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  1. Darn it, I was gonna come in too and start blasting Blue Skies over Guardia when I saw DS was in the server, but I was with the woman. Speaking of which, I've had incredibly mixed results on my idea of playing OCR tunes after matches end and during setup time. Some people enjoy it, and others are like, "Is that necessary?" Frankly, since it's an OCR server, I think it's a good idea, but I can understand why people wouldn't want it playing during gameplay. Thoughts?

    Thanks again!

  3. We all know Bahamut doesn't listen to you. I think the only way to get his attention is to micspam Navi's "HEY! LISTEN!" like atmuh. Sorry Powerlord.
  4. You just took the letters right off my keyboard.
  5. I keep having tons on errors in my console when playing TF2. They didn't seem to affect the game until I couldn't change my audio settings. Whenever I try to open up settings at all, I get about three error messages in the console, including: "exec: couldn't exec userconfig.cfg" I'd really like to change my sound, but after I change it, the settings go right back to the way they were. I think I might need to manually edit my config.cfg file. Does anybody have a non-malfunctioning TF2 who would be willing to share the contents of a correct config file?
  6. DhsuDhsuDhsuDhsuDhsuDhsuDhsu DhsuDhsuDhsuDhsuDhsuDhsuDhsu I think I have my memes confused
  7. Happy birthday! Hope your wife got you something sweet like 15+ video games.
  8. I think it's interesting that they never finished some of the interesting story developments used over the years. I realized watching the finale that Dr. Cox's second child is not going to have any story line, which is big because they definitely hinted that she was going to have some "problems" after needing surgery in the womb. Johnnie C. has a child with Down Syndrome IRL, so I thought it was going to be really interesting seeing that difficult situation portrayed. Other not-resolved storylines include Nurse Shirley (supposedly the twin of Nurse Laverne?), the relationship between Sean and Kim, and whatever happened to every single character who showed up for a few episodes, especially JD's girlfriends. Also, where was Doug the last few episodes? He's been in like 50 episodes, but nothing for the finale? HALLWAY: The biggest surprise guest in the hallway had to be Dr. Miller (the bitchy surgeon) with short, black hair. Totally didn't recognize her until I re-watched it and paused the DVR. Also, they didn't show Jimmy "the overly touchy orderly" massaging Dr. Beardface's Beard Face in the hallway, but you could see it over JD's shoulder in a later shot. Hilarious. I wished some guests would have been there, including Brendan Frazer as Dr. Cox's brother-in-law buddy, Michael J. Fox as Dr. Kevin Kasey, Heather Graham as Dr. Molly Clock, and Tara Reid as Jordan's sister Dani. Pretty much, if they were a major character for more than one episode, I wanted them to be there. (Except Courtney Cox)
  9. Bennie would clearly not be the scout, though. He's probably the soldier. It's really easy to find a heavy, engineer, medic, and demo, though.
  10. So wait, do you want screenshots? Or were you going to do this with real-life pictures? Hmmm...
  11. At my GameStop this month, we were required to hire a minority because of affirmative action and whatnot. We also have a female manager, but she's actually pretty good. She loves zombie games, her Nintendo DS and more. Although, I'm pretty sure she doesn't ACTUALLY exist because she's a girl who plays games. Pretty sure I'm going to wake up any day now and see that the last year of her working there has been a complete long-ass dream.
  12. Dibs on Blu Engineer then. Gotta get in on that. Although, I do look better in Red
  13. NO, resubmit. There, now I'm judging you for your musical tastes. See what you made me do?!?
  14. Limp Bizkit and Creed are responsible for lowering the standards of what constitutes as music. That is why I hate them.
  15. Then we need two photos: one for blu team and one for red. I'll take either Engineer or Medic. I also have lots of TF2 screenshots if you're planning on using those to fill it up. Yay killcams!
  16. and at the very least, they probably shouldn't be in my cereal. okra =/= marshmallows
  17. What was the deal with the complaint that somebody was invisible? They had to record demo then stop recording... ???
  18. What is this? The box says Shredded Wood? Okra Chex? Sugar Nail Pops??
  19. Was that you, Sensai, who got pissed when I wrenched you on my teleporter on goldrush? Someone was asking how I knew the spy was there. In actuality, I was doing that annoying running around in circles thing, which involved me hitting my teleporter after hitting my sentry a few times (but before I hit my dispenser). Also, I remember Rambo saying last night that he caught himself spy-checking a pyro who just walked out of respawn. CRAZY PARANOID.
  20. I like 4X games (now that I know what they are) but I REALLY suck at them. I have too many obsessive-compulsive tendencies that really slow me down. "OH WAIT my base needs another defense thingy HERE because it's not balanced like on the other side" and "OH WAIT I need an even number of heavy tanks to go with my warships or else I can't attack yet" and "OH SHIT I've been playing for 2 hours and haven't even moved." I'd say that makes no sense.
  21. Pretty much every Wal-Mart I've ever been to has been equally bad (except for one I went to in North Bay, Ontario that sold me EarthBound for CAN $40 many years ago). GameStops can be great or terrible depending on the staff. Of course, if GameStop would pay their employees more than minimum wages, maybe the best ones would stick around more often. If one GameStop sucks ass, the good news is that there's usually another one within like 3 miles.
  22. Err, 391.2 That's 16 days. OK so I've played a lot more than just 400 hours of The Orange Box. Our server is a pretty good one to go to if you're new because we like to help out the new guys and make them regulars.
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