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  1. Remember the sources of any of the arrangements on it? Off the top of my head I would guess Final Fantasy S Generation.
  2. You could do something along these lines and put your poetry to music ala Lost Odyssey's short stories. You could also get this guy to score the videos for you if you decide to go this route.
  3. Kind of a broad question that spans many different sound chip manufacturers but usually it's because of the limited polyphony that the old sound chips were capable of. Taking the Genesis for example the yamaha 2612 sound chip that was in that system was only capable of six simultaneous voices. That's 6 channels that needs to be split between music and any sfx so chances are the game at any given time is hitting the maximum amount of polyphony it can handle. Now, if a game uses a "pause"/"unpause" sound effect that requires a single channel to play. In order to play the sound effect something has to go at least for the duration that the pause sound effect plays at which point the missing voice can come back in. You can usually hear this throughout a lot of 8 and 16 bit games when a lot is happening on screen, parts of the background track are dipping in and out. Juggling your different voices in an effective way that doesn't detract from the game was a necessary skill to have for a game composer back in the day.
  4. Really enjoyed this one. Great interpretation of the source.
  5. I'd be down for this.
  6. Epicverb from Variety of Sound, who also made the NastyDLA MKII, is a must have.
  7. Hope everyone had a good time at the fest this year. Feels bad to miss two in a row but I'll try to make sure i'm not on contract early next year!
  8. -Sonic 1 Green Hill Zone -Toejam N' Earl Title Screen -Hang On Title Screen -The Entire OST from The Neverhood
  10. Years of mixing experience, personal experimentation, knowing how to use the vst's and plugins you have, and learning to subtly manipulate the listener to maintain their interest in the song/piece.'s gonna take some time.
  11. The only thing on my mind is Sonic Mania. All gaming related hopes and dreams are on hold until that comes out.
  12. For convolution reverb I use East West's Spaces which is phenomenal. I really like using the offbeat locations such as the Forest and Lake reverbs. For all other reverb tasks I mostly use the free plugin Epicverb from variety of sound. I have a bunch of reverb plugins that came with my DAW upgrade but I still find Epicverb to be my go to reverb plugin.
  13. Apparently I don't self promote enough... here ya go!
  14. Pianos are extremely tough to humanize with a mouse and by tough i mean time consuming. You can easily lose hours working on a single phrase, making sure each block on the piano roll sounds appropriate. While velocity is certainly significant it's far from your only concern, Note length, usually affected by a damper pedal, and the timing of each key all need to be spot on with what a live pianist would perform in order to get it to sound realistic. Honestly, no live piano part would sound perfectly quantized to the grid like the example you have here. Best bet would be to use a midi keyboard to play the part then go back and make smaller corrections with the mouse. With a little practice you can get most of your ideal take in a few minutes rather than hours.
  15. Seriously digging these two tracks. That solo in The Trail of Tears too... just damn... Good luck with the album, i'll be definitely be nabbing it when it's done!