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  1. I bet it would be cool listening to this one while playing the game itself.
  2. Agreed. This reminds me of virt's/Jake Kaufman's Mighty Switch Force OST. Yet this also has that house flavour JM is known for (like the rhythm piano at 1:21 and the deep pads around 2:45). A very cleverly written remix that should not be missed.
  3. Tex

    Your "feels" VGM

    When I hear this I picture the desperate struggle of a person trying to breathe.
  4. It's always nice to hear new stuff from Rozovian. This is very intricate. Lots of dirty synth work and soothing instrumentation to counterbalance. Cool transition at 3:41. Also, the "soft" parts reminds me of from Big Bang Mini.
  5. Lots of energy in this one. The time sig change at 1:34 was a welcome addition. I like when people do that!
  6. To be honest it has more to do with the fact that Shu Takumi wasn't involved in the Investigation series. Can't pick a favorite. What I like about playing as an attorney is their sarcastic side that they keep for themselves. This happens with Phoenix, Miles, Mia and Apollo, too. Athena looks like a Vocaloid character.
  7. So is this project forgotten about, or just simply abandoned?
  8. I played this 12 years ago on an ocarina. I'm serious.
  9. Tex

    Happy game music

    Thanks everyone. More recommendations are appreciated. This fits the bill for me:
  10. A Biker Mice remix by WillRock? Today is my (and OCR's) lucky day!
  11. Nice episode with Gimmick's composer. But yeah, it could have more varied info given its length. Konami certainly had many NES games with good music on them. But this also holds true to arcades from the 80's and 90's. I did some VGM hunt a while ago. Not trying to endorse a company, but my conclusion was that they had more games with good music on arcade systems than any other company during that era, in my humble opinion (though there are still plenty of worthy tracks from Sega and Capcom with their CPS2). Some of their 80's stuff was pretty sophisticated for its time, too.
  12. Tex

    Happy game music

    I really like these! WillRock, the moon theme has a "hopeful" feel to it. And this one sounds more modest to me. I think both are just different kinds of happy.
  13. Tex

    Happy game music

    I need fast-paced game music that puts a smile on your face no matter what. Any recommendations? Examples:
  14. I like Matt Chat's interviews. His game reviews are equally worth watching as they're very spontaneous and have lots of interesting info.
  15. The sliced beats and orch hits/sounds in that part keeps me on my toes. And like you, I feel happier when my spirit is in my tunes no matter what genre I try.
  16. Thanks, Nase! This is a great tip. Also, I love how you used egg sounds for the melodies : )
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