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  1. I guess I'll have to make a MusicBrainz account for myself later? Neither of those links work unless I log in. That said, one thing I did have time to look at and noticed an issue with were the release tracks for the album. You've got them tied to individual OCR mixpost numbers, but now that it's not April 1st anymore, those mixposts were wiped from the front page, and have since been replaced with real mixposts using the same numbers (the first of which is actually Jorito's second track on this album), so you'll want to fix the numbers there too.
  2. That would be because Marlon only sung the lyrical parts in the Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 "Unknown from M.E." songs. The lyrics in this track come from the rapping in the Sonic Adventure 1 version, which Marlon did not do. See The internet does not seem to agree whether his name is Dred Foxx or Dread Foxx though.
  3. Really happy to see this finally released! Hope everyone enjoys it!
  4. Kent, my man! Thanks for linking that; I totally forgot I asked you to pop over here and do that.
  5. I've activated every single Sheikah Tower, and have gotten to every single town located near each of the Divine Beasts, but I have yet to even officially start the quests to get to the beasts. I'm having too much fun saying "screw the story" and just exploring. I also really appreciate handheld mode because I'm able to bring my Switch to work and just save scumm the Lurelin village gambling game for mad cash while I'm busy coding.
  6. I got the chance to play the Switch last Friday. Here's an absolutely gigantic FB post with my impressions on everything I played.
  7. Are you four doing this direct to YouTube or is it done on Twitch or something similar first?
  8. Double-post! I don't mean to get people's hopes up unnecessarily, but I just want to mention that folks have recently been bugging Retro Studios staff on Twitter what they're currently working on. They keep replying with pictures of prime rib.
  9. I checked in via Discord already, but just posting in here too to let everyone know I AM READY FOR THIS
  10. I love everything about Metroid Prime 1, but I do agree that the artifacts weren't really handled well there, or throughout the entire Prime series really. The macguffins were handled best in Prime 3 IMO, where they were a bit more naturally scattered and easier to pick up as you travel than in Prime 1, and though they were required to complete the game, their usage came piecemeal throughout a side area with huge amounts of atmosphere that made their usage super memorable. But even there, those pickups weren't integrated with the game nearly as well as everything was integrated with the game back in Super, for example.
  11. Chiming in for a belated signup on backup, in case anyone drops out later and you need an extra person to fill the slots back up.
  12. The MAGFest schedule has gone live in the Guidebook app for iOS. The app is obviously on Android too, but some of my old buddies in the Metroid Metal community mentioned last night that something is buggy about the schedule on that side, as an advance warning. I imagine it will be fixed pretty soon. OP post has been updated with the OCR panel names and times. If anything else happens event-wise (like, say, a last minute OCU Spring Break dance party in someone's room or something), I'll continue to edit the post as necessary. Nine days to go! GET HYPE
  13. I knew perfectly well you were going, but I only added names to the OP post of people who posted in this thread to say they were going.
  14. Speaking of Metroid, would Lower Norfair from Super Metroid count? If so, then you can include that and its covered/remixed versions in Metroid Prime ("Lava Caves (Burning Trail)" and "Lava Caves").
  15. I just got an email from MAG staff on the block situation. It's business as usual... with the obvious change that the Gaylord sold out in less than 30 minutes, so there's only five rooms in the block! If you actually did get a room at the Gaylord, wanted to be in the OCR Block, and forgot to fill out the form linked in the OP post (shame on you), reply here with the full name of the person who reserved your room as well as the room reservation number, and I'll email it back to MAG staff to make sure you get in the block. I have to reply back to them by 6p EDT on December 3, so be quick. Current block members: Arrow bustatunez digitallyfanged JenZ OA