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  1. Speaking of mic-spam Wednesdays, maybe we should have micspam Wednesdays.
  2. I may not agree with you, but I like your style, regardless. Please keep posting on these forums. Even if you piss me off. Intelligent disagreements +1. ON TOPIC: I haven't heard anybody say anything about Ratchet and Clank games. Totally great action games that are fun for all ages. Kinda like the LEGO series, but with guns. Awesome guns.
  3. While you're there, can you add a different version of cp_Warpath? The one we have is meh. Insta-caps I believe. *shudder*
  4. Headshot a rocket-jumping soldier. Headshot a medic with an uber. Headshot a cloaked spy. Headshot while on fire. Headshot while falling. 5 Headshots in a row (no misses). Etc.
  5. That picture is going to haunt my dreams. Although, I bet she loved his nuts. Also, a ShamWow would probably clean up all that blood, and not leave a mess.
  6. http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/years/2009/0327092sham1.html Apparently, Vince got in a fight with a prostitute named Sasha. COINCIDENCE?!?
  7. See, I told you this joke was too good. Too bad nobody frequented the forums to find it. Or, too bad we didn't have a home page to advertise it.
  8. Agreed! Better yet, maybe you should jump on the forums and perpetuate the joke. There are two sides you can be on! You choose: (A) Insist that the joke is not a joke. Say how much you loved the Sims 2 remix project. Include a why. Argue with those who say that the quality is lacking. I.E.: see most judges/moderators A1 posts. ( Pretend you're still fooled and try to look as idiotic as possible. Whine and complain about how angry and inconvenienced you are. Yell at the people in charge. I.E.: see Monobrow.
  9. If you are still banned, and you believe it is by mistake, please post here to alert the moderators. A1-09 was pretty good, but it needed more supporting cast. Because the site was down, a lot of people didn't get a chance to venture to the forums, so there were a lot less, "WTF?" posts than there should have been (except LukeX). What's worse, there weren't a lot of people continuing the joke. This is what really makes the OCR A1 jokes the best around. Monobrow did a great job, but it needed more people. I thought Fatal's Sims 2 ReMix project was really great and could have fooled a lot of people, but again, not many people got to the forums to see it. Also, it needed more Vibe and Scene. Like, +1 Vibe and Scene.
  10. I would actually argue against Disgaea because you have too much stuff going on in your life. As much as I love Disgaea, it is a huge timesink. I do like a lot of the other recommendations, though. Also, God of War is another really popular action game, this time with lots of gratuitous violence. Another random one: the PS2 does house the best collection of Dance Dance Revolution games. Yes, you feel silly at first, but it's a ton of fun once you get over it.
  11. No, I think your error has to do with Internet Explorer more than anything. FireFox doesn't tell me that there's an error on the page on the bottom. It just says, "Done"
  12. I dunno, but I'm pretty sure the big one above it is that picture from MagFest where they deleted UnMod.
  13. I don't know, I think you really have to listen to the entire album from beginning to end in order to fully appreciate it. LotC is just like Aaron Copeland's Appalachian Spring. The finale is pretty cool, but it's not until you've listened to the first 20 minutes that you're able to understand the full impact of the last 5 minutes. The distinct variations of each remix in every varied genre takes you on a wonderful journey. How could one song work in so many different styles? Techno, country, jazz, salsa, college rock, it's all there. Once you've appreciated each one individually, you are able to grasp the collective synergy of the finale of the Sims 2 album. EDIT: It's great to have Dale North back on OCR after all this time. I can tell his music has really improved since his older remixes.
  14. Just beginning to listen to this now, but so far I am REALLY impressed with this. Great interpretation of the small amount of source material available. You can really hear the mixers exploring the space of the recordings to make a completely different product. I can really feel their inspiration. I am eagerly looking forward to listening to this for the rest of the day. Nice work!
  15. Quote for emphasis. It's an honored to have been backburned by you
  16. I was gonna say that Time Splitters 4 will be similar, yet better, than Mass Effect 2.
  17. cp_warpath > cp_snowpath_b2 Uuggh that round on snowpath last night made me sad. Mostly because I love Warpath so much. Seeing a tainted version infuriated me. One rocket-jump ends that game quick. I also feel like playing some badlands.
  18. For those who missed the news, STEAM is doing an encore of the UT3 free weekend this weekend, March 13-15. Additionally, the 40% off sale has been extended until March 22. I didn't get a chance to try it last week because I couldn't finish the download until Sunday morning, even though I started on Friday before dinner. STEAM is so awesome. Not many companies give away so much free stuff, and then re-do the free stuff when something goes wrong.
  19. I'm not really sure WHY the server became less popular after the stat reset, but I am saying that there was definitely a correlation there. My theory is that many regulars were upset that all the time and effort they spent there was gone, and they didn't feel like putting that much time/effort BACK into it to get their ranking/stats back. Scruffy believes in this company! *sniff*
  20. Except the last time the stats were reset, the server population bottomed out. I really think it would be a bad idea for the future of the server to reset the stats.
  21. The only way I'd be OK with getting rid of HLStatsX would be if you replaced it with a different brand of record keeping. How else am I supposed to keep track of how many times I've been obliterated by the [ZUZ] guys?
  22. Good for you. Enjoy the sunshine. Call your parents.
  23. For some reason, the "ducking" update makes it REALLY hard for an Engineer to jump on his own buildings. Especially sentries. This seems especially annoying now that scouts can climb easier than before.
  24. You're lucky. At GameStop, I have to tell people that they can trade in their copy as defective, and buy a different copy of the game. They usually get ~$10 off the cost of a different one that way. One of my managers always asks them, "did you bump your system?" as if they didn't. They always say, "no way!" but that's obviously where the laser burns came from. Then I have to explain how common it is for 360s to eat discs like candy. Please put your system horizontally. Also, take the game out before you move your system. In fact, you probably should just take the game out every time you're done playing. Thanks for shopping at GameStop, have a great day.
  25. I bought the Antec BP550 Plus for about $74 total with 2-day shipping from Buy.com. I was unimpressed with the efficiency of the Silverstone, so it would have been way more expensive in the long run. Thanks again for all the help, Prophet, and everyone else too who offered other suggestions! ...Now I have to try to figure out how to put the whole thing together without blowing up something else...
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