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  1. New version! It has an ending now. Let me know what y'all think. Garrett: Yep, there's a mixture of SNES and Genesis samples.
  2. Multi-Track Drifting Source: The Final Exam (The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks) Inspiration: F-Zero The original tune was composed by Manaka Kataoka, the lead composer for Breath of the Wild. So why not get some BotW hype started with some lo-fi orchestra hits? Comments welcome!
  3. Did you ever try to submit your "Only Link Can Do the Duck Walk" remix? It's still one of my favorites and really deserves recognition. :)

    1. Hylian Lemon

      Hylian Lemon

      I submitted it when it looked like people were done commenting on it!

    2. Uffe von Lauterbach

      Uffe von Lauterbach

      Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I had been so busy with the holidays. Anyway, I hope it gets accepted. It sounds pretty clean on my end, and I only have monitor speakers and a pair of headphones. :)

  4. Hmm...Zelda's quest to rescue Link for the sole purpose of keeping the duck walk alive, eh? That works.
  5. I could use some more ears on this. Gimme your thoughts! Source: Zelda: Wand of Gamelon map theme (plus bits of the original Zelda theme) ReMix: Only Link Can Do the Duck Walk I was going to call it "Zelda Does the Duck Walk," but it turns out she doesn't use that term in her tutorial! It is written, only Link can do the duck walk.
  6. Last I heard, we were waiting for some feedback from the project judge panel. I'll get in touch with Reckenefin to see what we need to do moving forward, and then I'll try to take a more active role in the project's completion. I've been super distracted!
  7. My apologies! I've been working an exciting new excavation site with an unfamiliar team*. I'm cut off from the outside world unless I make the trek to a nearby village and ask some traveling merchants to carry letters for me**, so it's been difficult to maintain contact. It's rumored that deep within some nearby ruins, there sleeps an ancient technology*** that would allow me to communicate with you all at any time. I'll do everything in my power to recover this artifact and return it to its rightful place in the lobby of my mansion. In the meantime, I believe Professor Rocket has contacted the project's current members. Hoping you are well****, Professor Lemon *New apartment, new roommate **I have no computer and don't feel like typing much on my tablet ***Willpower ****I am a poo poo
  8. Hey you know what's awesome. They upgraded the OCR forums, which means that we can have cool avatars now. So yeah, sup!

    1. Hylian Lemon

      Hylian Lemon

      Oh, I hadn't realized cover photos were a thing too! Nice.

    2. TheMaverickk


      Interests: TheMaverickk's artwork. 

      You are too kind. After I finish my paintings I will get back into digital art for OCR. If you ever want like a profile pic one day shoot me a message I think it's fun to draw up people for kicks. 

  9. That would work. If you're interested, you can send us a private message with more details.
  10. You can send it to hylianlemon at gmail dot com.
  11. We'll check up with you a month from now, but you can keep the claim for a few months before we send the repo men. Ok, I'm putting you down for "Cave" from the original Spelunky soundtrack! Wildfire is interested in the newer Spelunky soundtrack. We probably won't take any more Spelunky than that unless the tracklist expands significantly to make room for it.
  12. Or because he's infested with microbes.
  13. You can play with random strangers online, too. Sometimes you get turds, but usually it's a pretty good time. I did 100% completion that way. Single player mode feels like an afterthought by comparison, but it's still all right. More awkward than Four Swords Adventures solo. I hear the best experience is to play it with people in the same room, but online play is still worth it.
  14. An update's coming sooner than I expected (December 2)! Here's the relevant part of the direct, showing the new area and costumes: I just finished all of the multiplayer challenges and am overflowing with materials, so the Linebeck costume's treasure-peeking ability won't be useful at all, but it might be fun to wear it and show teammates where the rare loot is. If the data-mined dialogue from Tripini is to be believed, there should also be paid DLC down the line. Hopefully something a bit more interesting than a string of battle rooms. Further details: - The merchant will now sell friendly tokens if you've beaten the game, so friendless people like me can finally have the timeless tunic. (!!!) - "By answering a question before matchmaking, you will be matched with other players who gave similar answers." (Sounds kind of like Splatoon's tendency to match people based on how much they like to splat other people?) - "Players who leave a game in progress through the Pause menu can be added to the blacklist." (Nice.)
  15. My favorites are Pikmin 3, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario Maker, and Splatoon. If you don't already have Shovel Knight on another platform, that's another good one. Watch some videos and see what you like!