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Found 31 results

  1. Original N64 Mix by Corey N64-CR - PR Remix Essentially a remix of a remix, Both of the Trophy theme that plays in Melee. Great times I tells ya.
  2. Hey guys, just submitted something I've been working on for a while. Couldn't get the Rainbow Road theme out of my head so decided it was time to take the guitar to it and do a cover.
  3. Always wanted to do work on this song one day, I feel confident enough to not complete butcher it, am I heading in the right direction? I've only done one other remix and it wasn't very good, hopefully I'll get it right this time. I need to work on the choir staccato syllables so they sound more natural, I want the percussion and trombone make it feel like someone punched me in the face. Update #1 March 14: Reverb! Trumpets! Less boomy percussion! Polyrhythms! An abrupt transition! Weird compression!
  4. Hi all. I arranged the Heat Man theme from the NES classic Mega Man 2 for 3 classical guitars. Enjoy. By the way, I'm new on OCR and didn't find a topic specifically for instrumental covers. If one exists please let me know and I will re-post. EM
  5. About to send my first submission :oops:

    1. Gario


      Hey there!

      If you want, you could post your first submission on the WIP boards on here - that way you'll have some idea of how it'll fare on the panel without waiting the rather lengthy period of time it takes for us to respond.

      Just throwing that out there as a suggestion. Also, a hearty welcome to OCR to you! ;)

    2. nightswim


      Hey I wouldn't mind trying that :) I already submitted it, should I still post on the WIP boards? 


      Thanks for the welcome :D I have been following OCR for a few years now.. just had to finally join

    3. Gario


      Sure - post it on the WIP boards and you'll have some idea as to how the panel will receive it. It's hard to tell how long it'll take to get from the submission inbox to the panel (according to the 'Currently in the Judging Process' thread, it looks like it's about in the 'August' area, so it's  a few months behind!), so it's better for you to get some idea prior to that. It's no fun to wait 6 months, then receive a letter with information... that would've been helpful for you 6 months ago.

      I mean, we're working on catching the panel up to the inbox, but it's all volunteer work, and it's done by hand. You could understand why there's often some backlogging in the process.

  6. I've made a music video for my rock 'n' roll cover of the Spark Man song from Mega Man 3. Hope ya'll like it!
  7. So I did a hip hop remix to the Nintendo Gamecube startup jingle! Hope you like! Let me know what u think! MY REMIX ORIGINAL
  8.'s been a while hasn't it? Anyways, here's a a remix of the DoubleDash menu/kart select screen and MarioKart 7's menu theme as well for a dream game of mine...MarioCAR GT - Not as catchy but hey. what're gonna do haha. MARIOCAR GT MENU THEME - SOUNDCLOUD MARIOCAR GT MENU THEME - YOUTUBE
  9. So, I'm back with my current Project. This Time i recording some individual stuff and i was trying, to bring my ideas in this Remix (then that was the Feedback from the Users on my last Project). I had fun to experiment with alot of Sounds and some new note sequences. But now, I'm interested on your Impressions guys! This Project is "work in progress", so i want to try to refine this Remix, with Feedback from you! Here is the Beta Version of this Remix: If you have some Ideas, critique, Impressions or whatever, so i would be glad if you write me your thoughts in a Post in this Thread ;). Im not completely satisfied with all in this Remix, but i was totally interested to know, what you thinking about this Remix. I hope on a few good Impression from you guys ! Greetings Matzino
  10. so uh, ive never used this site or any forums to be honest but ill leave a link to the video here if you take the time to watch this and give me some feedback i would greatly appreciate it.
  11. Sonic Colours - Planet Wisp - Nintendo Wii - Pixelizer REMIX Good Listening ! Original track :
  12. Hi Folks! I would like to share with you my youtube channel with all the remixes I've worked . I hope you enjoy!
  13. I remember hearing this remix, it is Mario Kart 64 for sure and uses a sample of Toad's banana hit scream repeating: It's a pretty fast paced song I wanna say dub step or trap in nature, later in the song it uses audio samples of Wario laughing as well later in the track. I have seen it in a few youtube videos (which I cannot find anymore) in joke MLG montages. Thing that sparked my interest was I was at Phoenix ComiCon this past Saturday in a tournament and they played it over the sound system in the tournament room and now it's stuck in my head again. please help, thanks EDIT: Found it, Aylen - Mvrio Kvrt Also the Youtube videos were the intro to ETC TUGS
  14. Here's some rapping to Punch Out!! Does HIP HOP chiptunes work? Let me know. We remade and parodied this NES game:
  15. Hey all. Think I've finally got this Splatoon remix right where I want it (mostly). But it could use some extra feedback, especially on the mastering side of things. Better title suggestions also wanted... Song: Calamari Inkantation Original:
  16. Didn't see a topic about Nintendo's first smartphone app yet. I originally just signed up for the point bonuses for the new Nintendo rewards program, but I've been pleasantly surprised. It's got the usual "Acquire and spend digital currency to dress up your avatar" stuff going on, but the Q&A aspect which is shared among friends is kind of fun, as is the "Miifoto" feature. Here's my failed attempt to land a marketing job with Nintendo: There's some odd quirks in how you can only add friends in person or via a linked Facebook/Twitter account. (You'd think it would allow for direct adding by NNID or through Miiverse, but nope.) I'm curious to see if they expand the app in the future: I get a vague feeling we'll see some Animal Crosssing-esque furniture/room customization, and personally I think it would be neat if they added integration with the Badge Arcade.
  17. Hello all Come listen this remix of Castlevania 2 Nes Good Listening Castlevania 2 - The Silence of the Daylight (Town Stage) - Nintendo Nes - Electro Analog REMIX Source :
  18. Hello All ! Here is my new remix Send me your opinion ! Good Listening Castelvania - Poison Mind - Nintendo Nes - Electro REMIX ! Souce :
  19. Hey guys! So I took the Star Fox theme from the "Star Fox Zero | Introducing Star Fox" trailer, and completely re-orchestrated it! So now you can listen to it without sound effects (haha)! I absolutely love this version of the piece, and did my best to recreate every nuance, listening carefully to uncover everything (hard to do with all of the sound effects in the trailer!) I hope you enjoy it! Original video:
  20. Tetris Theme Music A - Game Boy - Pixelizer REMIX, thanks for opninion and listening ! Source :
  21. Hello All Super Mario Bros Nes Electronic Remix Good Listening ! Source :
  22. Mega Man - Nes - Select Stage Analog Remix By Pixelizer. Good listening Source :
  23. So I did a R&B remix of the Ocarina of Time theme from Legend of Zelda! Enjoy! P.S. (Lil self promotion, hehe) Subscribe on my YouTube for more remixes. I do other games! Like my artist page on Facebook for more:
  24. So, 2016 is full of Nintendo games celebrating their 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th and even 35th years. Seriously, check out the dates. Donkey Kong - 1981 (35th) Metroid - 1986 (30th) The Legend of Zelda - 1986 (30th), Oracle of Seasons/Oracle of Ages - 2001 (15th) and Twilight Princess - 2006 (10th) Kid Icarus - 1986 (30th) Pokémon Red and Green (Blue)- 1996 (20th) and Diamond and Pearl - 2006 (10th) Luigi's Mansion - 2001 (15th) Pikmin - 2001 (15th) Golden Sun - 2001 (15th) Animal Crossing - 2001 (15th) Wii Sports - 2006 (10th) Super Mario RPG - 1996 (20th) Mole Mania - 1996 (20th) Harvest Moon - 1996 (20th) Mario Kart 64 - 1996 (20th) New Super Mario Bros - 2006 (10th) As others have pointed out, it's also the anniversaries of several other video games. NOT JUST NINTENDO! Dragon Quest - 1986 (30th) Crash Bandicoot - 1996 (20th) Sonic The Hedgehog - 1991 (25th) Castlevania - 1986 (30th) Alex Kidd - 1986 (30th) Arkanoid - 1986 (30th) MOTHERFUCKIN' ARKANOID!! Battletoads - 1991 (25th) Spacequest - 1986 (30th) ToeJam and Earl - 1991 (25th) Metal Slug - 1996 (20th) Quake - 1996 (20th) Jak and Daxter - 2001 (15th) Okami - 2006 (10th) HOW OLD DO YOU FEEL NOW? Saints Row - 2006 (10th) Resident Evil - 1996 (20th) Bubsy 3D - 1996 (20th) Tomb Raider - 1996 (20th) And that's just the ones I could think of/look up on Wikipedia. I'm sure there are a few of the more obscure ones, like Japan-only releases. Not to mention the GameCube and the 3DS are also 15 and 5 years old, respectively. Damn, that's a lot of stuff that's getting old. Now I feel old... So, who wants to do 10 remix albums within the next month? Kidding! A lot of these games came out in January or February, so it's too late for any kind of massive project. But we can still show our appreciation for these anniversaries! I'm looking forward to seeing what they will do for Zelda. The new Wii U Zelda, from what we have seen so far, is looking pretty damn good, aesthetically and mechanically. But until it's out, who knows? All I know is that I still love playing Link's Awakening and I'm glad I went to the concerts they've had over the last few years. Pokémon is 20 this year! To celebrate, Nintendo is releasing the original Pokémon games on the 3DS. You can download Red, Blue and Yellow this February 27th. It's almost identical to the original versions, with one exception: it will emulate the link cable system using the 3DS wireless, so you can still trade and battle! Also, comes with a code to download a Mew for your 3DS games! Golden Sun! I never completed the second game, and I missed out on the third one for the DS, but that doesn't change the fact I loved the first game. I'm hoping for something to commemorate the first game this year, even if it's nothing big and fancy. Anyone else a bit excited for what Nintendo is planning for these anniversaries?