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  1. Fox McCloud: Hero to Zero?

    Just curious if your OCR credentials were of any assistance in landing the role.
  2. Agreed. Thinking about starting up something this week for it. BUT! after closely reading your statement. I also agree that there should be a Sega Swirl callout as may have been subliminally imposed. well played sir.
  3. When should you hit max level?

    holy crap ...i feel like i need to try this on my next run through.
  4. SEGA Steam Hub

    Being a SEGA purist of sorts i'm not really for modding classic games but I did have a pretty good laugh at Sonic 2 XL. Grab too many rings and you have to spend time running off the excess.
  5. SEGA Steam Hub

    So it looks like that thing SEGA was talking about for awhile finally launched on Steam. At first I was going to give it a pass but after watching this video about this hub that actually imitates a SEGA fanatic's bedroom in the 90's complete with dank room, crap TV and elaborate cartridge insertion simulations it's looking more like a must buy! Is this the form that nostalgia gaming is going to take in the future? With this VR obsessed culture it certainly seems probable. You can pick up all 59 games for about 21 bucks until May 1st.
  6. That Chirping Sound & Kicks

    A good way to tackle that is to load your kick into 2 audio tracks and split the freqs out with a multiband in order to get more control between the lows and the highs. To do this load up a multiband on one of the 2 identical kick tracks and solo the subs and the bass and then mute the lower mids, mids, upper mids and highs. Then make an exact duplicate of the plugin on the second kick track and mute the subs and the bass so you only hear the lower mids, mids upper mids and highs. Once you send both to the same aux you now have the kick you already had but with a fader for the lows, a fader for the highs and the bus fader letting you change the volume of the entire kick. This trick also works EXTREMELY well on basses. One thing you'll want to be careful of is any make up gain that may be set by default. 2 of my multibands were set with a +2.5 db gain for each band out of the box so to speak. It's not going to ruin your mix if there is a slight boost there by any means but you can keep your volumes consistent by making sure there is no makeup gain set by default. As far as EQ'ing of kicks go that is largely dependent on the style you are trying to do.
  7. Rocket League

    Was looking up some sweet aerials.Not sure how I feel about thisgame right now.
  8. RIP Jory Prum

    The guy lived the dream.
  9. Streets of Rage Album

    I'd really prefer it not to be but due to a general lack of interest it's definitely on hiatus at the moment. For the last deadline i received updates from two of the remixers that were listed to be on the project and still have not received replies, updates or any "what's going on with this album"s from the more than that. It was also extremely difficult to find remixers who were willing to produce work up to the standards of OCRemix to take the remaining half of the album. Efforts outside of OCRemix to recruit for the album were largely met with a ton of negativity towards the community here which was a rather extreme downer and something I really didn't want to put up with. Over the fall I had to do some restructuring in my personal life which did sap some of the momentum that should have been there for this project andI do apologize for that. Now that things are more stable than they were, I'm still perfectly willing to head the album and get it completed as long as we can be sure that committed people who want to see this album through as much as i do are on it.
  10. Supergiant Games (Bastion, Transistor) announces new title: Pyre

    Bastion gave me rather violent Toejam n' Earl flashbacks with how the pathways through the level would construct in front of you. Getting a chance to talk with Darren2 Mags ago about his instrumentation choices on the Bastion soundtrackwas awesome too since it's probably my second favorite indie ost. Definitely excited for the new game.
  11. Assuming it's as good of a performance as you can get,99% of the time it'sthe track you are paying the most attention to being too loud. Start with it being below the level of the instrumental to where it you can barely hear it then tick it up a few db at a time until it sounds right. you'll want to look up typical EQ cuts for guitars and start from there to shave off unwanted sound. A little delay and reverb will help too and then see if you can get away with a little more over the master to help it blend further. Just to be clear we're talking nigh inaudible levels of blending reverb as a final step but if can get everything else tight you may not even need it. Depending on where the vocals were you may want to make a slight dip in the instrumental with an EQ in the upper mids to make some room for whatever freqs your guitar is hot in. (to find it look at the peaks on a frequency analyzer on your guitar track)Dip it on the instrumental -3 db but certainly no more than 5 and that little nudge should help.
  12. Rocket League

    just got it last week. I can hit the ball in the right direction but thats about it.
  13. EastWest Composer Cloud

    I'd have to make the argument that CCPro (Plus actually) is probably not worth the cost. The only difference is getting platinum/diamond versions of the Hollywood seriesEWQLSO and Choirs which means you get topaydouble in order tovary the reverb for the patches. I'venever used the Hollywood series but having platinum versions of both hollywood and EWQLSO is probably more orchestra than anyone would need. If you make a living filmscoring or doing professional trailers then maybe it would be worth it but that's still a pretty big maybe.You may want to look into buying EWQLSO platinumthen go with the standard CC plan instead of going with the pro pricing plan as that would be much cheaper in the long run and if CC blanks out in the future you still have the full version ofone of the best orchestra librariesever made. My beef with EW is that a lot of their libraries are tailored to have a specific sound and aren't in depth samplingsof the instruments they haveeven though they give you the impression that's what you are getting. This is probably most evident with the Ministry of Rock series and The Dark Side. The new version of play seems to work well with my new studio pc and EW is FINALLY making the jump to going ilok-less. With the CC you have the option of installing the licenses on your computer so hopefully everything else will be included at some point. But yea I share everyone's hatred of the iLok.
  14. What games got better over time?

    It seems to be the case inmodern game design that the game should be "enjoyable" throughout and the player should never be inconvenienced or made to feel uncomfortable one way or another. Even if they are performing a task they have already done 1000 times over. The games that engage the player the mosthave sections that are absolute torture to play with the sole comfort of playing through that part of the game being simply to move beyond it. the labyrinth zone in the first sonic the hedgehog, the nibelheim mountains in FF7, The catacombsin the first Resident Evil.ALL of Dark Souls. In fact Dark Souls has been able to capitalize off of this the most because so few games challenge the player in such a polarizing way. I still cringe when i even think of the nameUndeadburg.If games are going to be respected as an art then they need to elicit a variety of emotions from the player and not just pander to their feelingsof gratification. Though in all honesty i think we are seeing the end player pandering with games like Dark Souls, FTL and PVP games with a sharplearning curve like War Thunderhaving thesuccess that they have had.