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    I've been in love with game music since I first booted up Toejam n' Earl on Christmas day 1991. A decade later I majored in music. I love just about every form of music on the planet.

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  1. Hey everyone, Here is my latest addition to my audio engineering portfolio. The arrangement is by Andy Gullahorn who is a great singer songwriter. Check out his site at I am pretty happy with how this mix came out and was curious as to what people thought. All of the instruments were recorded live.
  2. I played this game a few times back in the 90's and hated it for not being an actual Outrun sequel. For the past few years i've been playing it steadily and even though it's an imperfect, unfair, rage inducing racer... i love it. Once you get past how all of the cars seem to be attracted to your car like a magnet and master the boost gimmick it's a tough but extremely fun game. It might be a little while still but i have something coming down the pipes for this game.
  3. If you have some woodworking experience, tools and a decent chunk of free time you can give this DIY studio console a shot. This guy's blog details every step he took to make his.
  4. I know what you're feeling. My best gaming buddy from elementary school onward gave up the hobby two months after he got married just over a year ago. It was an awkward day when he gave me his giant Crate o' Games and said "I'm done." It's sad but I don't think it's possible to have gaming friends after college outside of OCR and other VG/VGM communities of course. For a lot of people, life and survival becomes their game once they fall from their parents nest. Some of the best friends i've made in my thirties didn't ever want to play games when we got together, and that goes for former gamers too. There is definitely a "this person just wastes time" stigma to people finding out that you like to spend your free time gaming. Honestly, I don't understand why it's more socially favorable to read a book, watch a movie or engage in some other non-productive non-gaming activity. This is why i'm glad to be a part of this community because for the most part we are all very like minded toward the hobby/art. ..on the plus side I did turn that Crate o' Games into a few hundred bucks on Amazon.
  5. I just saw Obduction on Steam the other day. Didn't bother looking up who did the music for it but now i'm going to have to get the game.
  6. Had this game on my "to remix" list for years. I'd support any remixing attempt to bring it to OCR.
  7. I only's posted, but i'm fine with OCR using ads on it to benefit the site.
  8. The place i would like to be in would probably be Funkotron from TJ&E II. It's colorful, diverse, and you can load up anyone you don't like onto a rocketship and blast them to some other planet. ...or the sun. On the other hand I kind of dig the mechanical-utopia-that-looks-like-a-dystopia that is Prosk from Hawken. It's a city so there's bound to be more opportunities, even if the place gets blown up from time to time.
  9. only the greatest time you're ever gonna have being surrounded by the unique music and gaming type of nerds. That's a double dose of well-meaning nerd mind you. ... and not everyone here is a techno shit. Seriously though it's a great weekend. Huge free-play arcade, tons of modern and retro games with people to play them with, and multiple concerts of various genres each night. So much fun that you'll need the following week to recover.
  10. Ironical statements don't seem to come across well on forum speak. The game dropped the ball in so many ways that i'm sure many a sonic fan was in denial over how bad it was. From the boring level design right down to Jun Senoue's work which seemed like half assed attempts at direct covers of Nakamura's classics. On the other hand Episode 2 was a significantly better game but not good enough to reverse the let down that was sonic 4 ep. 1
  11. yes! finally someone i can agree with on these matters! of course '06 was bad but every game since then has been far more competent than people have been admitting to. Sonic Unleashed-Awesome ...despite some things. Sonic Colors-Awesome Sonic Generations-Awesome Sonic 4 Ep1- ...was a good effort! Sonic 4 EP2- Awesome Sonic Boom-Doesn't exist; never did. really.
  12. Shut up and take my money!
  13. Looks awesome! Some of the footage i've seen even looks like they are going to do completed versions of levels that were part of beta versions of the games. Doesn't this stage look similar to genocide city from the sonic 2 beta?
  14. gonna have to be contradictory on this one. Slowing a passage down is a great way to learn something especially if you have problems playing it at normal speed. If you take audacity for example and slow the tempo of something down by up to 30% in many cases it'll be easier to hear the intervals despite a small amount of artifacts that are generated. Beyond that though it allows you to hear how the notes are being shaped during the passage in greater detail. Even if you are the type to mouse in every single note, little things that you can do learn to do to shape individual notes either through playing or through CC controllers and mod wheels are much easier to hear when a passage is slowed down. Not only that but slowing something down wakes your brain up to pay attention to what is being heard. Which is really why people are able to hear small articulations or individual notes so well as you mentioned to end up with a nearly perfect cover of the original. You might discover that the 2 notes played in succession that you thought were a 4th apart were actually a 5th, or that a note glissandos quickly from a minor 3rd before landing on the intended note, both of which can contribute to the "this doesn't sound wrong but something isn't right" phenomenon that occurs often in the early stages of ear training. As far as recommended programs. Audacity is a great one for slowing things down though the free program can be cumbersome to use. If you get NI Komplete, Guitar Rig has a variable tempo knob that goes up to 50% i think it was. Just load it as a plugin in your daw, set an in and out point, then crank the tempo knob down.
  15. Wronchi Animation just posted this today. Had to crack up at mei's dance near the end.