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  1. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2011/04/14/new-nintendo-console-at-e3.aspx Sounds like they're trying to work with 3rd party devs a bit more this time. Article with a picture of the console and of the controller. http://kotaku.com/5809482/the-is-the-first-picture-of-nintendos-new-console-the-wii-u OCR NintendoID List AzureZeal: GilaMoo avaris: swallace21 Bahamut: BahamutWC Bleck: Dr.Bleck Brandon Strader: bestrader Brushfire: TheBrushfire Calpis: famicomboy Cecilff2: Cecilff2 Darkesword: DarkeSword DJ SymBiotiX: DJSymBiotiX Doulifée: Doulifee DrumUltimA: DrumUltimA Hylian Lemon: Hylian_Lemon Irish: ftninja megadave: daveoneal Mirby: MirbyStudios OCRE: starkweatherTD One-Hit: Onehit Overflow: GameBird relyanCe: relyanCe Sir_Downunder: SirDownunder Swifthom: Swifthom Thalzon: Thalzon therex: therexasaurous Unstable Hamster: UnstableHamster wildfire: ladywildfire
  2. I had almost completely blocked out the horror that was
  3. Yes. Also seconding DKC2 and SoR2 Also, Timesplitters 2 Terranigma(In that it's part of the soul blazer trilogy)
  4. Seconding Penumbra, Amnesia, and Yume Nikki. The first two are wonderful horror, because you can't just kill things that are in your way. You're helpless. The third because the objective is vague, the dream world is huge, there's no real enemies(None that give you a game over anyway), and yet it still instills a feeling of dread that you can't shake. Some areas seem all cheerful and some are just off, leaving many disturbing implications as to why madotski is in that situation.
  5. Oh man I had completely forgotten about from Final Fantasy X.I didn't like the game that much, but I can always recall that track. Haunting, sad, and depressing.
  6. Chrono Cross - This first plays in the time crash when you go up against a certain someone. It captures the feeling of the moment extremely well. Lufia 2 - Iris' Theme They were probably going for mysterious but ended up with this sad tune. Made even sadder when you realize why Iris helps you. Final Fantasy IV - A simple theme, but quite powerful. Usually played when someone dies. Terranigma - Elle's Theme I felt like putting a Hero's Final Day, but it's too happy despite the context it plays in. Elle's fate was pretty tragic, and her theme emphasizes it.
  7. It looks like whoever put this together doesn't understand game genres at all Star Wars: Tie Fighter Crimson Skies Diablo II Can you tell which one is the odd game out? It is going to win in a category it should not even be in. Also, no super metroid in the SNES adventure category?
  8. Yeah I think you're right. It's been a long while since I played through 1 though, so I'm not surprised I didn't recognize a couple. I did notice they stuck the lufia 1 boss theme in. I think I agree with Arek's assessment. It's a good standalone title, but it's not a good retelling of Lufia. Spoilers ahead. Part of what made the ending music and feel so appropriate was that maxim was on his own at that point. His friends were gone, and his wife was dead, and he didn't necessarily have the strength to destroy the mystic stones(And he didn't until dual blade lent its power too). Though it's very briefly hinted at by Iris, their deaths after the third stone are pretty sudden in the remake. Hey Selan, I think we're dead. Yep, we are, lets go home. Although it is better than giving a happy everyone wins ending which is what I was thinking they were going to do since they had no indications of dying. (Or at least Selan didn't) And seriously, no real fight with Erim? Just a timed battle where she eventually stops fighting you. She was probably the most difficult enemy you have to face in the original, I was looking forward to what should have been a tough fight. The game's story has a weird beginning, good middle, and then poor ending. Dekar's return was disappointing compared to the original. What suits Dekar more; Popping in and killing two relatively weak monsters and saying hey guize im back, or riding in on a whale to save you and an entire town, killing half the monsters in one blow. The combat is good, and the puzzles get better and become pretty good near the end. Apparently some things with Iris change in the new game + so I'll probably get to that eventually. At least they stayed true to Arek's purpose, and he remained fairly neutral.
  9. Goddess. Sexy Gades will destroy everything. Not quite sure what to think of the story remake parts, currently have acquired Artea. I do like the new Lexis though. Pink Hair Dekar was kind of odd...missing the love is my sword line. Also I agree on the difficulty curve thing. Fighting Gades in humanish form was horrible. I eventually got used to robogades but I could only react with FUUUUUUUUU when he showed up again(Though he didn't seem as bad then despite the small fighting area). Gratze tank was kind of annoying until I learned to stop dodging everything. Also I'm noticing some new music tracks and a lot of switches on music(sub theme at the flower mountain, regular battle music at bosses, I'm pretty sure I heard the original lufia battle theme in the Ancient Cave too) Still they usually use it appropriately so I have no qualms there.
  10. I like to think that the guitar warrior killed it.
  11. Thats because you play DKR and Banjo Kazooie and other such awesome music. Server needs more Music of My Groin.
  12. I would love an OCR Saxton Hale/weaponizer/TF2ware/The Hidden/etc server.
  13. Terranigma(SNES). Just about the entire soundtrack.
  14. Aw crap I missed voting. I love number 2 because I cannot grasp the true flavor of Giygas's ice cream.
  15. I actually wasn't looking for music when I found this site. Back around the time when Smash Bros Melee came out, I heard the hidden F-Zero stage music(Mach Rider's theme). Was searching it and got a result called Mach Schnell. I was a bit confused at first. I was wondering if this was one of those sites that had game music up for download, tried it out, and realized how awesome this concept was. This was some time in 02 I think. Downloaded a few songs, and enjoyed them and didn't stop by again for a good while. Remembered the site late in 03, would check in now and then to download new stuff. Eventually realized there were forums here. Made an account in 05, and now stop by regularly. Every now and then I even post. So yeah, Mach Rider is the reason I am here today.
  16. It's extremely cheap, but I've noticed the AI is really really bad at calling out bluffs and will fold 9 times out of 10.
  17. Well there's always 2Fort_Night.
  18. Cecilff2

    Tron 2

    A couple others to add to that list 11. Burger Time 9. Worms 21. Discs of Tron 22. Tron 28. Space Ace 26. Burnout 24. Shadow of the Colossus 39. Double Dragon 38. Golden Axe 48. Asteroids 45. Guitar Hero 56. Metal Slug 7. Flower 10. Punchout 12. Balloon Fight 40. Bejeweled 17. Star Castle 5. 720 19. Dragon Ball Z 1. Call of Duty 54. Mousetrap 31. Silent Hill 44. Fire Truck 2. Outrun 119. Blueprint 115. Metal Arms 14. Minesweeper 53. Starfox 167. Tron Evolution 88. Excitebike
  19. Press f Anyways, .The STALKER games pretty much whenever you go into labs.
  20. STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl has you help this guy called "Mole" out near the military base. After you do so he runs to this open sewer manhole and tells you to get inside. If you do not actually talk to him before you jump in, you can NEVER complete the game. You can leave the sewers and talk to him afterwards but he won't advance the missions status and it'll be stuck. So reload a save before the event and make sure you talk to him.
  21. Be sure to check out Remar's while you're at it. Pretty awesome.Coop should .
  22. Did Arek make an appearance at all?
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