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  1. @Chris ~ Amaterasu Yep, as prophetik mentioned I am, in fact, looking for a violinist to record a solo segment. If you're interested, drop me a PM.
  2. Still working on mine! I got a bit delayed by a sudden snowstorm(because Oregon never gets those) but I'm back home and back at work now.
  3. Yes. You have to have all of the parts present when you extract the rar.part1 file. Extracting rar.part1 will also extract rar.part2 and so forth along with it, so if you don't have all the parts you'll have incomplete files and such and it probably won't load properly.
  4. I was trying out a few different chord progressions. I ended up with a Bm, DM, Em9, F#m progression(throwing in some 7ths and 11ths later on for good measure) that I really liked, and this is what happened. It's a pretty simple song. Two different rhythm guitar parts with a lead, and sequenced bass guitar and drums. Feedback is welcome and appreciated!
  5. Kontakt 5 is $199.50 right now. 50% off and a pretty damn good deal if you don't have it yet. Ends in 8 days, so get it while you can.
  6. Holy crap I hope so, Thieves of Fate not only introduced me to OCR but also earned and maintained a permanent spot on my iPod. Yasunori Mitsuda's stuff ranks among my favorite. Maybe I'll try my hand at something, but don't count on it. I don't think I've got the time or skill to make a postable and worthy remix, but I'll be watching this with anticipation.
  7. Oh yeah, I was never 100% sure on the vocals. While I had originally considered getting a female vocalist, I wanted to go for a more relaxed feeling mix. I'm pretty set on them now, but I need to do a little work on the mix itself - It isn't matching up with the vocals quite as well as I'd like. Rerecording them is unlikely at this point anyways, but I think I can work with it. Glad you enjoyed it! I'm not sure if I'll submit it (it probably won't change much structurally and may not be distinct enough to pass), but I do want to actually finish it.
  8. Bumping this up - Many months later and I've decided to revisit this. I was never really satisfied with it. In the previous version the first half was rather clustered and had a lot of poorly mixed and arranged parts blending together and getting in the way of everything. It wasn't until the second half that my concept started to show, and I wanted to go back and turn it into a more coherent arrangement.As @Chromarin pointed out above, the vocals and the rest of the arrangement weren't sounded separated. This was primarily because the arrangement was done and the vocals were recorded afterwards and essentially plugged into the mix. Nothing was changed or adjusted to properly fit them in. I think I've blended them in a little bit better this time, though I still worry about the volume. As of this version I've re-recorded the rhythm guitar and removed the lead guitar part, which was panned right and not exactly adding anything. It more or less existed because the soundscape on the right was lacking(with most elements being center or left). The piano has been reworked and humanized across the board and now fills that gap a bit better. The drums were mixed separately at first to try and get a more balanced sound before being mixed with the rest of the track. The bass was toned down quite a bit(but I think it may be a tad bit too loud). I'd love to hear some feedback on the changes, the mixing and the arrangement in general.
  9. I did that to Lucario as well. Mega Gengar all the way. I still haven't gotten around to beating Victory Road(and in turn the league), but I should probably do that. Currently rocking a Ghost dual type team with Jellicent, Aegislash, Gengar, Froslass and Golurk. Havent decided on the 6th yet, but I also regularly bring Hawlucha to carry most of my HMs. The upside is that despite all sharing Ghost type I have a variety of type attacks. The downside is them all the weaknesses, but I'm doing it for fun and the occasional challenge doesn't bug me.
  10. Yes, but that wasn't what I was wondering. I'm wondering how they'll handle moves that Gen 2+ pokemon can no longer learn. For example, Gen 1 Machop/Machoke/Machamp can learn Fissure via TM, but Gen 2 onward cannot. Many TM moves qualify, for that matter. There are also a few Gen 1 pokemon that had their typing changed in later games, but I'd imagine typings will just be updated to current gen.
  11. Well, I found the problem. Pokemon Y was corrupt(but not my save data) and this was causing the SD card to have issues with other software(like the eShop, which was trying to check the SD card before opening). Copied everything off the card and deleted everything(sans corrupt files), ran a quick chkdsk and problem solved, data recovered and 32GB MicroSD intact. And now I can get back to the demo. I've already done the main demo, along with the other things(the slowpoke barricade, fighting all the trainers, pokemon catching challenge). That guy outside the Pokecenter is odd though. He says to come back "tomorrow"(not today, not the day after - it has to be tomorrow), and I did but it isn't registering. I'd read a guide saying it was active on the 18th, but the way he talks felt like it should be relative to when the demo was first played. Did I miss that one for good? I'm curious how they'll implement transferring Gen 1 pokemon to Sun/Moon. A lot of them have different moves(including ones their later-gen counterparts can't learn, like Machop's Fissure) and that would make some Gen 1 transfers truly unique. While I'm sure old things like DVs(and the single Special stat that was split) will be normalized to some extent, I hope they at least maintain Gen 1 specific skill sets.
  12. Ah, that figures. At least I can bypass the 3DS eshop with the web shop. Loving the demo, though. It's really nice looking. The new battle interface is smooooth, and it's nice learning a little bit about pokemon as you fight them(effective attacks, etc - assuming they'll expand on this a bitin the full game). Well, my digital copy of Pokemon Y crapped out for some reason - black screen on launch(I hadn't started it up since the last system update and I suppose something went wrong). At least I was able to get a fair amount of my pokemon(and Ditto, which is nice) via pokebank. If I don't get it working, eh. Not a horrible loss.
  13. Anyone else having issues with the Eshop? I went to download the demo, but the eshop just hangs on the loading screen indefinitely. SpotPass, Mii Plaza, Browser, etc all work fine. I eventually just used the browser eshop(which drops it off as a gift) and downloaded it that way, but it's still a pain.
  14. I wouldn't bother. Many of the features are done well enough with Soundcloud pro accounts(like statistics) but a lot of them seem unnecessary or even suspicious, and also potentially off-putting for listeners. Two "features" listed are "Track plays increaser" and "Track downloads increaser", which are vague enough on their own. Looking into it, they say this on the matter: You shouldn't need to use a program to generate plays/downloads. You shouldn't even consider fabricating plays/downloads, no matter how promising it seems. It's on about the same level as buying plays(and probably frowned upon just as much), but unlike buying plays you'll know exactly who those plays are going to - yourself. That is to say, no one is actually hearing what you have to offer. Don't bother. Plays will come naturally if people like/share your tracks and you remain proactive(regularly upload tracks, respond to comments, etc). There are also the added features like autu-message/reply/follow/share/repost - That's not really a good thing. If you're going to reply to someone, take the time to do it yourself. By automating these things you're essentially undermining the point of Soundcloud. It's a social platform for sharing your music, building a base of listeners and connecting with them. So I suppose my advice is "Don't do it.".