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  1. Amazing work by everyone. This mix was an instant save after I heard it. The mix of heavy guitar work with the classic, epic feel of the viola really reminded me of the works of Apocalyptica for some reason, although they're playing cellos, and there was significantly more guitar in this. Either way, I suppose that's irrelevant. Excellent work on all accounts. Seamless, unified... keep it coming. I'm looking forward to hearing more like this.
  2. As far as heavier rock/metal goes, I'm really getting into the symphonic rock genre. The fusion of rock with orchestral elements really brings the music to a whole new level, in my opinion. To that end, check out the Finnish band, Nightwish. I haven't gone as far back as their first albums, but from what I've heard, they have a pretty neat sound. There's actually two lead vocalists, the second having been hired for the most recent album after they dismissed the first. Try not to get caught up in the fanboy war between their followings as you look for their music. =) Also symphonic rock, Within Temptation is from the Netherlands. They're a little bit closer to a more typical rock sound than Nightwish, but still unique in their own right.
  3. After watching a few clips of the gameplay from it, I'm really interested in getting this. Haven't gotten around to it yet, though.
  4. I rather liked this remix. My favorite parts would have to be the violin solo starting at 1:12 and leading into the main theme at 1:40, as well as the organ from 3:37-4:25. Very neat, solid interpretations of the theme. I think the organ reminded me of a sort of /Phantom of the Opera-esque gothic love-child, whereas the stringed solo reminded me more of something from Queen of the Damned. Both are very dark, twisted, and rather fitting for one so insane.I think any complaints I have with the piece stem directly from the choir, and not from the manner in which it was written, as that is very, very true to the original style of the piece and the period it was inspired by. Namely, anal-retentive nitpicking that I've picked up from having an amazing choral professor as my choir director, such as restatement of the vowels on slurred notes, less force on higher pitches (particularly in the soprano parts), and lack of enunciation (which tends to make lyrics more distinguishable). But, I also notice that those small things (because they are rather small when faced with the quality of the piece as a whole) are almost entirely (if not completely) related to samples. Either way, I understand that there's very little you can do about them (and I wouldn't expect you to, seeing as they are already phenomenal compared to many samples out there), so it hardly detracts from my respect of the remixers or my enjoyment of the piece as a whole. All in all, amazing work. I'm really looking forward to hearing the next one.
  5. Although I usually get more of a kick out of the reviews of games I've played before, most are at least relatively funny on some level. I'm currently in the middle of a full computer lab and watching the Heavenly Sword(s) one... I've come so close to making an ass out of myself here. I think they're having a class, too.
  6. Ubisoft apparently announced the PC version would be released in early 2008. Definitely on my list of things to get.
  7. Accurate or not, these are interesting to come by. It makes me wonder just how many popular artists (or their respective songwriters) have knowledge of the video game music genre. But as far as sampling goes, I think my soul died when Mario Winans used Enya's Boadicea in I Don't Wanna Know.
  8. Quite impressive, Darangen. This ReMix of Magus' Theme brings out the darkness and ferocity portrayed in the character quite well. Although at times, certain elements were questionable, primarily how the guitar squeal sounded out of place in many moments, I believe you did quite well, and produced a fine result. This is an excellent tribute.
  9. Wow... absolutely beautiful... Excellent job, Ailsean.
  10. Wow. This is magnificent, Kailem. I have one of two speakers on either side of my computer, and I noticed how your piano flows flawlessly back and forth... not choppily, but gradually fading in one as it pronounces in the other. That was an awesome touch, and almost added a feel of personality to the song. Your interpretation of this is awesome. You added magic to the Upper Lands, but also kept it fun, as it was meant to be. Wow, the ending caught me off guard. It just kind of... echoed away... almost as if the entire song is the hero chasing something through the Upper Land, and at the last second, it escaped. Rather interesting, and I think I like it. Magnificent work, Kailem.
  11. This is outstanding, djp. I always appreciate "Orchestronic/Electrestral" music... whichever you prefer to call it. This has that power to it that seemed to be conveyed in the original, only with a little bit more... force? Oh. My. God. [2:09]... that is a beautiful violin, sir. Clear, emotional, powerful, independent, yet supportive. I love violins, and you have placed one perfectly. Awesome. This is, once again, excellent, sir. Awesome job.
  12. This is truly beautiful, Nigel. I love the epic feel to this entire piece. There is a sense of nature, almost, within this. The song would fit perfectly to wandering through a lush forest, peaceful, yet grand. Powerful... yet tender. Not to mention that it loops flawlessly. Put the song to be the only one on the list, and set your player to repeat. It's just... wow... Awesome job, Mr. Simmons. P.S. I'm now a Red Mage. Better than an Eggplant Wizard, anyday.
  13. My only two complaints about this mix are the repressed presence of the percussion section, as djp remarked, and its length. JAXX, you have excellent talent with the orchestral genre, and I would have really liked to hear this song play out a long while. I did like the stringed sections in the song. There is something about stringed instruments that just appeals to me greatly. I hope you keep reaching out in this genre, JAXX, you definitely could pull off some really good songs. Keep up the good work!
  14. This is a rather interesting ReMix. It flows in rather effortlessly, quite akin to a cloud as it rolls in, unnoticed, unheard. As the bells gradually become more pronounced, I value this song more and more. Although this particular ReMix did not increase the foreboding mood as much as Distorted Star did, that is not the point. This particular ReMix has its own way of expressing the same tune, and I find I enjoy it. Good job, GrayLightning. Keep it up!
  15. Granted, I may find as much annoying in the song as everyone else (namely the guitar), but this is actually pretty good despite those issues. The remix does a pretty good job on expanding one of the least-heard tracks in the game (for its short timespan), and really improves on the ominous feel to it. A few improvements could have been made, but that goes without saying. Otherwise, good job, and keep it up!
  16. This is excellent. It seems, mp, as if this song envelops you in clouds. You just seem to drift off, in a relaxed state of mind. The ambient effects added to a sense of peace within the tune. Forgive the lack of eloquence, I'm having trouble finding words. But keep it up!
  17. Excellent work, Kassie! and Mustin. This song is very... I can't even describe it. It tears at the heart and soul, and yet... eases the mind. Wow... simply wow... Keep it up!
  18. Excellent work, The Wingless. I do like how this tune simply floats in and out of consciousness. It seems like a goog song to fit a mood of trancelike reflection. Keep it up!
  19. Yet another awesome contribution from zircon. I personally like the way you introduce the song, it's not a fade-in, but it's not an outright blast of music. It's subtle, but strong. I particularly like your common theme of the swell of music (with rush-on cymbals and drum rolls), exploding (well, not so much in this one) into the main body of the song [0:28]. You pulled it off, once again, rather well here. I also liked how you broke off from the main body to do a small, softer, more subtle round [1:26]. I've heard you do this before in your ReMixes, particularly in Calamitous Decision, and once again, it adds a lot to the ReMix. Then back again to the main tune, again, to fade off to do another subtle round [2:58]. Then back again [3:15]. Once again, I reiterate, these subtle intermissions add a lot to the song, as opposed to an all-out heavy beat and grinding tunes. You use another common tool of yours when you break off [3:35] only to return with a small swell and the main tune again. Overall, it is an awesome ReMix. I also like how it was mainly techno, but you incorporated a few orchestral aspects into the song, primarily in the beginning. The added vocals in the back also added much to the creepy feeling that you seemed to want to convey here. That added to an awesome name, and you've got yourself with an awesome ReMix. Once again, awesome job, zircon. I'm looking forward to hearing even more from you.
  20. TO, this is pretty good. I like the whole creep feel to the entire song. I especially liked the added touch of the horrific voice from about [0:17 -> 0:20]... what's it saying? "Welcome to ze Haunted Train!"? Then [0:25 -> 0:29]'s "Welcome to your doom!" was interesting to say the least. One thing I noticed is that right about 0:30 until about 0:39, it starts going down the scale from a high note, awfully reminiscent of Magus's Theme from Chrono Trigger. At first I thought it was going to be incorporated into the song, but then it only went down the scale. Oh, well, wishful thinking. Really creep, but pretty damn good. Keep it up!
  21. I have to say, I really appreciate this song and the obvious effort put into it. Definitely a keeper in my book. However, I am also slightly confused by it. I distinctly remember a song somewhere that sounded almost exactly like this, only with an opera-ish voice addition, and no background. I don't remember the file too well, but I'll check around for it. As for everyone else, if someone finds out about this, can you help me clarify? It may be just pure coincidence (sp.?), but I'd still like to know. Apart from that, I really like this song, the crackling snow in the background, mixed with the almost breathy instrumental additions make this very reminiscent of the scene in the intro to FF6. Keep it up, and I'll look into that other song, see if they might not even be copying you or something... god, I hope not
  22. Umm... yeah. I downloaded this song to my computer about half a month or so ago, and never realized I hadn't left a post. So, here's my bit: DAMN! This is a wonderful mix of my two favorite genres of music, taking them both to greater heights than ever possibly imagined before. Excellent work guys! Ah, just thought of it... I believe EXCELSIOR is the word for this: onward and upward! Actually, I prefer Orchestral+Electronic= Electrestral... sounds more divine? maybe? maybe not... oh well...
  23. Oops, sorry about the triple post...
  24. Oops, sorry about the triple post...
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