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    • Thanks! I made a lot of use of combining the Vinyl, Soundgoodizer, and Distructor plug ins in various ways on in conjunction with some of the instruments from the free packs available in the program. Also used Little Alterboy to push one of the parts to be a little more in the background, since some areas were doubled up in the midi I was using. A combination of all four made the voice recordings sound the way they do. All in all, a fun way to get used to a new workflow using more samples.
    • I don't mind, no offense taken! Specific critique like that helps me reflect on my work and find ways to improve. On that note, I have gotten feedback on various projects that some instruments (most often the violin, imagine that!) sounded a tad shrill. I wager that it probably does get shrill sometimes by accident, which I'd sure like to fix! Do you (or anyone for that matter) know any methods to address shrill instruments, EQ or otherwise? I'd love to learn how to avoid my organic samples coming off harsh.  
    • Huh, no one else mentioned that the strings sounded shrill, so I think I was being too subjective on your guys' collab.  Maybe I tried too hard to find something to critique...see why I need to take a step back?
    • Was meaning to ask in my vote comment, but forgot to... I need to know what Halcyon Hare's weapon get would be...
    • Hey there. TYSM for the congrats guys, but TBH, it's all of you who should get the biggest congrats. Those were some damned good songs, and I really did have a terrible time picking and choosing amongst the lot. No one song, to me, was "bad", even if a WIP / old project. So congrats all around. @Dextastic TY for the deeper bit of criticism on Catamitus. I'll take it into account with the rest and possibly do a remaster or fidget with it before publishing it fully. @HoboKa It's no problem at all. Was my sincerest pleasure to try to give everyone in-depth critique! Hope they're at least useful... I noticed some questions came up about my work, two of which I'll try to address here: None of the songs, even Halcyon Hare Stage were done using anything but BandLab and whatever SFX, EQ, VSTs, loops and samples are available on there. XD There were no live recordings or using other devices to meld sounds together--hope that doesn't burst anyone's bubble. D: But my deepest TYs for thinking the songs were good enough to sound live recorded! Still think I need better kit to make the sounds less issue-riddled where they do (like some of the clipping or out-of-syncness some of you pointed out,) but perhaps when I get some money I'll move onto a 'real' DAW like FL Studio, see where that takes me. They were all different songs. The one that one was MMX6's Rainy Turtloid (Inami Temple) Stage. Halcyon Hare was an original song I made, just to have the sound aesthetic like a Mega Man X game, and Catamitus was the remix of the Castlevania song 'Aquarius'. Hope that cleared up any confusion. Again, thanks so much for the critiques and the thumbs up. The positive vibes made me blush and the constructive criticisms were super good and thought-provoking. I'll try to take them onboard in future projects. And I'll try to pick something real good for the next PRC! :3
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