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  1. Yes, to consciously make an extra effort outside of merely paying attention. if it takes even a small conscious effort to make sure you understand what a character is saying instead of being able to just comprehending by merely listening as it is with every other character in the movie without the extra effort. Even if it is minimal amount of effort does take me out of a movie a small bit. This is not a complaint, or comment on the artistic interpretation of Bane, it was nothing more other than an observation and my personal reasoning why people might have an issue understanding Bane. It appears that I rely on seeing mouths more than I thought I did. As for the Movie, I thought it was great. yes, some plot holes and the script was not so subtle at times, rarely, but those lines stick out. but that has been the case on rest of the trilogy. Catwoman was good, I like that she wasn't some sort of freak/cat lady. I was impressed by Hathaway's acting was superb. the way she could flip the switch with her character was awesome.
  2. See I thought Sean Connery had retired from acting. I have difficulty at times. I don't think it was the audio that was the problem with not understanding bane. It was his mask and how it covered his mouth, most people use mouth movement to help understand spoken word, so covering his mouth up, you lose half the ease of understanding and you really have to concentrate on what he is saying. which, in turn, takes you out of the movie a little bit. this is what my understanding of the Bane voice issue was.
  3. the concept is intriguing! I'm looking forward to the inevitable crossing over of the other main Videogame characters across the genres at the end of the movie. I am also hoping for the the possible subplot following the little girl with glasses. (the one who asks "wheres the wrecking guy?") you see her playing the other arcade games throughout the trailers most likely following Ralph through his journey. She at least appreciates him
  4. I don't know, I'm thinking there will be many background cameos (as this thread is already showing) since I doubt the Big companies that are afraid to give their characters real voices would allow Disney to give them speaking roles. maybe Mario and Sonic because they are pretty set in their voice actors. and can't forget about Q-Bert. but i am excited for this movie and all the inside jokes and references. also just found the paperboy. ha ha (at 1:49)
  5. one of my big moments in gaming was when my cousin who had upgraded to the N64 didn't want his SNES anymore and gave it to me along with a big box filled with SNES games. this was my second console, the first being a used n64 i bought myself. ($68.00 from FuncoLand) as I sat out in front of the TV testing each game out to figure out what game should go to which sibling of mine. I knew a few of the titles but I popped in an unfamiliar one called "Chrono Trigger" and loaded up a saved game. I saw the bright colors, heard "peaceful days", and saw little characters waving at me. I did what any 12 year old boy would do. I promptly turned it off, and dismissed it as a "girls game" Ignoring it. Big mistake. fortunately, months later during some boredom streak, I decided to give it a go. as fate would have it, it is an amazing game which story, music, and gameplay captured me. Now, 13 years later, I consider it one of my favorite games of all time.
  6. lol, Thats for sure! but I am really digging the game. the action points to move threw me at first but I am catching on fast.
  7. Got it myself. I have been wanting to play the originals after falling in love with Fallout 3 and Vegas (not so much on Vegas) but didn't wanna shell out 20 bucks to buy it from the store. not I got it for free! might try it out this weekend.
  8. 10 years ago, to just go to a public forum and say "hey, i got an idea, and i can do it, if i have the funds. but you have to give me the money first before i can give you the product" would be ridiculous. it didn't happen, all those deals went on behind closed doors. which is I love the Idea of kickstarter. The website really levels the playing field when it comes to getting ideas out there. God Bless The Internet. now in my opinion, that's not the best part. the best part is that it actually allows for the market to be pretty fair. good ideas get accepted and funded and poor or poorly executed ideas get ignored and die. no losses for anyone. that way, The system works. nobody is forced to pay for a failing product or service. Good Luck with your project! I hope your project turns out to be the former of the two i listed. 3,000 is a lot of money but you are already a quarter there. the game looks like it has potential. I mainly browse the product design category and I've seen some cool ones, a theft resistant bike light, an aluminum pen, the printrbot (3d printer for 500 bucks). This website is one the shining examples of what the internet is capable of.
  9. very cool! I'm getting a Terminator 2 feel with this piece. a very good thing. I like it a lot.
  10. Well... these seem more like suicide notes than heavenly ascensions. And by heavenly ascensions I'm referring to the other Artists (can't think of the specifics right now) who have earned paying gigs that take up most of their free time taking away from any Remixes they might do or those people who do change their interests and sort of fade into oblivion of the great beyond. This thread is... interesting.
  11. and enjoyed I did! thank you! also I found This if anyone is interested also. it actually had spaghetti in the title. ha ha
  12. THIS! this is awesome, and the others are great! you guys rock! thanks so much! yeah this Super Street Fighter 2 Remix has that Ennio Morricone quality to it. fantastic find! I will continue my search and great job guys!
  13. Hello all, I'm currently looking for some spaghetti western type remixes. The kind you would hear in a cowboy movie, I am looking through the thousands of Remixes myself but I thought maybe some of the community here would know some off the top of their heads. Thanks for any help!
  14. not having a Facebook, what I find funny is the men in the cvs/walgreens, convenience stores, and gas stations looking around hurriedly grabbing the closest thing that could be interpreted as a thoughtful gift. as for my v-day activities, My girlfriend and I celebrated it on the prior Saturday with simple gifts. I gave a tea mug and puzzle book and received the epoch blueprints poster(!) from fangamer.com then spent the day together, taking her 6 year old step brother to phantom menace in theaters, then watching robot chicken episode III at home, and then "return to me" (cute movie btw) all in all, it was respectable adult fun.
  15. Hey! I am no expert in music. so I can't tell you what needs tweaking, how to give it some energy, or anything else actually helpful in the slightest. :/ I do know that I like what I'm hearing, that it's a bit slow but it keeps me listening to it. I Cant wait to see what you do with what you got, cause its already pretty awesome. keep up the good work!
  16. So I spent a good portion of an half and hour getting up to speed on this Thread. I found it interesting that Cnet was mentioned on the 18th (although once) correct me if i'm in the wrong place but... Has anyone heard the argument that CBS/Viacom and some of the main supporters on SOPA/PIPA were the major distributors of the software? so kazaa, lime wire, Morpheus where distributed by Cnet (CBS viacom) and it's co-branded websites (AOL, Microsoft, Disney) and from there, they energetically showed and encouraged people to download copyrighted songs for free (breaking copyright law). this happened over the course of approximately a decade late 90's - mid 2000's. I, personally, agree that these companies are liable for the "losses" of the artists and companies involved. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJIuYgIvKsc here's a YouTube video it's about 15mins long and the guy is pretty annoying but he's got some great points and back his points up with some convincing evidence. tell me what do you think of the idea.
  17. ah. well, I do apologize for contributing to the thread, I thought it was a satisfactory, albeit obvious, opening statement. Although, it could have been seen as synopsis instead of a revelation. I wonder how is going to feel about Gears of War 3, if/when he wants to review it. I'm sure this one is going feature even more hair tussling!
  18. Looks like he actually liked this game. barely any real criticisms and every dislike seemed ended with "but it doesn't disrupt the flow" I never really got into the driver games and what I saw of Driv3r made me want to stay further away, but might need to check this one out.
  19. still got hope! I have an 360 that hasn't seen the light of Xbox live since beginning of 2010. and my friend has one that has NEVER been blessed with the soft gentle warmth of the service. which in my mind is complete blasphemy.
  20. While I understand why you would say that, but merely disliking a game does not make me fit into your small-minded social grouping. Smash Bro's Melee is for me and my friends to play 90% of the maps with items on and of course, "having fun" brawl is an inferior game compared to it's predecessor. I believe I stated clearly on what grounds. being "Hardcore", Casual, or any other arbitrary terms you'd like to use has nothing to do with it.
  21. Super Smash Bros Brawl. Loose-feeling game mechanics, Slower gameplay, Level Design was so gimmicky that it was distracting from the actual fight. Characters strengths and weaknesses were lessened to make it "balanced" making every character practically the same. an exaggeration but compared to it's prequel, justified. Super Smash Brothers (N64) started off strong. unique gameplay with tight controls Super Smash Bros Melee (GCN) improved on the original, tightening up the controls, adding new moves while speeding up the gameplay and keeping the responsive feel. new maps. the only complaint is the exploits (L-dashing, ect.) Super Smash Bros Brawl (Wii) new system, better hardware. i was expecting even smoother, faster pacing, but nope. I get a dumbed down version that lacks the variety that the previous game had. the only thing I found to be a plus is that exploits and cheats were really nowhere to be found.
  22. It looks pretty awesome. I'm excited. the only problem is, I don't have a Wii. someday tho...
  23. Way to go Guys!! yeah this was a great month. and the winners def deserve it! Can't wait till next month's is decided.
  24. Come on People!!! I believe in you all. you could totally get something in by tonight Honestly, it's a great theme and there's ton of little ideas that would work!!
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