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  1. @TillyFun Yes, it was a term project. It spanned for 4 months, but I decided to spend a couple more to polish it up during vacation. Like yours, mine was made in Flash. After noticing Foster's Home used the same software, I tried to work with it to the fullest. Thanks to you both for your time and comments.
  2. Nice. Enjoying how albums and artist links are now organized. Here's some feedback: -On the YouTube playlists, the track played could be highlighted with a light gray. -If an artist has worked in more than 6 albums, they won't all show up. Maybe add a slider button on each side? -There are many straight rectangle shapes. Slightly rounds in the upper corners of the tabs could add more variety and ease the eyes. -For the Albums icon I suggest it is the same as the OverClocked Records one, sans headphones. It might look more consistent with the Games/Remixes icons. -By clicking in the white field of each playlist track, make it stream from YouTube instead of jumping to the ReMix page. Wonder if this would take way too much work, though. Hope this helps.
  3. Probably not an opinion shared by many. But Hiroyuki Iwatsuki is one of my favourite SNES composers.
  4. Hi, everyone. I finished my second semester film last year. It was screened on Anima Mundi. And now I am finally sharing it around. Although this is a cartoon, I feel my time on OCR still influenced it musically. So it's no wonder people tell me the score sounds like game music. By the way, I have a ReMix in the To Be Posted queue and a more game-oriented film in the works. So you'll hear more from me soon, hopefully
  5. Hey, Caio. Nice to hear from you. These are pretty cool. Dig the sweeping synths on the fliperama track and how they work as accompaniment around 2:16. The pitch-bending pads later on have a nice dreamy feel. And your rhodes are as smooth as ever. I love the carefree mood of your songs!
  6. Wow indeed. This violin-piano duo kept me mesmerized all the way through. Lots of interesting motives. The occasional augmented chords gives this a sweet otherworldly feel. And the ascending violin at 3:05 brings this piece to a perfect closure. I only wish the last pizzicato note was louder. But this is a minor gripe from a solid track. Not to be missed
  7. Oh, well. I thought it was just like Golden Axe taking screams from 80's action films such as Conan and Rambo.
  8. I noticed it today as I watched this film. Also did a google search to make sure no one else talked about it. I thought about this too. He might be accessible.
  9. The example in question is whether or not the war scream from Zulu (1964) was used in Primal Rave from DKC2 What do you think?
  10. Yes https://www.youtube.com/user/virtjk/
  11. Loving what has been posted on Soundcloud so far. Also, nice work designing your own samples.
  12. Glad Sixto didn't use Master System chipsounds. It wouldn't yield better results since the SMS sound palette is less varied. He put the NES sounds to good use though. The leads are rich with proper echo, vibrato and pitch bends. So, major bonus points!
  13. Tex

    Chiptunes ...?

    Sure. You can have 8-bit blues or even NES rave music. And some soundchips are more preferable to imitate certain styles of music than others. Still... If cinema gave birth to what we call "film scores", I think games also derived their own genres. For instance, gaming experience generated certain types of boss music (e.g. The Simpsons Arcade Game). They don't sound like anything created before. That unless game composers could clarify if their main inspirations are from outside of games. Or if the own characteristics of chiptune composition gave origin to these types of music.
  14. Neat. I love this organic retro feel. Especially with those distinctive lo-fi rhythm flutes.
  15. Good to hear more ReMixes with exotic scales. This one is full of energy. To be expected from timaeus. 1:17 rhythm reminds me of Kaufman's Shantae. And you don't get flexatones every day. So props to that.
  16. Reminds me of GrayLightning. Both because of the instrumentation and because it has "Phoenix" in the title. A word Gray also used in some of his ReMixes. This is a highly enjoyable piece. Certainly does the source justice. And it's from RoeTaka! (I still love his Chaos Legion track). A keeper!
  17. Protricity just shared an unfinished WIP of Bubble Crab: Always enjoyed his stuff. Even the unfinished WIPs. This one might be on the high end of frequencies. But it still has his style written all over it. The delayed arps have a dreamy feel. And the drums have an old OCR flavor!
  18. Tex

    Chiptunes ...?

    I think this sort of stuff fits well with fast-paced music in particular. It gives the illusion that more than one channel is being used.
  19. Loving this. Lots of rich harmonies. Lots of good sounding drums. It has a more dramatic, sudden death feel than the original. Congrats, RushJet1!
  20. Bundeslang, it works fine to me. Maybe your download was unsuccessful. Try again : )
  21. I have some VGMixes which weren't on VGMix Archive: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0hfwl3l85n2i716/VGMix.rar
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