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  1. Workshop Discussion

    Not to throw anyone under the bus but I honestly don't see the benefit of keeping feedback at the level of the remixer's skill level.  Outside of it being impractical to maintain such a thing even without broad generalizations, part of the benefit of receiving feedback on any forum is possibly coming across information that you had no idea existed, researching the new method or technique, and then making it a part of your unique process.  If this was learning an individual instrument it would be much easier to see the point of limiting the amount of information given but speaking just about the writing and production aspects of remixing, the more you are aware of the better.  You never know when that one piece of information is going to open everything up for someone so I don't see a point in restricting ANYTHING "based on skill level." However I feel that there should be a logical order to how feedback is given and it should reflect the overall production process based on importance.  The broader parts of mixing and arranging (what gets you 80% or more of the way there) should be stressed the most if someone obviously isn't getting the basics.  So the flow of information for mixing feedback could look something like this.   Instrument volumes->Eq/Compression->Surgical EQ'ing->Delay/Reverb->Automation->Mastering suggestions.  1. Instrument Volumes: Is the given remixer listening to the correct part of the instrument during initial balancing?  Do their ears seemed sufficiently trained to hear slight changes in volume? If not then they should know that they need to work on that before spending hours being distracted by processing that occurs further down the chain.  2. EQ/Compression: Are the dynamics of each instrument working for or against what they are going for.  (somewhat open to interpretation) Is the remixer cutting freqs they need to be keeping or boosting those they shouldn't? Is the mix sonically organized correctly? (Multiband comp sweeps of commercial tracks can expose a lot) 3. Surgical Eq'ing.  Are two or more instruments clashing with each other?  Is there something preventing them from being spread across more octaves?  (ties into arranging) 4. Delay/Reverb.  Is the soundscape set up well enough so that there is an obvious foreground and background? 5. Automation:  never stressed enough on these forums IMO and it's the most significant part of making a dynamic mix.   6. Mastering: kept to a minimum because that's what it should be if the mix is solid in the first place. The point of this is to keep someone from hammering away on an incorrect part of the chain and wondering why nothing is working.  i.e. over eq'ing parts of a mix that was poorly setup in instrument volumes. Just some thoughts on the subject that i've had when commenting on the work of others.  For simplicity I kept it strictly production related but a flow of organized information like this really should pertain to all of the other aspects of this art.  Really though i think the mods (and timaeus) are doing a fine job as is. There is a lot that goes into remixing and it's impossible to cover it all in one or two paragraphs.  Given the limited contact between us all it's really up to the person posting their work to want to continue to figure things out based on the feedback given and not just post something they did for gratification.    
  2. The Most Brazen Copyright Infringement I've seen

    International copyright law is very tricky.   Here is a design of a home by a construction company in Brazil to illustrate just how much.  
  3. How to Discredit a Former Employer?

    2015?  Dreamcast game?? Start spilling.    
  4. I don't use FL but just to offer a possible solution to the problems YP is having is there a quick and easy way to bounce the audio from each VST?  I've been using a 4gb machine and also get the stutters and skips when i use a large sample library. The way I get around this is by sticking to running two instances of PLAY at a time then using Sonar's freeze synth function to quickly (sorta) bounce it to a wav that gets deleted when I need to reload the synth to work on it. The  trade off is that even though it takes an ungodly amount of time to go back and fix minor details in the midi, I am able to load a ton of synths on a relatively low ram machine. 
  5. Northwest Majors 8 - Yet another FGC Album

    Not sure if there is a one remix per game limitation for this album but I am working on a remix for it and i'd like to throw my stakes into the SFV claim.  
  6. MAGFest 2016

    Nah the Sigma Gauntlet was the highlight of the summer for me. Life hit hard this year for me and i'm expecting some major expenses in the near future. I'm also between jobs right now and hoping to get all the interviews I can over the course of the month so dealing with the MAGflu risk (which took me out of commission for a few weeks after mag 2014) on top of my dwindling finances makes it tough to justify going this year.  It's always a great start to the year though and i'm definitely going to be bummed out when MAG week hits.  
  7. Depends on where you want to go next.  Were you planning on being a composition major at a university?  If so maintaining a high GPA is a must for both financial and academic reasons. Keeping a high GPA will give you a lot more opportunities than an average one will.  Music majors tend to have higher than average grades and if you don't fall into that category it will reflect poorly on you and probably affect you socially as well. As far as freelancing goes, probably not...?  People who are looking to employ your skills are more likely to judge you by your portfolio/past work experience/social network since it requires a number of hoops to obtain your transcript in the first place.    
  8. Your Hidden Gems?

    You're missing out on some of the most horrid acting and dialogue you'll ever hear in a game.  how this didn't make the list on Audio Atrocities is beyond me.  "Kreel's army can appear out of no where,  set up installations then vanish.  No one knows how or why."  best not to think too hard about that one.   the game itself is very much ripped from twisted metal.  All of the weapons behave in exactly the same way.  It's pretty much twisted metal with wings.  
  9. Your Hidden Gems?

    The first wave of PSX games had some great titles but one that completely died in obscurity was this one,  Which no one seems to talk about anymore or even acknowledge that it once existed.     Also ACO, if you are going to praise all of singletrac's early games for the psx and not mention the first Warhawk.  ...for shame.
  10. Your Hidden Gems?

    Greendog.  I never understood why the game used to get panned so much back in the day it's actually really enjoyable with a great soundtrack.  Sooner or later i'm gonna have to remix a track from it.  
  11. MAGFest 2016

    Sorry guys, even though I always look forward to MAG every year (and have several months of post MAG nocturnal illusions) it's looking like I won't be able to swing the trip this year,  which sucks because there have been some awesome guests being announced lately.  Still, hope the OCR panel goes well and everyone has a great time!  
  12. Apex 2016 Album

    awesome.  while researching sources for the FGC album I found two I wanted to do and was trying to choose between.  Then I saw this thread...   Is there a limit to the claims darke?  If I were to hold out and see which one got developed the most first would I potentially be missing out?
  13. You sir, have crossed the line.   In all seriousness though i'm hijacking this thread to discuss OCR's obvious Pro Nintendo-Anti Sega Agenda.     ..and GO!   ...ok i'll start.  No OCR Genesis controller logo?  what is that?!  They should at least be interchangeable!  
  14. Support me on Patreon! :D

    I don't know.  in addition to looking like a western deity, he also has a cat.... His videos all have face time X 9 which i think exponentially increases the amount of emotional attachment from your casual youtube subscriber.  Perhaps all of those pretentious playing videos where the player is only shown from the neck down aren't way to go afterall.  
  15. Support me on Patreon! :D

    Looking at the amount of subscribers that Smooth Mcgroove has.  one can only speculate....