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  1. That's seriously a good one. Throw in a lot of your-you're, there-their-they're, then-than sort of words too. My gosh, so many people get those wrong.
  2. Aw, this is awesome. I remember when you posted about this game before. ...And I don't have any sentences to contribute. :/ Good luck with it, though.
  3. Yeah, it seems I am still on the memberlist. I just hadn't scrolled down far enough before. So, I had my password reset and stuff and now I can log back in. I could have sworn that I knew my password. I guess not. Thanks for the help DarkeSword.
  4. Morrowind is, atleast in my mind, still the king of games when it comes to modding. I remember that one time I made throwing "knives" out of spoons and that a friend of mine replaced the textures of the game's armor with the textures of pillows to have pillow armor. Mods are great.
  5. *Drools* That's an incredible track, Zircon (and Sixto too). Cosmo Canyon is one of those tracks that really needs to be done right. I'm looking forward to hearing the full thing.
  6. Congratulations! ..And I entered the contest too. *Crosses fingers*
  7. I just finished Ocarina of Time for the first time, so I've been listening to a lot of the OoT songs on the site. I love how you implemented Zelda's Lullaby in there. You did a great job with this.
  8. I really like that, Sephfire. I hope we can see some more tracks up here in the near future.
  9. It's a very beautiful, flowing song. No one portion or instrument has been overused/overdone.
  10. I also just recieved my pin. It was perhaps the high point of my day. My car broke down this morning, so I had to have it towed, and school was, of course, a pain afterwards. I didn't even think I was going to get a pin because I heard that they were all run out, buuuut I did!
  11. That actually would be a good remix project. It's got a great soundtrack that just doesn't get enough lovin'.
  12. Aw, yeah! I never played Xenogears, but I've long been a fan of its soundtrack. This is gonna rock guys, so hurry up! >.<
  13. It's a great song to wake up to- Very relaxing, but it ups the tempo enough that, by the end of the song, I was swaying my head along with the beat. Great job. Great mix.
  14. Any ETA on said T-shirts? I hunger to spread the gospel of OCR across my chest.
  15. I've been wanting this mix for my I-pod ever since VGMix went down. Hooray.
  16. This song's been out for ten months now. It was my favorite on the site the first I took a listen and still is.
  17. Ever since I started coming to OCR Darengen has been one of my favorite mixers. I opened up my browser window today and thought,"Ooh, a Lufia mix. Lufia's got some neat tracks." Then I looked at the remixer and.. Good game + good music + great remixer = Win Keep up the good work Darangen. You never disappoint.
  18. There were two songs that this mix instantly reminded me of: The Millinial(sp?) fair theme from Chrono Trigger and the Termina Theme from Chrono Cross. It's scary to me how closely this seems go along with those songs. Very Mitsuda. But fortunately, I enjoy the Millinial Fair and Termina themes. Thusly, I like this song. Keep up the good work Taucer (and USA).
  19. This makes me wish I had any musical talent at all. I'm playing through Final Fantasy VII for the second or third time right now, paying more attention to the soundtrack this time than any other. This is gonna be the best ever. Ca't wait until it's released.
  20. Heh, this has been on my Morrowind in-game music track ever since its debut on VGMix. Looking forward to more by you. I give it two thumbs up. Keep up the good work.
  21. The drums are a little quiet, but that's not enough to make the song "bad". The song is absolutely fabulous. It makes me wish I'd played Star Ocean. Keep up the good work man!
  22. W00t for wednesday. I've listened to a little of the uncut action, and the upcoming episode should definately be good.
  23. I couldn't agree more. The lyrics felt, to me, to really mesh with the song well and give it a mysterious sort of vibe. Keep up the good work all.
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