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  1. I think some people are reading it wrong. I don't think it is JUST so characters can do a meteor smash. It is only one of many things one could do after performing this jump. What some people also don't seem to realize that it is very unlikely that an opponent, especially human controlled, would stay in the same place long enough to get jumped on AND meteor smashed without you know, fighting back. This new tech does in no way make for an instant meteor smash, you still have to do all the work. Also, that one screenshot suggest that bouncing off of someone using this technique will bring you into your second jump. Note that Yoshi looks like he is "fluttering" after the jump on Wario.
  2. Anywaaay T__T; It's a nice update to me It looks hilarious! *bounces Bowser off of Kirby's head* I'm looking forward to trying this technique out. If you can do it on a teammate then things could get really hectic Didn't someone sort of predict this thing a few pages back btw? >_> It's like this Sakurai fellow is just taking ideas from this board thinking "hey this could be cool". Then he whips up some fancy screenshots and we're all thinking the game is actually almost done but in reality all we're going to get when we buy it is a game disc with soundtrack remixes and a "Thank you OCR for the ideas MWUAHAHAHAH" n_n; oh man those evil Japs n_n;
  3. I have to be honest, I've always tried to stay away from fan-sensitive things and things that are already massively popular. Part jealousy, part prejudice, part utter annoyance over the feeble minds of the general public and the way they are played by the "big minds". I don't even care for the whole wizard theme but for some reason I feel like I'm missing out on something here. Still, I doubt I will ever indulge myself in the world of whats-her-face famous writer, for reasons above and others unmentioned, but I do miss the feeling of growing up with something great. I can't even believe that this Harry Potter thing has been going on for so long. Partialy due to my life changing so rapidly that the past years have been a blur. I do remember vividly how we used to play Pokemon cards here and then suddenly they had the HP card game, which wasn't nearly as popular. That must be at least 6 years ago now 0_0; damn I want my life back. Anyway, I know the fans must be kind of dissapointed that it is over now, but I felt like that with Lotr and Starwars as well. Though I was never a "true fan" of either, since fans bug the hell out of me. It's just great to be part of something. Something for your generation alone...like Nintendo was in the past haha:) Okay now I'm just rambling...I can only hope my own novel will be succesful as well, if I ever do get to finishing it. ;_;
  4. Okay, but here's another question for ya guys: how in the heck is Yoshi gonna jump a third time using the egg toss??? The first thing that comes to mind is Ness' recovery, but it makes no sense for an egg to come back, knock Yoshi in his behind, and give him the extra boost a la PK Thunder 0_0; So how does he do it? How will tossing an egg make him jump another time? Actually, it says it INCREASES his jump DISTANCE, not nessesarily add a third "jump". Hmm, a mystery...*dies*
  5. "He's so complex" *gasp* >_> Aww but yay, I'm happy to see Yoshi back He's one of my favourite characters in the Mario universe. I expect many cute sounds and happiness!
  6. Last time I checked, the game makers decide what's in a game, not some small fraction of players who take the game too seriously. Having said that, I like the look of this stage. It's interesting and different enough from what we've seen so far. Which was another thing people complained about. Would have rather seen Donkey Kong Country related stuff, but this will do fine too. Just don't have as big a history with DK Jungle Beat as I have with DKC. It could have been the ship sail stage too
  7. All I have to say now, at the end of this day: darn you weekends!!!
  8. Really? I thought both aspects were handled really well in Melee, so we can expect an even better experience this time around Interesting though is that the update is marked as "gameplay modes -???" So it could be either a specific single player mode, or the mode that defines this entry in the Smash series. Either way I think we'll start getting a lot more interesting updates from here on
  9. I was just thinking to myself how updates so far have not been like, completely mind blowing in the sense that you'd go "oooh, I see now. So this IS SSBB!" So you can imagine this update made my day I'm guessing these screenshots are from some type of into movie. Very interesting and very curious about what they have in store for us now Maybe the creature in the last screen is some type of new universal bad guy. Since being turned into a trophy is as bad as death, I can imagine in this Smash Bros. winning the game would result in your character breaking free from such a fate, rather than being turned into a trophy again like in Melee. Game...turning...too...awesome EDIT: The screens suggest Mario turned Kirby back to life after him being turned into a trophy again. Him grabbing Kirby's hand shows a sign of friendship, but just as he does, evil stuff happens 0_0. Which is probably what they meant by "When someone...or something...breaks those rules, the world will pay a terrible price..." Friendship = bad. Fighting = good >_>
  10. Man, that's pretty serious! My wii is getting real hot too, and it's never even on. I pulled the plug on it for some time now, but if this is a hardware issue then I know what I have to do...Which sucks because I'm horribly anxious in everything I do and therefor procrastinate alot n_n; Lucky me T__T;
  11. That crazy idea alone is enough to make for an entire NEW game!
  12. Oh man, DK has a real shock coming to him when he finds out Zelda really is Sheik... >_>
  13. I have to say after having actually watched the Nintendo conference I feel less bad about things. It still amazes me how connected these people are to their products and seeing grown men and women actually having fun on stage like that...that's amazing. That one woman was not worthy of playing Metroid though *sigh* And now we just wait I guess...
  14. Well, I think it is safe to assume that these stages are standard playable stages. They probably won't reveal hidden stages so those will probably have that needed variety. I'm not even bothered by it too much, but I would definitely also like to see some different type stages.
  15. No, don't die! *wink* This stage even beats the Mario Sunshine stage in my opinion! Holy smokes They keep raising the bar, it's insane! Need...game...now...
  16. Thanks for explaining It actually makes some sense, and it is respectable that she'd want to give small time developers a chance to shine, but it's not really like that in practice at all is it... The whole booth-babes argument is lame in my opinion. While I myself am morally againts the display of women in such a fashion, we see the same thing at car expo's and whatnot. I'm surprised no one actually used this case to ban these booth babes on any event... Oh well, I guess we don't have to expect a lot from E3 anymore, but at least the quality of the games will still be the same. (which actually isn't a good thing always n_n; )
  17. That's a good question...What was the reason they downsized it again though? I don't remember that little bit of info. I don't think it'll change back though, these sort of things are usually set in stone for whatever reason.
  18. Some say thats a fake, but if its true then heck yes! Good thing i didnt sell my DS just yet
  19. Yeah you're right it looks more like a goblin
  20. I said good ones 0_0 don't know anything about Capcom vs SNK 2 on Cube, but then Europe never really gets that sort of thing. I'm still waiting for the Megaman compilation as well... Didn't like Viewtiful Joe much...Okami is not on Nintendo system and uhm never heard of the other ones... I think that unless next year will be a great Nintendo year, i'm gonna have to get another console afterall...or just keep playing my old games haha. Thanks for the info though
  21. Well, I did enjoy the old Megaman games... and Streetfighter but there's hasn't been any good ones on Nintendo systems since Alpha 2 right? I actually still play that game frequently, which is why I keep saying I don't need next gen to give me what I need per say. ( I would have been happy with a Cube version ) You're probably referring to Resident Evil though ehehehe. I'm not a big fan of the shooting when it involves blood and gore and stuff, but I'm actually willing to get over that (weak stomache permitting) and give it a try. (again, me small demographic) The only problem I have with that is that if I do turn out to enjoy that kind of game, it'll just be another game on that list of "sequels of this series will be good". New ideas please
  22. This of course is very true. As for the DS, I waited a long time to get that but even that didn't really give me what I wanted. Not because the games were bad per se, but rather because they were relatively short, while I like playing games that take ya at least up to 40 hours to finish, or have such great replay value that it doesn't matter how short it is. The 40 hours minimal actually became my standard at one point, so I get at least something worth my 60 Euros. I wanted plenty of games that came out for GBA/DS, but in my opinion they are not worth all that money. So that again brings me to the problem of things being marketed to other groups rather than the one I fit in. It's is only my problem (and that of said group) though, but yeah from my point of view, it just sucks because of the history I have with games. Like I said before: I'm happy nintendo is selling so much, but I wish there was more for me to get too, besides the usual minor upgrades of games. Yeah I'd be like that too. There are certain games coming out on certain systems that I'd want to have so badly, I'd even buy a system just for that game, but then I'd secretly hope there would be more games to come out later that I'd actually want as well, so the money isn't exactly wasted, but then that doesn't really happen a lot. (for example, there's a game coming to Xbox360 that was made by the people who did Tales of Symphonia and Baten Kaitos (Namco mostly) and I got mad that it would not be on Cube/Wii after having played the greatness that is the other two (three) mentioned games. It would be no good paying over 300 bucks just to play one game and then have a machine standing there which all those possibilities but me never using them. --- --- --- As for Mario Galaxy: the idea of transforming into a bee and a Boo strikes me as very interesting. There will probably even more transformations/suits whatever they are, for each level theme. It looks as if there'll be just so much to do in that game. I also noticed at one point, stars are actually shooting towards enemies. (The same stars you collect during play). I'm guessing the 'second player' can do that to help out and all.
  23. Hmm, reserving is a good idea now that you guys mention it. I underestimated my tiny little country when it came to reserving a Wii. I managed to do it, but should have done it much sooner. Not getting this game on release day is unacceptable 0_0
  24. Well, what I mean is, it feels like the computer's skill isn't getting better, but it just blatantly cheats. Kind of like on F-zero X where, on Master difficulty, you'd always have 3 drivers with you that would always catch up on you AND pass you no matter how fast you are/good you are etc. Plus they seemed to have infinite boost power, but that's a different story. At least in Mario Kart DS I felt what I described in the other post. I don't know how to "snake" or whatever and I refuse to use some kind of trick to beat an AI that was programmed to always be faster no matter the statistics. That's just me though.
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