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  1. I have played The Orange Box for more than 400 hours so far, so I think you should be able to get your money's worth for $10.
  2. Ha ha ha. I'm gonna start acting like I do when working at GameStop and demand to see government-issued IDs confirming that people are 17 or older in order to play on the OCR server.
  3. Pacman is a terrible map, but I love it anyway. It's pure stupid, silly fun, like Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. Also, the new downtown went from "interesting map worth playing" to "not better than other custom maps." Too bad.
  4. That was the best one. In fact, best exclusive portable RPG for like 10 years.
  5. WANT :::general::: new superhero named holy cunt man. [sirChadlyOC]
  6. OMG thank you for telling me. I was about to reset (stupid medic achievement maps) but I'm really close to Pyro damage. THAT would have sucked
  7. Yes! I do have AIM, although I haven't used it in forever. My handle is SirChadlyOC. I should be free most of tomorrow, so just let me know about what time you'd like to do it and I'll try to come online for it.

  9. I hate this place. This zoo. This prison. This reality, whatever you want to call it, I can't stand it any longer. It's the smell, if there is such a thing. I feel saturated by it. I can taste your stink and every time I do, I fear that I've somehow been infected by it.
  10. I wish there was on option to answer the last question about thinking about video games at bad times with "OMG HELL YES." I am available for an in-depth email interview, P.S.
  11. In honor of everyone who's had a birthday sometime this year, I donated $20. You know who you are. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
  12. Happy birthday! I sent you a present in the mail ... about a month ago
  13. I think it changes the frame rate or something. I first heard about the command 3 years ago as it was instructed to players with high ping. They were told to change to "rate 10000" instead of the default setting. I never really noticed much difference though. I might just be completely talking out of my ass. SPY SAPPIN' MAH LOGIC!!
  14. Surprise, bitch. Then atmuh hits you with a trashcan.
  15. I believe the command "rate" will do it. The default is 20000 I think. I set mine around 10,000 when I start dropping packets and whatnot, but it doesn't seem to help as much as I'd like. For example, once hitting "~" to get in console, type the following: rate 25000 then hit enter.
  16. So perhaps what this really means is that both big cities and small towns are both equally screwed in the cable department. Neat.
  17. Unfortunately, this is a major problem for most people. Many people don't have the luxury of being able to switch unless you live in a big city or the suburbs because you usually only have one choice for cable providers. If you live in a small town, you need the internet more than those in big cities because there's nothing to do. Time Warner was already one of my least favorite companies before they did this. They'll probably get away with it, too because they're so big.
  18. You can't play a good engineer until you know the map. Scout it the fastest way to learn a map. I also think Medic is best 1st class because you don't have to attack anyone, just follow everyone else. Best offensive classes to start with are Soldier first, then Heavy.
  19. The DSi is a nice upgrade if you are still rocking the original DS, but if you already have a DS Lite, I feel like the improvements aren't worth the $170. Of course, I have an original DS and two DS Lites, so I really feel like I'm done with DS systems for a while. Also, I <3 my GBA games. I just played Shining Force GBA a couple weeks ago.
  20. GET A CONVERTER. If you get just an adapter, you might be able to charge your DSi, but you'll do permanent damage to your battery, significantly reducing its battery life per charge. If it doesn't charge, you run the risk of bricking your brand-new system. Also, US and Canada have the same type of power, so if it says that it'll work in the US, it'll work in Canada.
  21. 'D I wasn't smart enough to figure out how to get through, especially because I didn't know anybody else who played STEAM games who could walk me through it. Even if I did, I couldn't get on to talk to them anyway. That and the IT department made a habit of threatening to block people's internet access for trying to get around the firewall.
  22. My college blocked access to STEAM. I went 3 years without any online Half Life games until I sneaked Time Warner in my senior year.
  23. Okami's gonna take you for a riiiide HD!!
  24. I played a demo of Rhythm Heaven the other day, and I have some concerns. Maybe some people who have played the full version can assist: I noticed that there wasn't much feedback. No scoring, no "300" or anything. At the end of the stage, I got an "just OK" despite only missing one thing. The first time I tried, I missed like 6 things and got a "just OK." Does the full version have more feedback? High scores? Other types of replay value? I loved Elite Beat Agents, but I am so far disappointed in RH so far, but again, it was just a demo. Anyone care to give more detailed analysis?
  25. Is there a grand list somewhere that tells which games runs better on the hard drive and what runs better off the disc? I can never figure out if it's a good idea to download onto my HD. Let's say, for example, Mass Effect?
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