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  1. I am in love with Omega Five. short yes, but oh so sweet!! also the OST comes out on the 19th cannot wait.
  2. I have a GB Micro and i have big hands no discomfort whatsoever, hitting L+R isnt a dificult task either. The only thing id say is that after about a year of use the "R" button it becam really unresponsive. It would still make that audible "click" but no function until i bashed the console a bit. Im not sure what casued it,but be cautiuos of that. I dont know where you live but in england used gameboys and gameboy colours are as cheap as chips...literally. Carts on the other hand can cost anything i suppose.
  3. mr.wholesome


    nice one im gonna give Abenobashi a try now(prays it has atleast a couple spinning and shaking scenes)
  4. I got 38%overall i managed to get. 1,2,3,7,8,9,10,11,19,20,22,24,32,33,35,37,45,47,48. I know most of the Mega Drive ones. really rubbish with the 8 bit machines. one complaint though. number 23,41 what is the correct thing i should be typing? I even went as far as to reference the songs on my computer just to be certain and the game titles wont work. Nice test though. EDIT: i just realised number 33 came out on more than one console with a title resembling the platform in some way...sorry bud.
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    I watched FLCL recently as somebody mentioned it in this thread as "bat shit crazy".so true! It really is the most ABSURD thing ive ever watched, loved it all. High energy hilarity, my face still hurts from watching it. In the first 5 minutes Noata gets hit by a moped and then SPINNING!! knew i was gonna like it as soon as i saw that.
  6. as much as i dislike the playstations dpad aka the thumb shredder the 360s is a lot worse which is still better than the gamecubes dpad so useless as anything more than an inventory button. although one that really grinds my gears of late is the DS lites dpad, cant hit diagonals on it very well amkes games like contra so hit or miss its upsetting. grrr
  7. I wouldnt say so. Its just like learning to type on a keyboard. as long as your hands fall into a familiar position,with continued use you dont have to think about where the letters are you just think "words" and your fingers are hitting the keys,muscle memory. So joypads are even easier IMO just wrap your hands around it in the most obvious way and your thumbs should be on the correct position. So after a session of a game you no longer have buttons or controller in your train of thought just "move there, jump there, shoot there" and your hands do the rest. anyone who can make sense of that deserves money
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    Beserk=WIN Also School Rumble 3rd season needs to hurry up and become anime. Read or Die TV, i really enjoyed that.was just pure substance. Currently reading a manga called Eternal Sabbath, its pretty good has lots of potential. Brain hacking and all that. worst anime ive come across so far would be Samurai Deeper Kyo. Soooooo dull, and they constantly remind you of the leads alter egos name "demon eyes kyo, demon eyes kyo, demon eyes kyo, demon eyes kyo" next level bullshit.
  9. have rom? have snes 9x? have soundtest? have prog that recs sound e.g. cool edit pro, soundforge? have kirby SFX?have help?
  10. Cybernator "weve gotta do it" aka stage 1 , FTFW!! ooh ooh (came a little) Kirby superstar-kirby arrives on the scene ooowwoowoowoowoo DUNN DUN DUN!! that crescendo is a cue to whoevers closest to the volume knob to TURN THEM SHITS UP!!
  11. Calibre is always a good choice as is Fanu, Seba look out for a record label called OSR (offshore recordings) plenty of good quality and original sounding songs on there. If you want extremely hard,percussive and metal influenced DnB check out... Current Value, Donny, Evol Intent,proket, Panacea and my personal fave Limewax. (labels such as Barcode,Freak,Obscene,Position Chrome,etc) those examples above are outside what id call "mainstream" dnb (Pendulum, their clones and the popular stuff that always gets played out in clubs). Hope the list helps As for Dubstep, id say its more akin to UK Garage or Grime.Gods of that style would be Boxcutta followed by Vex'd ,IMO of course.
  12. the more i play it the more im left thinking "why did u change that?" like the star spitting tulip sound effect,that owned! and running across water no longer produces splashes,etc etc... anyway enough bitching from me not awful but not great.[/whinge]
  13. Thats true, but i cant put down Kirby SS and im finding myslef only playin about 2 levels of Yoshi DS. EDIT: actually i take that back about the controls feeling cheap,they're just didnt feel as nice as Yoshis Island I loved the original yoshis island(who didn't?), but so far im not a big fan of the DS rendition. The controls feel kinda cheap,the music is absolute cheddar and the sound effects just annoy the shit outta me(HURGHMMMMMMMMMMM!!!).Also i find its generally too slow paced. But then again im just basing this all off first impressions(haven't even finished the first world)
  14. aah ok i understand now,thanks. id say its something i can live with seeing as now i can play all the "backups" i ever wanted too.Mabye there are a couple of models that mightnot drain the battery so hard? Mabye.
  15. Might i add that i only noticed the big drop in battery life AFTER i started using the M3 Simply.Im probs gonna get another battery some time soon.
  16. just got myself a M3 DS simply card and a 1GB micro sd card. i predict too much fun for me and my ds in the near future. only thing that irks me about it is that the battery life has dropped from around erm 15-20 hours play to about 8-12 hours play before the red light comes on. Of course i just pulled those numbers outta my ass,but there is a noticable drop in battery life. and ive not had much luck getting emulators to work the snes one worked kinda but was quite broken(tested with megamanx) the mega drive one is just knackered as is the nes. im guessin it must be incompatability issues with the sd card. Anyway its opened a lot of games to me now. very happy bunny
  17. http://www.cbs.com/primetime/survivor14/survivors/gary.shtml "So whats your favourite game garry?" "tehehhehehhhe X BOX!!!! X BOX X BOX!!!HEHEHEHEHE *manic laughter*" "coool, im gonna put down X Box k?"
  18. with the slench stand further back near the door and shoot the green things to refill ammo and life and kill the veins with the erm purple gun then shoot the middle of the eye with itwhen it flies about. id say the hardest boss is probably R.Bear from SoR2 on hardest mode that dude manages to just sap my lives! big bald headed poofter
  19. Aww. Oh well,it's a minor thing anyway.Just wanted it to be the same as dogsonacid. Makes for more reading and less loading!
  20. Would there be any chance of getting say 100 posts per page? Seeing as a lot of topics tend to get quite long.
  21. Motohiro Kawashima - Cycle 2 thrust to the beat!
  22. bought a ds lite last weekend with sonic rush metroid prime hunters and new SMB all fun as hell the music in sonic rush pwns!!( right there,right there,right there) plus its actually kinda challenging great game metroid prime is suprisingly good,works really well with the stylus. But im looking for a thumb stylus at the moment(which are non existent ) cos im fed up of tying the top of the stylus to my thumb. new smb is very good love the look and im getting those same feelings i got when i played through smw on the snes first time around.taken mario back to his roots yet kept it fresh as a daisy. not that you lot didnt know that already,i just felt a need to exclaim how pleased i am with this system and games. BTW:If anybody knows where i can get a ds thumb stylus IN THE UK, it would be really helpful if you could let me know tahnks
  23. 1000TH!!!!! game looks fun, actually i havent seen anything about this game.
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