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  1. Superb guitar lead, which is often changing its synth design as the melody progresses. And that gives it a lot of life and expression. Not to mention the acid bass is yummy.
  2. Add some Françoise Cactus vocals and this one would fit right into Stereo Total's My Melody album. And that is a good thing.
  3. The lead at 0:24 is a highlight for me. It has a C64 feel to it. Also, digging the triplet rhythm.
  4. My favorite part is the break at 2:32. From that part on a new instrument is added every 8 bars. Kinda like many early trance tracks on the site. The square/sine lead is the icing on the cake.
  5. Always liked this one. But I could never recognize the source other than the vocoded vocals part. The spirit of the original is definitely here in genre and mood. Yet I have a hard time associating this with Make Me Dance. It doesn't help this is in a different key and the source is filled with solo jams. Nevertheless, this is always a good listen.
  6. If a family friendly animated short used this track to tell its story, I bet it would win a festival award. Very cheerful.
  7. I thought it would be nice if at the end of each interview there was a link to a thread. That way, forum users could discuss the interview at hand. I know at least Dave Wise's has that for now. Also, we have so many talented people around here. So it would be awesome to hear more from Joshua Morse, bLiNd, Shnabubula, Protricity, Rayza and others in the form of interviews. I am sure these folks have plenty of stuff to say, as they work have a significant impact on the site.
  8. Well, he is credited as the Sonic & Knuckles composer in the staff roll. And that is were the Lava Reef theme is from, not Sonic 3.
  9. Nice source choice. Loved it since Joshua Morse's take. Bass at 00:50 and 1:29 is just going an octave up and down over and over. Is that intentional or just a placeholder? I thought it was a bit strange. Especially with the melody you got in those parts. While I loved the guitar, I wouldn't mind if took a rest so another instrument is dominant in its place. I think a vibraphone could be appropriate. Sometimes it feels like your drums are on auto-pilot. A small break from them before going back to the main melody at 2:14 would've been nice. Soloing 1:54 was a welcome addition. I think if it lasts for a little more it can balance the arrangement a bit, mainly because the source is too dominant. You got the same melody at 0:12, 0:38, 1:16 and 2:14. But there isn't much difference in those sections. Maybe you could trade the guitar for another lead in one of those parts. And/or vary the melody a little, change octaves, etc. 1:42 is a good example of that, as you trick the listener into thinking the melody will be the same as in 1:03. Keep it up. Sounds really promising. Incidentally, when I heard your Sagat WIP a few years back, I knew it was just a matter of time until you had a significant body of work around here.
  10. Oh, yeah. I remember seeing fan art of this game in No Marios. Miyamoto's Mole Mania also has a Link's Awakening feel to it. But it was overlooked because everyone was busy playing Pokémon at the time.
  11. Wow! This is fantastic! I am loving the way you rearranged this. Excellent stuff!!
  12. Perhaps MJ would've been happier if the music/game was made with arcade limitations in mind (in the same vein of Violent Storm, that is).
  13. It's when I listen to earlier works from my favorite artists. And when they admit their first attempts were crap.
  14. Well, Flame Stag's intro sounds a lot like 'Burn' by Deep Purple. And incidentally the theme is set in a volcano stage.
  15. Heh. If zircon's and AeroZ's versions of this theme joined forces, this is what it'd sound like. While the harpsichord sounds mechanical (no release between notes), I don't think instruments are supposed to sound believable in this type of music. Breakdown at 2:40 uses the SMW strings really well. Certainly sounds very Koji Kondo-ish. As a whole, this rendition has a lot of attention to detail (e.g. nice small bits of lead guitar at 0:52). So while I admit I am tired of listening to remixes from this tune, this was a welcome fresh take for me. Definitely looking forward to new works from you. And for more mario remixes with spooky vibes, try Sixto's Luigi's Mansion piece.
  16. Yeah, NES Jams is awesome. And this hybridism is such a fun listening experience. Great stuff!
  17. Mole Mania for the Game Boy also hits its 20th anniversary this year. One of Miyamoto's most obscure gems.
  18. Wow! Lots of screaming guitar work in here, man! Right up my alley. Congrats!
  19. http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00944 This is the only song by lazygecko that still has his old handle in the youtube title/description.
  20. I felt the sleigh bells stayed for too long. That and they were slightly piercing to me. Last note at 1:15 could have stayed a little longer to build a more fluid transition with the accordion. This is indeed too close to the original, so the sax solo at 1:26 was a welcome addition, (though it had some reverb while the other saxes didn't, which makes it inconsistent on the production side). Also, I think the outro lasted for too long, repeating the same portion over and over with very little variation (the cymbals at 2:17 were a bit loud too). Anyhow, I enjoyed when the saxes went wild and the outro with the guitar stab. Looking forward to future tracks from you guys.
  21. http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00456 This one is labeled as a Yoshi's Island ReMix. But I am sure it's from Super Mario All-Stars (it also says so in the write-up). That is what happens when you're in an OCR mood and go adding songs to a playlist.
  22. http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01511 This song has a youtube thumbnail from a different game.
  23. Cool. Not familiar with the source, but it's a nice new stuff by Nuts. Reminds me of his ReMix for the first Doom project (probably due to the sci-fi feel). Also, nice orch hit synths at the end.
  24. 1: When I joined the forums, I would comment on mixes from any game/ReMixer. But now I only talk about music from games and artists I am familiar with. I know this sounds unfair and close-minded. But that is how I am rolling for now. 2: I think the basic core of solving this is lifting listeners' tastes and opinions. Ergo, I endorse DJP ideas and echo what Skrypnyk said about the VGMix RPG-esque system. Also, I wonder if every poster could include their top 10 favourite ReMixes in their profile page. This was a feature in VGMix and OLR, too. And OLR turned into a barren ghost town after many user listening features were gone.
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