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  1. Thanks a lot for the compliments, it means a lot. Also, the percussion at 1:07 is actually a bunch of sounds from the glitch kit and various fx.
  2. Thanks for listening and thanks for the comments and kind words Overcoat. I appreciate it. Since you asked for it, here's a few other WIPs that I gave up on, maybe I'll touch on them again. Edit: Deleted links because I don't want to plug up my friend's web space. After this I had some really shitty ideas and other little melodies I started writing that I couldn't finish.
  3. Hey all. This is the first song I've ever made. I recently started playing with Reason out of boredom. This isn't actually my first WIP, but the first one that I feel is good enough to share. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated considering my inexperience. I'm not quite satisfied with the drums and the ending of the song as of right now. I'd also like to add in some additional variation. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! Small Edit: Named it, added a little variation to the piano part, fixed that nasty drum fade at the end that actually cut off rather than faded. http://blabstation.net/jerry/
  4. Awesome, I remember hearing this one a while back. Great that I can download it now!
  5. Hey guys, thanks a lot of for the e-vite; but unfortunately, I can't make it. I don't have my car at the moment and it doesn't seem like I'll be getting it back from the repair shop for a while.
  6. This is pretty cool. Except for the fact that a stupid ad took over the page halfway through.
  7. Shame to hear you went to the hospital, but great to hear you got out of it quickly.
  8. You've really been flooring me lately and this is no exception. ET-1 is definitely my favorite. Can't wait to hear the rest, I'd definitely be willing to pay for this.
  9. Well, I really don't have anything to contribute, but I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who've posted stuff in this thread. You've really opened my ears to some awesome stuff that obviously deserves more attention than it gets. I'm looking at you OverCoat and andyjayne. Truly an amazing thread.
  10. Yeah, this is some really good stuff. I highly recommend listening to it. Great vocals, great song writing, and great mastering. You have a very unique sound. I like!
  11. Metroid Prime 2: Yes I loved the game. The original Metroid Prime was amazing and the sequel I felt was no different. The game isn't quite as epic as the first, but it upped the difficulty and gives players enough new content to make it feel like something new. While I do think it's not as good as the original, it's still better than most games on the market. Tales of Symphonia: Yes I guess I'll be the only one to yes this. Many push it to the side saying it has an extremely cliched sotryline, which I agree with to a point, but I feel that almost all RPGs on the market are pretty cliched. ToS,
  12. This is awesome. The percussion is brilliant and that MIDI guitar is amazing. I still can't believe it's a MIDI guitar.
  13. This is pretty rad. Hope to hear more stuff like this from you in the future.
  14. No reason you shouldn't have the game. It's amazing! So is this remix. I'd say this is easily your best mix yet.
  15. I've never sold anything to them, but I've bought stuff there on several occasions, and they've been great. They sometimes have games that are impossible to find elsewhere.
  16. I just went through and listened to a bunch of the stuff on Reunion. This is pretty damn cool.
  17. I would possibly be interested, depending on how busy I am at the time.
  18. Woo! New SGX music. Always a good thing. Sounds pretty cool so far. I have some gripes with it, but obviously this is a WIP. Can't wait for your next album.
  19. Freakin awesome. Congratulations again, you really deserve it. "In The Dark" is one of the best releases I've heard in a while, along with some other fantastic releases from artists on this site.
  20. Woo! Got the actual CD in the mail today. Looks really slick.
  21. Awesome! I'll definitely check this out. If it's anywhere near as good as your older albums, this should be a treat. Edit: Yeah, this is some pretty slick stuff. So many good releases the past few months. "In The Dark", "Antigravity", and now this. Who's next?
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