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Originally Posted by Nick Singer View Post
it says something about marathon and halo's relationship- i.e. the idea of a pre-existing but extinct structure providing a framework for a new generation to adapt and build on, much like the forerunners and covenant/phfor themselves."
I really like how Nick phrases this, and it seems appropriate.

The mix really reminds me of like the music of a presentation at a planetarium i.e. something that represent the majesty, mystery, and awe of outer space.

Like Alpha, I've listened to Beta versus Under Cover of Night.
One can tell that Under Cover of Night was meant to be ambient background music, but it didn't quite make it. Beta astoundingly perfects what Under Cover of Night should have been.

In my opinion, Alpha and Beta are better than the Halo soundtrack . As in, Alpha and Beta are what should have been in the Halo soundtrack.
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I'm personally not a huge fan of this track - it's an ambient track that is way too short for what it is. At about 2:30 in length, this track just comes and goes.
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Old 08-31-2010, 05:48 PM
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This mix

is beautiful to listen to if you get up to the sun rise with it, get ready early, and break into a run down some deserted streets as the tempo picks up.

What? That's what I do when I listen to this, anyway ^_^
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Old 12-28-2011, 08:41 PM
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This would probably make more sense if you heard the Alpha track before this one, especially since they were both submitted at the same time and follow the exact way of interpreting the relationship between Marathon and Halo.

And indeed it follows the atmosphere quite like the Alpha one, with the acoustic bass providing the Marathon source melody and the sweeping strings providing the motifs from the Halo source doing really well to fit Nick's 'enhanced vision' soundscape ridiculously well. It may be seen as ridiculously brief, but for two games from the same developer to come into such an artistic vision in this way complete with very well panned sweeping strings and great atmospheric separation, I feel very understanding about the artistic integrity brought into it.

This might split some people due to the ambient nature and/or the sheer length, but if you've got the time, then one should look up the sources beforehand and then hear the mix to purely understand its complex. It may require some thought to understand it, but once you do it makes for a very pretty listen
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