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  1. Couldn't get the vibrato to work. For now, I import a .wav in Wavosaur and make loop points when necessary. Then I'll open the sound in FL's 3xosc and mess around with the parameters to add vibrato, change volume envelopes if needed, etc.
  2. Second one has a background that adds intensity to the guitar playing. But I think it would feel even more intense if she was jumping. Or simply standing up with her legs wide open while bending one knee. Anyhow, really well-drawn characters : )
  3. I think all of these tracks have something in common, which is, they have potential to be really memorable. But they don't hit that spot for me personally. I think it is mostly the lack of arps, vibrato, intrumental variation, interesting melodies, etc. Here are some examples that stand out a bit more in my opinion:
  4. The uninspiring VGM menace. Are we safe??
  5. When I started writing music I didn't knew you could import MIDIs and replace the instruments. As a result, transcribing songs by ear seemed natural to me. Sometimes ignorance is good.
  6. Time to be hostile around these parts. U SUCK ^ the best I can do ;_;
  7. My brother used to visit it frequently. But in the end, I was the one who got more involved.
  8. I did one more remix for this. But now I prefer to get attention through my original works.
  9. Hey there! Some of you might remember I used to post a bunch of animations of my own in the forums. Now I'm back in high spirit! I was recently accepted into university for the course of animation. This market is growing at a tremendous rate in Brazil ( ). As a result, I am living my dream at becoming a professional animator! I still can't freaking believe it!This is my work of the 1st semester. It's about a teapot cop. All he wants is a bath. Will he have it? Me and classmates poured everything into it. Please, enjoy!
  10. Tex

    Ripple Dot Zero

    Check out the unused music Works well with an ordinary USB controller without analog stick + joy2key software.
  11. http://www.rippledotzero.com/ http://indiestatik.com/2013/05/17/ripple-dot-zero/ Awesome.
  12. Joe Musashi Mike Haggar Professor Layton Taken from the Bare Knuckle Manual: Antonio Souther Bongo Yasha and Onihime Taken from the Bare Knuckle III Manual: Axel Stone Blaze Fielding Eddie 'Skate' Hunter / Sammy
  13. The in House of the Dead 2. It is the voice acting that does it for me.
  14. Rydeen was used in a Sega arcade game called . Why? I dunno, but it sounds appropriate.
  15. http://vgmix.tumblr.com/post/47212789476/vgmix-is-now-in-open-beta#_=_
  16. Only if you forget many intros and endings : ) Nice time signature changes on track 11. They also fit the title of the song.
  17. Here is a sample pack: http://freesound.org/people/reinsamba/packs/2174/ Or try the TGSF21x soundfont. You might find it in the percussive sections.
  18. Like others said the video is too repetitive to warrant 23 minutes of length. Anyhow, I've rescued enough women in games for a lifetime. So I wouldn't shed a tear if the trend ceased. Also, Palpable nailed it. The formula is overused due to lack of imagination. That's why we'll never play an action platformer about a queen in her 50's trying to divorce her husband because he refuses to take a shower.
  19. Not really a fan of the snare at 2:42. I also felt the transitions from one song to another could have been a little longer. But nice instrument selection. And I commend you on your source choices.
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