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  1. Also please check your PMs on IRC whenever you're around. There's one or two other things we've found that need slight modifying, mostly to do with Fujita's inclusion as the original creator of two of the songs on the soundtrack.

  2. Speak to Larry and DJP about policy in regards to who gets credited with what, and where. I appreciate your concern, and understand how it probably looks from here, but it was definitely not intended as a slap in the face. My position is to simply follow our guidelines for projects, package things up, validate and get things ready to roll.

  3. What do you mean? The associate producer stuff? It was decided a bit ago that anyone who works on the album on the OCR staff side gets credit for their time and energy, hence why ToN, Palpable, Willrock, Gario and myself are listed.

  4. I hope you're proud of my sig. I think it could use more gifs of things spinning, though.

  5. Fine fine I'll change it. I'll make another one ASAP.

  6. KyleJCrb is main acting director, DiGi is acting assistant, I'm still on as assistant for whatever I can manage.

  7. Just heard about what happened over the weekend. I've donated what I can and will be trying to get some others to do the same. Let me know if you need ANYTHING. I will seriously drive stuff up to you.

  8. I like how it took me almost a week now to realize I spelled "Patrol" wrong. Oy.

    Thanks, anyways. I am not the only member of this club! Apparently I'm the only one who carries a card, though...and can't spell "Patrol".

  9. AMAZING BIRTHDAY! Good sir.

  10. Just gotta say, your latest mixpost made me cream in multiple, multiple ways. Amazing source + amazing style (love dat bomb boy) + amazing ReMix = thrice the amazing.

  11. Nah, song was done a while ago. Luiza and I cranked it out fine ourselves. Thanks for checking, though.

  12. Thanks, man! Really wish we had time to hang out at MAG, would have loved to have met ya. Let me know if you're ever in the Baltimore area, you me and Xenon can hang out or something.

  13. Gotten drunk and passed out in any good bathtubs lately?

  14. Quite obviously I was getting fat and tatooed with Danny DeVito eating a gigantic Ham. You know, normal stuff for a Saturday night.

  15. You stole my Stevobomb and I want it back! That or British Cuisine!

  16. How's your shed?

  17. Damnit stop reviewing songs and let us get your HP to 0! I KNEW I should have been suspicious when you miraculously stopped reviewing mixes a few months ago.

    Thank your lucky stars that reviews in the workshop threads do not take away your HP (though that might be a cool idea for another month's theme, eh?)

  18. Then turn OCAD pony-only and I will retire. Your move, Mr. Beardsly.


  19. I feel like we've lost ourselves to too much injokes and discussion. Honestly, I'd like to cut Minecraft, Ponies, and all topics that come up often. Focus merely on randomness again. We've become too topical and that has murdered the zest.

  20. So apparently, according to one fan, I have killed OCAD. is this true?

  21. This is what I think of when I think of David/Brian/Cyril/Any of those pony people:


  22. Hey, did you ever get David his money?

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