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OCR00519 - Final Fantasy IX 'Alexandrian Nightmare'

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#1 orkybash


    Chun-Li (+1000)

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Posted 23 May 2002 - 12:32 AM

Final Fantasy IX 'Alexandrian Nightmare'

OK, some might like this one, but I personally think it's pretty annoying. Drum work doesn't shine as much as DJ Pheonix's other stuff, and I'm frankly really sick of that saw wave thingy in the background. And for the half of the remix that has the Alexandria melody, it's really repetitive with not-so-great instrument choice. If you're a big DJ Pheonix fan, go for it. Otherwise, skip it.

#2 krispy


    Abobo (+450)

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Posted 10 June 2002 - 08:28 PM

Hehehehe...im a Dj Pheonix fan so i liked XD, the drums are alittle annoying in the beggining, but its all worth it for the meledy (I think :P). I wish he made the beggining shorter and took off with the meledy a little more, but its a decent mix anywayz. I liked the original song ALOT, and this is a good mechanical mix of it, atleast worth listening to once. I give it a 7.5/10.

#3 Xaleph


    Bonus kun (+2900)

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Posted 10 June 2002 - 08:58 PM

Yeah this is one of my favorites too, however, I did like some of his other work a little more, I give it a 7/10. I agree with krispykreme, the mix does have too much put into the introduction, and the middle of the remix just doesn't seem to last long enough, that's why the low score.

~dj carbunk1e
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#4 djcubez


    Dr. Robotnik (+2700)

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Posted 14 January 2003 - 04:32 AM

i prefer DJP's (hehe) FF9 notalone remix more. This one gets pretty annoying sometimes but it has it's glory parts!

#5 Kapuran


    King Hippo (+15)

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Posted 06 July 2004 - 08:44 PM

I actually really liked it--and this is from someone who didn't like any trance or techno before finding this site. I don't know exactly what it was, it was just... really aggressive, it sort of yelled at you, if you know what I mean. I didn't find it too repetitive at all... in all, 8.5/10, maybe even a 9. Good work!
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#6 Princess_Of_Memories


    Mudkip (+150)

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Posted 16 August 2005 - 06:09 PM

I didn't like this one too much. I thought that it was......too common. It is nothing that hasnt been done and done over, like the most obvious choice. But I was happy that I did reignize it. :D
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#7 Bummer


    Sonic (+9000)

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Posted 02 November 2005 - 05:07 PM

This was...weird.
Cool beats, funny idea to use many of those sound effects, but I didn´t like it at all.

#8 !Nekko!


    Chell (+1850)

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Posted 01 December 2005 - 12:51 PM

It sounded like someone just started playing Fruity Loops for their first time and decided to submit it to OCR. Needs better mastering, but he didn't do a terrible job with the beat, though repetative.
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#9 OA


    Judge, Unsung Heroes Director

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Posted 04 April 2007 - 01:58 PM

It started off pretty good, but once the melody came in, it lost me. The melodic synths were just kindof generic and it sounded like they were in a different key than the opening.
I also wish the snare was stronger as well, as the current one sounds like a snare drum being played with toothpicks instead of drumsticks.
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#10 FlamingTP


    Octorok (+25)

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Posted 28 April 2008 - 06:15 AM

Review# 4/1522 Final Fantasy IX 'Alexandrian Nightmare'

This industrial style tech mix is good for what it is and what was intended, unfortunately its not the most pleasing on the ears for me, but as always different people, different tastes.

Score: 4/10 "minor taste dispute"

#11 Evil_Cronos


    Octorok (+25)

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Posted 05 January 2009 - 07:56 PM

Interesting sound, once we finally hear the source. The intro is way out there and over kill for the length of the mix. The mix itself is too repetitive and too short, not a common occurrence on my playlist.
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#12 evktalo


    Ryu Hayabusa (+2300)

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Posted 21 January 2009 - 08:11 PM

I think the beat, and everything up to when the melodies start are decent (esp. for a mix of this age), but when they do come in it's not too good. I basically agree with OA, the first lead is way too simple, and the melodies feel pasted on without regard to key. I didn't mind the long intro at all, I liked it and it got my expectations up (which was good) but unfortunately the piece didn't deliver.


#13 DragonAvenger


    Judge, Unsung Heroes Asst. Director

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Posted 18 November 2009 - 03:17 AM

The alarm makes sense in it's own right, but after a while it can become grating. Agreeing with others that the melody comes in in a different key, kinda throwing things off. Overall, the sounds aren't really pleasing. Gonna have to pass on this one, sorry.

#14 Bahamut


    Moderator, Maverick Rising/Serious Monkey Business Director

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Posted 20 January 2010 - 12:38 AM

Ugh...that intro reminded me of why I don't like this song (or why I remembered what it sounded like).

That intro dragged on way too long and kills things early I think. The song also goes pretty much straight from the source and just adds a little on top along with a tempo boost I feel.

#15 saintayu


    Snacks'N Jaxson (+1)

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Posted 24 August 2010 - 10:35 PM

So-so. I like it but don't love it. Like people said, it's way too simple and it repeats itself too much. But it isn't that bad either. It's interesting. Could be way better though.

#16 bobby1983


    Octorok (+25)

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Posted 06 January 2012 - 10:09 AM

i was at work listening to some stuff and I was really digging the liquid neon, it is like squarepusher but with video games. AWESOME!!!! I came here to get more of his stuff

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