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  1. Won't stop me for trying out some ideas though
  2. Can some one post a brief explanation as to what had happen since my absence? I've actually not been on much on account of updating the client and figured I would be locked out and pretty much screwed. Been doing stuff on my own random map, trying out building ideas and seeing how they would translate over to the multiplayer server. Is the server killed and all the effort I've made gone or what? I'll retread back on the thread but a brief explanation would still be nice. Edit: Never mind I was worried the whole thing would be something that would go on for ten pages long. hmm...
  3. I have no regrets getting a PS3 as there are just some games I would NEVER see appear on the XBOX-360, the PC/Steam, nor on the Wii. Yes it sucks that the PSN is down for now, maybe for a month or more, but it won't stop games from appearing on the platform nor stop me from enjoying the ones I have already for it. Besides most of the games I have for it are single player anyways Though I will miss occasionally playing PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX to make record setters and watching replays of others on it.
  4. So in that sense you're back-pedaling to what you've said earlier..? Perhaps I'm misunderstanding.
  5. Would you like some recommendations on some eastern games or you good to go? If your woman's adventurous she may have fun trying them out too~! Bound to be more interesting than the whole high-school jealousy tripe often seen on this side
  6. So what you're saying is western dating simulators are catered towards women where as eastern, as far as we're addressing for now, generally caters to men..? I'm not entirely surprised and yet some one's bound to argue against it... I'm not easy to please
  7. In reality it really is not a NSFW so why would you be worried; but if you want NSFW I have this one where she's- That said I love expressive imagry, for goodness sakes have you not seen my sigs for even a second? I'd like to say I'm not trying to derail the thread and on that note... Back on topic~!
  8. In all seriousness though what about leisure suit larry games from way back? I'm actually curious, besides the noted Bioware guys what other dating sims exist on the western side that's worth noting?
  9. You got one side humping their D&D/Sci-fi figures/cards/posters versus those hot-gluing expensive plastic models/full-body pillows/video game images/games involving girls/women between highschool to generally cougar age with the protagonist sometimes close or just at their prospective women's age/shameless porn/gore/snuff/anything you could possibly imagine. Let's not forget cosmic horrors, demonic beings, the supernatural, cyborgs/androids/software-gone-mad/monsters that expand on their original mythos as well as including others throughout humanity's existence... God damn one side is so fucking boring it's making me want to go look for a dating visual novel now... Or a tea party will do... (Note* Don't try to understand what's going on as you'd have to have either at least seen the animated adaptation or played the original PC version from the very beginning. DO watch the video till the end though .)
  10. Schwaltzvald

    Portal 2

    Managed to finish Portal 2 on the PS3 before seeing this thread; rather nice that it didn't even ask me to install itself onto the system as it played just fine off disc. Whole game was fun, theories rose and dissipated through out it all for me and the end felt satisfactory to me;Considering the ending of the first just seem to have hinted that Chell either had died with her first escape attempt or just fainted and left us in the dark. Of course after realizing they had altered the ending to make it seem she was dragged back to within the confines of the facility it makes more sense in context of Portal 2 occurring. All in all it just makes me more hungry for Episode 3 which then would lead up to HL3 :V Also considering I have seen certain games get free DLC on the PS3, I'm hoping if they do decide to add any that it'll be free par to Valve's efforts on their games... If not there's always the pc version for me to get it for...
  11. Oh in that case, if I manage to breed one with sheer force I'm willing to trade.
  12. I have some totodiles if you want to breed some. rather busy with some other starters Oh yeah I play for ghosts and psychics. I don't know I just love them.
  13. I listen to the local country station around where I live whenever I clean-shave or shape up the beard & stache. Probably the only time really as it serves as white noise for me considering late night or early morning it can be real quiet; or at least till the house cat meows at my presence and just seems content watching me shave. tl;dr - I'm indifferent to country music.
  14. Hmm... Well their take on a new show is making me try hunting down any rips and fansubs that come out.Love Konami for the most part as well as a few other companies that managed to make about %95 of my purchases I've made well worth it. Wished more content wouldn't be locked away from the world some times as there are some real gems over there that would never see an official debut without simply importing and finding a ways to make unofficial translations; Mother 3 being an obvious example. Old school stuff such as Vampire Hunter D, Robot Carnival(I think this part was actually dubbed in English but I can't seem to find it on YT) though seriously watch it. Demon City: Shinjuku - I remember this one shop owner would in fact have his TV turned on to Saturday Anime when it aired on Saturday Mornings and he would always turn up the volume for this particular film. I remember some of my friends asking the clerk, "Why couldn't shows we watch at home have so much detail/cool/stylized ect ect?" This is just the years before the Internet was even fully out there as it is today; that said it made me try to find out more about the world where Japan was a start for me. Oh and a couple of Cherry Blossom Trees that were planted at my old elementary school would probably be my first real exposure to Japan seeing as they are the same trees that are at the Cherry Blossom festival in Washington DC annually. I'd say its rather significant seeing as the rest were the native trees were Oak trees.
  15. Oh hey this I can do, gonna be some time though before I could give any thoughts on it though for now.
  16. Unfortunately I do not have the time to read all the court records, however if you or any one is willing to sum up the critical issues such as the shameful tactics by Sony's lawyers by all means do share. Throw in some links to the information backing up the bullshit done by Sony. I'd also like some one, perhaps Wacky most likely, to lend some credence to how this could lead up to the apocalyptic world for consumers that are often brought up. I don't mind being serious and taking people here seriously this time around as I'm quite interested So I'm blind you say, a bit ironic for a man with an eye fetish , bless me with sight then please. Edit: awww you edited your original post, either way its all looking to either Hotz burns out all of the cash he has or Sony gets slapped silly before the former happens. Losers all around it seems
  17. Listen sucka. I’m redder than the Queen of Hearts and more moderate than you and the whole damned forum put together. And while they're out there trolling at blogsites and brow beating the game industry, I’m taking out any ignorant, misinformed’ sucker on a humble that gets in my way, so I'll tell you what. When they have their actual rights trampled upon, you call me and I'll be right down in front showing you how it's done. But until then, they need to SHUT THE FUCK UP when grown, clear minded folks is talkin!
  18. he didn't say FFIV DS edition was less fun or not fun at all
  19. Don't people have to be willing to give up that time off of Call of Dicks to actually make it meaningful to themselves? As much as I enjoy Anon's actions, attacking the regular users experience rather than the actual company is not doing themselves nor Hotz any favors in the end. Most of the said mass don't even give a shit about losing the option to install Other OS to begin with. For those that do, they most likely have something better suited for their interests with the PS3 being a sort of afterthought. Seriously I'm probably the only person within a ten mile radius of where I live that actually noticed what's going on in regards to Sony taking Other OS away. Sony has to take away a feature that is actually meaningful to the masses, such as freely playing any Blu-ray disc that was bought or made, versus something that's embraced by a niche group. Only then will it become scandalized and a bigger, fatter festering cyst on Sony's public face. I'll say it again. Sony has to take away a feature that is actually meaningful to the masses, such as freely playing any Blu-ray disc that was bought or made, versus something that's embraced by a niche group. Only then will it become scandalized and a bigger, fatter festering cyst on Sony's public face. Sony's got enough issues regarding their image with their past blunders, what's happening now could only serve to make Sony look like the victim to the regular, generally-speaking casual gamers. Generally the moderate message I'm reading which I can agree whole-heartedly is -- Is there something wrong with that or difficult to understand? All the more reason I remember telling Crowbar on a short IRC conversation in minecraft channel; "Had some one actually found a way that did not initiate all this bullshit and have Other OS implemented that would have not drawn attention or ire we would see ridiculous comments from the peanut gallery of the Internet as well as see the notorious strong arming Sony lawyers are pulling?" Not the exact wording but the idea is there. EDIT: dam Thin Crust beat me but hell I'm content with this post
  20. You could always import them from D/Pl/Pr or simply catch a ditto once you've unlocked the national dex and breed the Glaceon then for more eevees
  21. Enough for a rental or buying/"borrowing" the DVD/Blu-ray? I've only ever hear good things which make me sort of skeptical.
  22. Don't think it would have mattered what engine it would have used as I actually would have been annoyed not being able to slide or use charged up shots after they've appeared for so long. Not to mention there can only be so much variety to stages and bosses with the MM2 game mechanics till it starts to become real stale imo. Wouldn't every one else start to feel the same way too eventually? Yes MM9 & 10 were great but all that time I actually would have preferred seeing the old upgrades come back, otherwise why ever make them appear in the first place; merely to wax nostalgia over MM2 over and over again? I actually enjoyed MM3 and hell I still consider MM4 my favorite out of the entire series as it felt "just right". also.
  23. You had to use that one didn't you Overcoat
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