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  1. For convolution reverb I use East West's Spaces which is phenomenal. I really like using the offbeat locations such as the Forest and Lake reverbs. For all other reverb tasks I mostly use the free plugin Epicverb from variety of sound. I have a bunch of reverb plugins that came with my DAW upgrade but I still find Epicverb to be my go to reverb plugin.
  2. Apparently I don't self promote enough... here ya go!
  3. Pianos are extremely tough to humanize with a mouse and by tough i mean time consuming. You can easily lose hours working on a single phrase, making sure each block on the piano roll sounds appropriate. While velocity is certainly significant it's far from your only concern, Note length, usually affected by a damper pedal, and the timing of each key all need to be spot on with what a live pianist would perform in order to get it to sound realistic. Honestly, no live piano part would sound perfectly quantized to the grid like the example you have here. Best bet would be to use a midi keyboard to play the part then go back and make smaller corrections with the mouse. With a little practice you can get most of your ideal take in a few minutes rather than hours.
  4. Seriously digging these two tracks. That solo in The Trail of Tears too... just damn... Good luck with the album, i'll be definitely be nabbing it when it's done!
  5. I'm currently in transit and taking my studio over 2000 miles to my new life in Texas. I can have the rest of the track in to you once I get settled and all of my gear set up but it's probably going to be a little while longer.
  6. sooooo anywaaay.... WRONCHI JUST POSTED A NEW OVERWATCH ANIMATION TODAY!! and it pertains... boy does it pertain. btw I'm still playing from time to time. If you see me on send an invite and i'll do a few games with ya.
  7. Game collections are a tough call if you treating them as an investment. On the other hand if it's for personal enjoyment then go nuts. There's always an outside chance that it could be worth something eventually. I've always wondered if my collection of everything sega would ever be worth anything since sega pretty much outright refuses to keep up with the rest of the nostalgia market in re-releasing some of their major titles. Even with all of the digital re-releasing (legal or otherwise) going on these days Panzer Dragoon Saga may be one of the few games worth investing in. Somehow it's managed to appreciate by a few hundred bucks over the past decade. To go off on a tangent, I remember walking into software etc. with enough money for one saturn game. I narrowed it down to Panzer Dragoon Saga and Sonic R. Spent many years wishing I could somehow undo that one.
  8. I have my source picked but probably won't be able to start work on it until next month. Is it cool if I have something ready to throw at you come final deadline?
  9. I'm not a hugely diverse instrumentalist but I have picked up a number of mostly string instruments over the years. Each week I work on bass, double bass, guitar, keyboard and shakuhachi Prioritize your practice time and keep a weekly log of time spent on each of them. Your main instrument should be given the most time each week and don't worry too much if you can only get 15-30 minutes at a time on some of the instruments you are learning. Figure out how much time you can spend practicing each day and divide from there. If you wind up with something nuts like 10 minutes per instrument once a week then yea you are probably over doing it. If you're your own teacher for the instrument then take one idea, piece, melody, scale, mode etc. each week and play something from it across all of the instruments you know. This is a lot more fun and useful than practicing individual repertoire for each instrument. For example, this week i want to improve on improvising in Locrian so I improvise on Locrian across everything I can. If i'm working on a remix, I play the source tune, or pieces of it, across everything I can before I actually rearrange it. Before you do anything crazy like give up on videogames try managing your productivity with a free app called Habitica. It turns your accomplishments into an RPG where you can get gold and exp by working towards the goals you set then allows you to set your own rewards and who says an hour of gaming can't be one of them? However, if there's no gold, no gaming. .
  10. As someone who suffered multiple wrist injuries in my youth from having bad teachers to my own ignorance I implore you to not do anything that fatigues your hand quickly or feels awkward for long periods of time. If you feel any pain in any joint in your hand,stop and reevaluate what you are doing. Regarding the mechanics of the wrist, your fingers are capable of the greatest range of motion and mechanical advantage if your wrist is in a neutral position. A lot of bad habits form with players hyper extending or hyper flexing their wrist in order to play certain chords and this KILLS the tendons in the hand. If you flex your wrist while you play you tighten the tendons on the underside of the forearm and the finger movement brings them into repeated contact with bone and other tendons. It will take some time but eventually you'll have an overuse injury like this person will . Keep your wrist in a good neutral position and you'll find that 80% of those chords are much easier to play. For some chords you'll probably end up bending the wrist slightly but under no circumstances should it look like the picture above. Here is a picture of pretty good wrist positioning. One final note. Try to not allow the joints in your fingers to "bust" or bend inward. There should, for the most part, be a slight curve in the last 2 digits of your fretting fingers. If a joint bends inwards and has a concave look to it you are not stressing muscle anymore but ligaments. Muscle recovers far faster than ligaments do and with less pain so keep an eye on that. The most usual exceptions to this are barre chords and power chords that incorporate the octave. Good luck playing!
  11. Hey everyone, Here is my latest addition to my audio engineering portfolio. The arrangement is by Andy Gullahorn who is a great singer songwriter. Check out his site at I am pretty happy with how this mix came out and was curious as to what people thought. All of the instruments were recorded live.
  12. I played this game a few times back in the 90's and hated it for not being an actual Outrun sequel. For the past few years i've been playing it steadily and even though it's an imperfect, unfair, rage inducing racer... i love it. Once you get past how all of the cars seem to be attracted to your car like a magnet and master the boost gimmick it's a tough but extremely fun game. It might be a little while still but i have something coming down the pipes for this game.
  13. If you have some woodworking experience, tools and a decent chunk of free time you can give this DIY studio console a shot. This guy's blog details every step he took to make his.
  14. I know what you're feeling. My best gaming buddy from elementary school onward gave up the hobby two months after he got married just over a year ago. It was an awkward day when he gave me his giant Crate o' Games and said "I'm done." It's sad but I don't think it's possible to have gaming friends after college outside of OCR and other VG/VGM communities of course. For a lot of people, life and survival becomes their game once they fall from their parents nest. Some of the best friends i've made in my thirties didn't ever want to play games when we got together, and that goes for former gamers too. There is definitely a "this person just wastes time" stigma to people finding out that you like to spend your free time gaming. Honestly, I don't understand why it's more socially favorable to read a book, watch a movie or engage in some other non-productive non-gaming activity. This is why i'm glad to be a part of this community because for the most part we are all very like minded toward the hobby/art. ..on the plus side I did turn that Crate o' Games into a few hundred bucks on Amazon.
  15. I just saw Obduction on Steam the other day. Didn't bother looking up who did the music for it but now i'm going to have to get the game.