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  1. Have you considered adding a tambourine? Also, here's a nice free orchestral library which has some alright percussion in it: This is a pretty cool idea, and it sounds pretty nice. Should be a great addition to the site once you've polished it.
  2. Man, your latest Sonata is great!

  3. Short, but very sweet! Add vocals, and you'd have Dirty Loops' next hit.
  4. Your album art reminds me of Time Exposure by Stanley Clarke. As for the sound, I think the lead instruments are too pronounced compared to the drums and bass. The reverb sounds like a small garage, and there is maybe too much? The arrangement is alright, but the sound leaves something to be desired. Just my two cents.
  5. Great to hear that someone is enjoying what I made. Thanks, Garrett!
  6. This sounds really good! Also, surprised not to have seen this done before. Great idea. Kickass sound!
  7. nelward = Quality stuff. Cool tune! It's more relaxed than what I'm used to from him.
  8. How about I call it Seagull Sonata? Even though it's not a sonata... Edit: Thanks for the feedback, everyone in this thread.
  9. Thanks! Does anyone have suggestions for a name? I was about to submit it now, but I have no idea what to call it... Could be tied into my other DKC remix, "A Hint of Blue" maybe.
  10. Great stuff. Not familiar with the source, but I like the instruments used - and how the bass keeps moving. Excellent sound. Weirdly, I would assume the bass might be real and that the violin part were "faked" if it were not for the text!
  11. Not familiar with classical music, but this was really good!
  12. I visit OCRemix every once in a while, and today it occurred to me that it would be pretty sweet - for me personally - to have a little play-button next to each entry in the small list on the right hand side of the frontpage. It could even continue playing down the list as the songs finish. Maybe this would discourage people from discovering the written text about each song? I don't know. Just throwing this out there. I'll let you guys decide whether or not it's a good idea.
  13. I think it's finished. I think I'll submit it to OCRemix today or tomorrow. Edit: Finally submitted, as "Seagull Sonata"
  14. I love the original tune. Your take on it is pretty cool. Mixing in the original elements in a good way. Pretty nice balance.