. You know what we do. MAGFEST 2017 Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center 201 Waterfront Street National Harbor, MD 20745 Jan 5 - 8, 2017 - Educate yourself. Badge purchasing - Get your badge! Hotel reservation - Get your room! Last year, rooms at the Gaylord sold out in less than 24 hours, so if you want to get in there, be quick about it! There are four overflow hotels in short walking distance though. EDIT: All five hotels sold out in less than 30 minutes this year. >_< MAG's continually setting up more overflow options though. OCR room block - Too late to get in! Small block this year. MAGFest channel on OCR Discord - We used GroupMe last year for OCR people to get in touch with each other and plan around what everyone else was doing, but since we're now on Discord, we're using that this year (shout-out to DarkeSword for making the new channel) If you're coming, reply below to sound off. OCR-Relevant Panels and Concerts ReMixing Video Game Music 101 (presented by OC ReMix) - Panels 1: Fri 1-2:30pm OC ReMix: Slicing & Dicing, Booming & Tss-ing VGM Since 1999! - Panels 3: Sat 4:30-6pm Attendees alfredofreak Arrow BardicKnowledge + 1 DarkeSword DetectiveTuesday Diodes + 1 DragonAvenger DrumUltimA FenixDown Flexstyle Geoffrey Taucer JenZ Jenner jmr Kizyr Kruai LoudMog Mazedude Moguta NativeJovian Neblix Newt OA Pipez RealFolkBlues sadmac Sagnewshreds theshaggyfreak VinnyMac wildfire XPRTNovice YoshiBlade Zeba Maybe/Planning on Attending Esperado Hyperion5182 Theory of N zykO Looking for a Room LoudMog Moguta Offering a Room N/A
  9. Very much enjoying the game. I created a character a few months ago but didn't really have time to play much. @DarkeSword had me move from Mateus to Diabolos and got me back into the game properly a couple of weeks ago, and now I can't stop! I've currently got a level 28 Thaumaturge, level 15 Archer, and level 4 Arcanist (the first two specifically because I wanna be a Black Mage, and the last because I really needed some type of convenient cure-type spell in my lineup and saw the Arcanist spell Physick was cross-cast compatible). Gonna do the story quest/dungeon to rescue the Sylph elder once I get home from work this evening. I also did Palace of the Dead a few times with Shariq and a friend. Lots of fun. We ran out of time while fighting the boss of floor 30 last time we played though.
  10. *Buy Now suggestion is $8* *pays $20*
  11. I played all the way through it during the week break I took to visit some friends in Atlanta back in April and I loved every moment of it. I was wary of how fun free DLC would be, especially DLC that sends you through the same stages the first time through the game, but I should've had more faith in Yacht Club Games. The new mechanics made everything different enough that it legitimately felt like playing a new game, and it was incredible! Also want to give a quick shout out to the two-player mode on the Wii U version of the game. I hadn't really known about it until a month ago, when I was visiting @DarkeSword and trying it out at his house. Impeccably designed, with the difficulty adjusted in a fair way to make it not immediately easy for two people to blow through a stage in seconds, etc. Great stuff.
  12. No, the anime and manga are running pretty close to concurrently. (actually I think the manga might be a tiny bit behind the anime) The anime just finished the universe 6 vs. 7 tournament arc, but in the final episode of it, the king of all universes pops up to propose a similar tournament but with all 12 universes involved.
  13. FOUR MONTHS LATER (super sorry @The Damned), here's a picture of my Chogokin Shinkenoh (far left) and GekiFire (second from left) next to the rest of my Gekiranger toys. I'm currently 30 minutes southwest of Atlanta visiting a bunch of friends, and we generally bring all our various toku toys on this trip to pose, so I figured now would finally be a great time to pull this stuff out of their boxes and take a few pics.
  14. So I'm friends with pretty much the entire staff of Toku Ladies Podcast, a podcast that covers the genre of Japanese television and film called tokusatsu (re: Godzilla, Ultraman, Super Sentai, Kamen Rider), and American productions inspired by that genre (re: Power Rangers, Pacific Rim), with an emphasis on feminism. And they need new intro/outro music. They originally asked me in the hopes that I could throw something together, and I tentatively agreed despite my low level production skills, but life got crazy for me over the last few weeks, and I no longer have the time to even attempt this. What I do have, however, is access to this giant community of musicians where I'm hoping someone else doesn't mind helping in place of me! They are willing to pay money for this. They gave me two requirements for what they needed: #1: kind of like their previous intro/outro but "better" (listen to any of the most recent eps at the podcast link above, up to ep 19, to hear the previous one), and #2: something like the opening to a toku show. I feel like following #2 closely might result in something not actually "kind of like" their previous intro/outro, but if it's significantly cooler, they're not gonna care. Vocals are optional; all toku show openings have vocals, but their previous intro/outro did not. Here's a few openings from the types of toku shows they cover, for comparison. Pretty much all of these have a pretty clear focus on guitar, but not all toku does that; it depends on the theme of the show, and honestly what decade it aired in. 1996's Ultraman Tiga, for example, has an opening that is very 90s pop rockish, but 2010's Kamen Rider OOO goes full-on ska. - Power Rangers Time Force - Power Rangers Dino Thunder - Ultraman X - Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger - Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters - Ressha Sentai ToQger - Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger - Kamen Rider Fourze - Kamen Rider Drive - Kamen Rider Ghost If you're interested, you can email them at
  15. Yeah, I agree on the SAO bit. The Asuna scenes in the second half of the first season get extremely creepy, extremely fast.