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  1. broken link. possibly on my end, but i'd like to listen to this song.
  2. awesome! time to think of something way cool to draw. As for the Steampunk "Mario" pic. i don't see any connection to mario except for the fact the hero has a mustache and there are banana peels. other than that, the rest seems pretty random to the Nintendo universe.
  3. sumbit'd. hopefully, not really used to using PM's here. so i tried my best, lets hope it worked out.
  4. George Washington, is that you? also, I'm going as a Microsoft Zune HD, whilst my Girlfriend is going as an Apple Ipod Touch.
  5. That "tetris effect" only has happened to me by one game and that was Minesweeper. God damn, every time i'd close my eyes i would see scenarios and would figure out how to solve them. it was ridiculous.
  6. never beat Mario and Luigi: PIT. although playing all the way up to (i assume is) the final boss! I got a gameover, started where i left off and promptly got lost, i have no idea how to get back to the boss fight. :C
  7. uh... yeah i looked at two's only and thought his finger was a thumb. blah.
  8. this is Kid Chameleon smirking... O_O anyone notice that they added a finger to sonic so he could have a 3rd game?
  9. I've got a decent idea. but the idea is the easiest part. Making it look like the idea is the hard part.
  10. yeah, and theres something nice about having the physical in your hand, then looking at some screen. tsk tsk. I wish some other magazine went in it's place but overall i hoped none of them went down.
  11. *sniff sniff* I miss their April fool's jokes. I wanna see what photoshopped delight they have for us.
  12. ... hmmm. huh, so where's the thread for Young Kid Math Shame? ha ha.. :/ uh yeah I guess it doesn't. at all. I should probably go back and tell my 13-year-old self not to feel good about his "savvy" selling technique.
  13. I once.. I Once sold my SNES Cartridge of Chrono Trigger to Funcoland or Gamestop for 50 bucks so I could buy Kirby 64. although I went back there and re bought it for 50 bucks so essentially i got Kirby 64 for free. but WHAT WAS I THINKING?
  14. I'm not. not worth it to me. I rather save my money to put to a new tv.
  15. Sure, after reading a bunch of Laugh-out-Loud Cats I didn't find them all that funny, it is an interesting idea on capitalizing on a internet fad, it reminded me of the old Heathcliff comics but doesn't have that sense of character to make it work. but trying to put a narrative, even small segemented ones based on something as random as lolcats doesn't work, it's like making a characters and a comic strip out of Ytmnd.com it just wouldn't work out. and the "i Haz" speak doesn't help. again, good idea. at least a somewhat original idea but it lacks in the source material and the execution of the idea. I think that's all there is to say really, other than the fact that "hobo culture" is not one youngsters to college aged kids can really relate too, or even know anything about past the stereotype. but that's just my opinion.
  16. me and you have the same text ring, way to be awesome. also I gotta give major props to your ringtone. Me likey.
  17. I'd have to disagree (although it a moot point cause funniness is opinion based) Mainly because Garfield's creator Jim Davis finds it funny or entertaining enough to actually sell a book instead of send a cease and desist letter. that speaks volumes, and I think he knows what G-G (Garfield minus Garfield) is all about. I enjoy G-G it solely because it brings to the forefront that all this time... Jon Arbuckle has been talking to his cat, who can't talk back, who essentially isn't there. physically erasing Garfield shows how strange and sad Jon really is. I enjoyed Garfield all the way up till Jon could understand him and then it became unfunny. as unfunny as one of those crappy sitcoms. also, I love that the internet has continued in cannibalizing itself, i just wanna know how long will it take until the whole internet is 5 inbred websites that are all related to each other.
  18. yeah, I got an uninspired ring tone at the moment but I really like the idea of SM3 Iced World thanks to someone else on this thread. (good idea!) BUT I do have Navi yell out "Hey! LISTEN!" whenever I get a text.
  19. boy oh boy, we truly are bored as a society. But hey these are quite entertaining! I might have even audibly expressed my amusement... LOL
  20. More like, Holy crap, My childhood just came. yeah. I'm now really looking forward to this movie! And it's good to know my friend whose going to Columbia College Chicago for animation will have the possibility of doing old school 2D work after graduation.
  21. http://www.newgrounds.com/collection/supermariobrosz.html although, both mario and sonic have been partially redeemed by the animator, Alvin Earthworm. Check out the link for the most awesome action scenes done with sprites.
  22. yeah. too late. first it was Metal Sonic with super technology Then regress to shadow with a gun now regress even more to sonic with a sword! what's gonna happen next? Tails' with a composite bow? Knuckles with a battle ax? Honestly.
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