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  1. Apex 2016 Album

    Time to channel Tony Iommi by cutting the tips of my fingers off. :3 
  2. Apex 2016 Album

    Chernabogue doesn't even have to ask. I'm always on board with his crazy tracks. <3 
  3. Sonic Adventure Album Project

    Bro 100% mad keen to hear that! I always love me some Wildfire Jamz.
  4. Bro. I am so down for Don't Be Afraid.  Drop A riffage up in this motherload. I've been jamming on ideas all day. I'll shoot you a WIP as soon as I get the time, but I have so many cool groovy 5/4 riffs to lay down on you. <3 xoxo
  5. Sonic Adventure Album Project

    Awesome. Sounds good pal! Hopefully that PM issue will resolve itself in due time. :/ That's really strange.  This track is sounding great! Can't wait to see where it goes from here. <3 
  6. Sonic Adventure Album Project

    Love what you sent me man. Keen to hear what you can do with the source material.
  7. lmao glad I checked the forums amidst my busy schedule. I might have just finished them.
  8. Sonic Adventure Album Project

    Getting some cool WIPS coming in.  Trying to really generate some interest in this, but I think the majority of people are all tuckered out when it comes to Sonic music.  I'm cool with being liberal with deadlines because of that. If you have an interest in doing a track get a claim in. I'm 100% happy to work with people to help tracks get done.
  9. Kingdom Hearts ReMix Album Project -- Cancelled

    i crie  However if any of you folks want to collab on any Kingdom Hearts tracks I'm always interested. <3 
  10. Kingdom Hearts ReMix Album Project -- Cancelled

    Man. I'll take Bustin' Up On The Beach.  One of the best tracks in the game. 100% so goddamned funky.  I'm also super tempted to take Destiny Islands, the Gummi Ship Music, "Having a Wild Time" and "Fragments of Sorrow". If I find enough free time I might chuck something together for them.   Also, keen to do the guitar thing for peeps, vocal stuff too. :3 Are we doing Simple and Clean?  ps Chernabogue your claim is perfect <3 
  11. Kingdom Hearts ReMix Album Project -- Cancelled

    Tuberz is coming here to say again that I will support this wholeheartedly.  Like seriously. Favourite game series.  pls guiz lets do this One more thing. Can I put a tentative claim on... um... everything? 
  12. [Recruiting] Shonen Jump Remix Album

    Been going through a DBZ kick so expect a DBZ claim from me in the not too distant future.   Definitely want to do it in a Bruce Falconer style. 
  13. Vampire Variations: Volume III - History

    Man. I'm almost more excited for people to hear Eino's track than my own. I think Eino's is one of the best pieces of music I've ever been a part of. ... Or weird.  I like to substitute the word 'weirdest' with 'best' pretty often. 
  14. Mega Man X: The Sigma Fortress Remix Gauntlet 2015

    I think you might have missed a 2 in Timaeus's username.  But yeah, I don't think I got to be as overtly weird as I wanted to be. Maybe next time. Having a busy university schedule sucks yo. 
  15. What the hell man there aren't even any guitars in this mix 0/10 good try tho