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  1. That witch with the guitar at the end of Guilty Gear. Big danger area flashes so you avoid it and block right? but what if the chipp (geddit) damage takes off half your lifebar anyway?! Im obviously not getting the trick but at the moment all other fighter bosses (including Gill and GodShinOmega Rugal) look like pussies
  2. Within 5 minutes I had Ivy down to her undergarments rapidly flicking through her poses as to get the breast judder. "Crazy breast physics provided by havok"? or something. "ooh aren't you cheeky" *atomicfap* Point being the menus are really easy to understand and navigate.
  3. Donkey Kong Country- Ice Vangellis- Antartica theme. I cant reference them right now. but i remeber playing them back to back.very similair.
  4. :shock: GLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Cannot. Bloody. Wait!!!!!!! I wonder if they can top TF4? That is still one of my fave games of all time. The Epic music, the epic stages(the epic parallax scrolling!), the SOUND FX!. Damn I could do with a cold shower because im dangerously close to messing these pants!!! (sorry for the HAPPY YAY CAPS!! post) Keep us informed Coop
  5. Whoever mentioned Streets of Rage 3 needs to be quiet and go home. It is a fairly authentic representation of Techno and Acid House at the time. Strange noodling riffs all kinda layered on top of each other. Just Poly-Rhythms bruv. Nothing to be scared of. Hmm worst could be possibly Action 52 soundtrack on Megadrive. Damn id say most of the songs by NuRomantic bar most of Kid Chameleon and Chakan were fairly shocking. songs would randomly pan, elements would drop out, or tempo would change.
  6. Alien Soldier- Mega Drive Gradius V Ico- PS2 Megaman X collection - Gamecube/PS2 and Bangai-O Spirits when an English language version is released.
  7. wow! thats an awful lot of boss dance.
  8. I signed up. But I then realised I have a lot of games. And I'm really lazy.
  9. Pfft!Like any of that matters. All I want is a film that satisfys my rabid fanboy needs.So i suggest you start with something like Epona.That horse in the trailer looks nothing like Epona what the hell were they thinking!!! fuck pacing and storytelling get the bare essentials right(like the fucking horse jeez) then worry about all that cinema crap. BTW: Blatant April Fools, Come on!
  10. I made a song about my Cat. Jack. It suits him well. makes me smile.
  11. I think its just an opportunity for others to say things like "hey that game ahd awesome music" and generally reccomend some faves even if its falling on deaf ears(thats what im doing anyway). I suppose some thoughts on and surprisingly good soundtracks you come across would be nice.Plus its just an interesting thing for someone to do. Id like to do the same with Mega Drive VGMs its really cool hearing how different people used the sound chips there must be about 100 different interpretations of a distorted electric guitar with thunder force 4s being the best.And how Yuzo Koshiro managed to get very dynamic orchestra sound in Story of Thor (beyond oasis?). In the future im gonna have a YM2612 fitted into my voice box so i can make really bizarre screechy lead sounds from my mouth and scare children Ive gotta learn to control this rambling.
  12. OverCoat if you have the game just copy the files and convert them to .it with the erm umx comverter. or go here! http://www.mirsoft.info/gamemods.php
  13. Alien Soldier for the MegaDrive(Genesis) if you come from north america that is. Also Daigasso Band Bros for the DS. i need to import that sometime. AND!!! you must find and buy the Omega Five soundtrack, for the sole reason because i cant(yet) badass game with badass music composed by Hiroyuki Iwatsuki (he did the music in The Ninja Warriors for snes aswell)So get it bought! thank you.
  14. mr.wholesome


    Ive just finished watching Mind Game. EVERYONE GO GET IT NOW. I was literally incehs from the screen by the end. it sucked me in bigtime.
  15. It would be cool if they remade the orignal Unreal or did a DX version or something. I loved the way you were on your own and left wondering where the hell you were. then OMG NALIs! "Q'PUDDAH!". Itll never happen though, not without hoards of grunty marines.
  16. Check this guy out http://www.myspace.com/thezonetheact Sounds quite authentic. Put giant smile on my face.
  17. 7/18 I recognised very few of them. not so hot on 8-bit era and before. now if it was all Megadrive sounds. id be sorted.
  18. THIRDED. Ninja warriors. is so awesome. I recorded the whole thing to mp3 for travelling purposes.Its got that sound that just makes me think 16-bit. Parking block is my fave i think. Fave snes soundtrack anlong with the Kirby games and Axelay. *sigh*
  19. http://www.myspace.com/brookesbrothers Check these guys out. F zero is one badass track. and no hint of the Big Blue theme anywhere!
  20. someone needs to do a oceanlab 2 remix(mission 14?) and training level. with its awesome military ish sound. *FAWN* EDIT: Ive just started my own remix of Oceanlab 2. love this song so much.
  21. Needs more Outset Island(I heart) and Zoras Domain.
  22. Eternal Sabbath. Its a Grapchic Novel but the story still kicks booty.great for the commute to work. there are 7 volumes so i bulk bought the lot off amazon,i liked it that much.
  23. The whole shapes thing, i htink works pretty well. its distinctive. i mean without looking i couldnt tell you the respective button for ABXY on whichever controller nor the colour because its been used on four different systems (or more)and they have theyre little placement variations. whereas Triangle is up, X is down, Square is left, circle is right and i only have a PS1. fair enough UDLR would be very easy to remeber but its not very imaginative and it wouldnt really have tied in well with their playstation brand image. IMO anyway.
  24. QFE it would say press A and id be hitting the "nintendo A" as in the right button,but that didnt last and only really happened in games where the face buttons all had fairly similair functions (hexic) But i do love the gamecube controller that and the 360s are the most comfortable. Least comfortable would be the Dreamcasts. the triggers although a nice addition are at a jarring angle. Also 1 analogue stick? Thats one controller thats definately not aged well,considering the era it came from.
  25. sweet, cant find a match for love nor money.If only i could scrub the buttons for maximum spindash...
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