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  1. Submitted with a few minutes to spare! I'm in the process of packing, and moving five hours away, so for the next several weeks, I have other demanding prioraties. I will still try to enter (and vote in) future compos as time allows until I get settled.
  2. APZX, I was thinking the same thing about your high-hat comment. Could you explain what you mean by "the high-hat could do with some more feeling?" Also, thank you everybody for the amazing feedback! Reading it makes me smile.
  3. I've been so busy lately, I was afraid I would miss this compo, but with the extension, I was able to come up with something!
  4. I'm able to hear the submissions, so I think they fixed whatever their problem was. I'll try to vote this evening.
  5. Submitted!
  6. I'm working on mine as well.
  7. I was so excited when I saw the source, because I'm a Sonic fanatic! Submitted!
  8. Voted! @eggsngaming It's a shame you didn't get to enter your ReMix. I really like it.
  9. Thank you so much! I have a ton of stuff to explore! This is awesome! I really appreciate the time you took to do this for me! I've been practicing the major scales and am just starting to look at chords in more detail. This will help a lot! @Dextastic Thank you for the links! I'll check them out! I think I've heard of the Sonatina Orchestra. I love this community. I have gotten so much help in the past 18 hours, I don't know where to start! I'm so excited!