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  1. I'm gonna have to sit out on this one. I've been rushing the last couple out so I'm gonna take some time to finish up other work and hopefully I'll be able to make something real good next time! I'll still vote this round though, no doubt about that.
  2. Voted. Those remixes are some good stuff. *Insert thumbs up here*
  3. Submitted mine, sorry it's so short. It ended up sounding like an intro theme for when the boss makes his big entrance rather than a full level theme. Anyway, looks like I've got some serious competition! Seriously, nice arrangement Dex.
  4. Voted. Too bad I couldn't participate but I like the variation between all these remixes!
  5. Just a heads up, might want to change that line. Anyway, the song seems interesting. I'll see if I can pull a nice atmospheric piece together.
  6. Submitted my vote.
  7. Voted. We got some good mixes this round! I wrote much more than I needed to in my reasoning for why I picked which because they were all pretty close for me.
  8. Submission (Sorry I couldn't get on my computer to upload it to ThaSauce): https://www.dropbox.com/s/jvza7l0xmtnaxmh/Zora's Domain Remix WIP.mp3?dl=0 It's in no way finished, but it's all I can do for a really busy week. Hope you all at least enjoy it!
  9. I'm assuming this is a typo because both my experience and the ThaSauce page are telling me the deadline is the 5th.
  10. All three remixes were pretty good this round! I'll be looking for some other abnormal song to remix so we can all go crazy with it now that there seems to be more people joining the competition with PRC345.
  11. Looks like there are a lot of people this time around! Hopefully I'll have the time to put out something good enough to keep up with all the competition!
  12. My remix is almost finished; I'm pretty proud of the mixing on this one. I might do some tweaking after the competition and actually submit it! Since I'll be doing tweaking after, I won't be putting it up on soundcloud like normal but since I submit directly through ThaSauce now that won't be a problem.
  13. A remix/mashup of Sneakman from the original Jet Set Radio and Fly Like A Butterfly from Jet Set Radio Future. It's primarily a Sneakman remix, but since I added a bunch of samples from Fly Like A Butterfly, and since this style of music is very sample based, I'm calling it a mashup of sorts. Suggestions/criticism appreciated! Also, I did not sample the songs themselves; however, I did use samples used in the songs. I know sampling the song disqualifies a remix but I think this should be fine considering that it's not a direct sample and this type of music is heavily sample-based. Please let me know if I'm wrong about that! I also realize there's a long tail of silence at the end, I'd fix that when it's good enough to submit. Remix: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f26b1qzxucxvppk/Sneakman-Fly Like A Butterfly GCJ ReMix Submission.mp3?dl=0 Sneakman: Fly Like A Butterfly:
  14. Been having some scheduling difficulties, but the bonus mix is ready to go now!