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  1. MnP 83: Yoshi's Island - Mini Boss theme

    @HoboKa Thank you for the midi file, I have family staying over this weekend, but I'll try to get a submission in by Tuesday, if I can.
  2. MnP 83: Yoshi's Island - Mini Boss theme

    If the midi file had multiple tracks, I would do an entry.
  3. Voted! Thank you both for the suggestions!
  4. Submitted my Bonus ReMix! I wanted to do more with it, but I don't know what else to do. I commonly get to this point where I don't know how to go deeper with the arrangement. I feel like I have a novice view of production, but lack a system for creating original content which blocks me.
  5. I have a WIP that I can try to finish up by tomorrow, if the deadline is extended.
  6. PRC357 - The Remix Rangers (Power Rangers)

    Submitted with a few minutes to spare! I'm in the process of packing, and moving five hours away, so for the next several weeks, I have other demanding prioraties. I will still try to enter (and vote in) future compos as time allows until I get settled.
  7. MnP 79: Megaman X5 - Zero Virus Stage

    APZX, I was thinking the same thing about your high-hat comment. Could you explain what you mean by "the high-hat could do with some more feeling?" Also, thank you everybody for the amazing feedback! Reading it makes me smile.
  8. PRC356 - Coloured Inks United (Splatoon 2)

    I've been so busy lately, I was afraid I would miss this compo, but with the extension, I was able to come up with something!