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  1. Woah, wasn't expecting to win this. Great turnout this round y'all. Thanks for the feedback too. Sorry for the late reply @Bundeslang. Gimme a minute to find a source and send you a PM.
  2. Oh, snap! Didn't notice the extension. Been wanting to remix Easton Kingdom for aeons. Lemme see if I can cook up something awful in 3 hours. To clarify, I never meant to imply changing the compo to arrange super popular and overmixed songs. I was just using OCR as an example of success within the compo context. PRC must remain true to its goals and if you know me at all, then you know that arranging music from lesser-known games is my raison d'être as well. Amen to that, brother. PRC and OHC have done so much for me back when I joined the community. It's one of the best way for newcomers to get their feet wet with remixing or for old timers to jump right back in after a long break. Compos are always a fun challenge and a great place to share, learn and grow as an artist whilst having a good time.
  3. The VGM community fragmentation is but a relic of the past that needs to go. Participating to TS compos is a process far too convoluted for its own good, especially in this day and age. Too many signing-up / signing-in and out of different sites to join/upload/vote, too much back and forth, which isn't user friendly. Add to that the fact PRC is a relatively small event with modest following, focused on obscure games and taking place on 2 different websites dedicated to a relatively niche and often misunderstood hobby. Think about how these barriers of entry potentially restrict the compo and might discourage aspiring participants. OCR compos are successful in no small part due to covering popular games, which help attract a bigger crowd including well-known remixers, which in turn create anticipation and emulation. Addtionally, compos are being run entirely on site, including discussions, submissions and voting. Last but not least, their existence is being relayed via social medias, which helps spread the word about them. On the other hand, TS main site has been in limbo for a while, with no new mixes posted on RTS, next to no news posted on TS and no community interaction within the website proper. The life of the party comes from Compos, which are sadly being run in the back room in relative obscurity. It's nobdy's fault of course, but without some kind of promotion, participation remains limited to whoever already knows about PRC, is familiar with the current round's game, or is ok with the convoluted submission/voting process. Kevin, man: the sheer dedication/hardwork you've put into running this compo for so many years is awe-inspiring. But these events need to be consolidated/integrated into a common hub where people interact regularly, not relegated to a dark corner of the web alongside those who make TS compos a reality. A bit of social media advertising might also do some good, cause unless you spread the word or go actively fishing for new blood, people aren't gonna magically show up in droves on your doorstep. Another idea could be to release yearly abums with the winning remixes or themed compilations of PRC songs, to promote the event. Lastly, getting in touch with VGM radios/hosts could help raise awareness for the compo and in turn improve participation. Been slowly getting back into remixing, so I will do my best to join the compo again in the near future, whenever life permits.
  4. Having a sweet spot for ethnic instrumentation, Hydra's Swamp would be a nice fit. Will try to get you a wip this week-end Brad.
  5. Eino beat me to the punch on Lizard Dance, but I'll see if I can wip something up for another song later. Chrono Cross is long overdue for a proper tribute and Brad is a rad album director. Perfect match.
  6. Hoping to be back up and running in time to contribute. Are you guys doing something special for vol. 10?
  7. Sad to see this album go, it was a really cool idea. Individual mixposts can still bring all these under-appreciated PS1 gems to light though.
  8. Double Dragon 3 music is bloody good and needs a little LOT moar luv. As does the Double Dragon serie in general, so good call Will & Larry.
  9. Then let's make it better! I've sent you an email. We can pick this up early January if that's cool. Your call.
  10. Hoping to get back into PRC in 2016. Maybe this round. Oh, and Bundeslang always deserves a Bonus Point.
  11. Oh, but there is a website. Though as mentioned earlier, I was having a hard time IRL and couldn't keep working on it. Rozo was happy with it at the time, so I don't understand the silent treatment. Here's proof Gildervine didn't eat the site:
  12. Life got in the way, sorry about that Rozo. If anyone wanna pick up where I left off, I can send them what I've made so far. But you're proly off redesigning this thing from the ground up. Lemme know.
  13. It's been a while and I'm rusty as heck, but I really wanna contribute to OCC again. Will be in touch The Coop.
  14. While I fancy a few western artists (Alan Silvestri, Sean Callery, Marc Mancina), my inspiration comes pretty exclusively from Japanese composers. Too many to name but standouts be Yoko Kanno, Yuzo Koshiro, Yuki Kajiura, Hitoshi Sakimoto, Taku Iwasaki, Kenichiro Fukui and Noriko Matsueda. When it comes to OCR, I favor the old school/guard: Vampire Hunter Dan, ABG, Harmony, Marc Star, Rellik, Protricity, analoq, Tweek and Nutritious.
  15. Despite my best efforts things didn't pan out, so Ima let go yet another game I adore. Should try remixing games I hate next time. :/ Anyway, no point in sitting on this so close to the finish line, when so many talented OCR folks could do FFT some real justice. Would love to contribute to this project, and if I'm able I'll send a mix your way before the deadline. But for now, my claim is void.