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  1. Damn, Ferret beat me to the reference. CURSE YOU, TOM SERVO!!!

  2. Quiet, Mac-ie! I honestly would try redownloading the song again and trying that. If it's still acting all exorcist-y, winamp and foobar are great for windows, itunes for mac, and mplayer, banshee, or rhythm box (I know you're using windows, but this is the covering-all-bases thing). Good luck, it's a great track to lose yourself in. I fell asleep to it one night and it gave me some really messed up dreams.
  3. Wedding, Birthday, Wedding, Birthday, GAH! Awesome overload. Oh, and I'll take three babies, BGC.
  4. Keep your panties on, I'm working on it and I'll get to it!
  5. All the different vocal performances of the song are pretty outstanding. The only one I have a love/hate relationship with is the acapella version from Christmas NiGHTs/Bonus, which I really have to be in the mood for. Oh, and I was pushed into overdrive last night by a really good WIP by ProtoDome. That's officially the first WIP, and his prize is...nothing. Well, nothing except the awesome work thus far. So even if there's months before a deadline, doesn't mean work shouldn't start if it's possible And before anyone gets on my case, yes, I am working on *insert any one of the eleven mix
  6. To BGC: Subject: Generic Birthday Message Happy Birthday [insert name here]. We hope you enjoy this special day. Here is your present. NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (except this birthday thread). Happy birthday, BGC. Keep the music and judgments coming!
  7. I'm actually definitely working on a Blizzard one, it's just lumped in the queue of mixes I have to work on, and that is quite large right now!
  8. Birthdays are fun, birthday suits are funner. Happy basuday.
  9. Happy Birthday, person! I may not know you, but I wish you good day regardless. Everyone deserves a day once in a while.
  10. Just in case people haven't checked the OP, we now have forums set up over at http://kngi.org/forum/index.php . Many thanks to KyleJCrb for hosting us. Head on over, register, and send me a PM (same name as on here) and I'll make sure you get access. Also, please extend a warm welcome to Geshen of Balamb, who is a good friend who decided to make this his first remixing adventure. He's got some classical writing experience under his belt and I convinced him to give this a shot. Welcome, Geshen!
  11. Aww crap, it's Dave's birthday. Oh well *bends over* let's get this over with! Wait, don't all remixers take it up the ass from DJP? NO?! Hold the phone! Kidding, bro. Actually, congrats on another year of health and happiness. I'm sure the future only holds brighter things, and thanks for keeping this community together for all these years, and for years to come. *psychically sends a six-pack*
  12. Curse you, I was just about to start this thread!!! I'll get you next time, gadget. Happy b-day, Xerol. May all your days in the coming year be as sweet as the meats that go on your grill, and just as succulent. Okay, that didn't come out quite as I planned it, but still, hope your day is a good one!
  13. I suggested that to Epitaph I believe, but please do send me some stuff and we'll see what transpires. I guess that just means more music coming out in rapid-fire succession? One can't help when they feel inspired and motivated!
  14. Hey, look everyone! I made COOKIES! Mmm, chocolate chip, peanut butter, snickerdoodles, and oatmeal raisin. Why don't we all just take a step back and enjoy some with a glass of milk, hmm? Oh, and the FF4 main theme and prelude were not in either song I worked on either, I believe.
  15. Okay, Coop. I gotcha. But believe me, any excuse to make Brad feel like a dick is one I take full advantage of, warranted or not. Kidding, KIDDING!
  16. Ah Brad, no need to pressure the guy. Honestly, if he wants to just keep an eye on it, pump up the word whenever, and save me from rabid angry fanpeeps, so be it. Besides, his sig animations are always so mesmerizing...
  17. Shout out to anyone wanting/willing/possibly doing any artwork and/or banners. If they look sweet, I'll print them out on a t-shirt maybe!
  18. If we could, all we ever would do is BS the day away.
  19. Hey, I'm not giving a year-and-a-half for first WIPs!
  20. Skrypnyk, I heard your other NiGHTs remix and was really digging it. If you do decide to do something, it'd be awesome to have you on board. See the original post, as I have updated the gameplan for claiming and doing songs. If you want a suggestion on a track to do orchestral, I can give you a few that might bode well in that area. Yes, I'm accepting anyone's initial interest. Once you get a WIP in, that's where quality control comes in. I put your name next to Under Construction, the sooner you get a WIP in, the better, and that way we can see if you're on board.
  21. Check out NiGHTs and Reala ~Theme of a tragedic revenge~. It's a harder-rockish version of the NiGHTs/Reala boss track. Since the song is done twice in the game in different styles, maybe it's only fitting that there be two different versions in the project.
  22. Thanks, Coop! If you ever feel like getting back to full-on making that mix, let me know. Yes, I know it's a rough time, but I think Jose put it best in his post. I can't wait to hear about it, bro. If/whenever you feel like dibbing that track, you know where we'll be. I figure that, at this pace, by this time a few years down the road, there will probably be thirty simultaneous projects. The community's only getting bigger and better.
  23. Ahhhhhhhhh F**k it, give me Damn Damn Drum. I'll see what I can turn out with it in a timely manner. I guess if I wanted pressure to get work done, having five simultaneous semi-time-sensitive mixes on my plate should be quite enough to do that
  24. You can take Dreams Dreams ~In Silent Memory~, I'll put your name on it. You're welcome to it by yourself if you didn't want to collab on that piece. Also, I believe Fishy expressed interest in She had long ears, and John Revoredo wanted The Dragon Gave a Loud Scream. Just a tip for OA: Check out the song "The Mantle", and the saxophone sexiness there-in.
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