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  1. A. I do like when a proven concept is fleshed out with either additional story, small improvements and changes in a working gameplay style, or graphical and audio updates to help better convey the franchise's game-sake. I will also say that some companies SHOULD just be pumping out more original games and less franchises because they often 1) change too many gameplay elements and ruin what may have made a franchise so darn likeable and there aren't enough original ideas yet and a lot deserve to be set apart. I have more reasons so I may edit this later with additional info when I have more
  2. LT, I just hope your new job is treating you well and you're getting yourself nice and settled. You definitely deserve it. As for this thread, I'd just like to say that, after looking at the judge's decisions since OA has started, that I'm quite impressed seeing his responses to some of the mixes. He took a few hard calls, in my opinion, but kept his head level and backed the decisions very well. Keep up the good work, buddy!
  3. Ahh, thank you very kindly, buddy! I really appreciate that, and am glad you liked the tracks and the album as well.
  4. Level 99

    MAGFest 8

    I can do up to a week before or after MAG, and also am willing to pick you up and/or take you to the airport (working around my work schedule of course). I'm sending you a PM with more info specifically related to provisions the landlord has given me :-?I'll understand if you stay somewhere else because of those provisions, though if we can make it work I'd still love to show you around Baltimore for a week or so
  5. Here's my thoughts: 1) a bit small and low-res. I think something around the size of the FF4 banners was what I had in mind 2) NiGHTs doesn't kind of look like NiGHTs (In fact, it kind of looks like the shadow of VIOLA from Zone of the Enders if I'm thinking of the right thing). 3) It just says a NiGHTs project remixer. I would much rather have a banner that doesn't require one to be a project musician to have it posted in their sig. I'd want something that members of the project and fans as well can use. Hold off on your art for now, Oinkness. I'll get back to you.
  6. Okay, so you are at the breaking point where, according to my count, if you take on one more project, you wont be able to count the projects on just one of your hands. Think you got enough on your plate, Mr. Bahamut? Also, please enjoy one crappy beer for me this weekend at the BBQ. I'll be there in spirit.

  7. The community I can guarentee you'll enjoy, just sit back and relax and enjoy the musics and witty banter. Finally, someone else who says love peace n chicken grease! Warm welcomes and I'm sure you'll find plenty of Mac help somewhere in the forums. I myself got my first macbook two weeks ago, and there are quite a few mac-ies hanging around. Relative welcomes to you. I saw you visited my page, and yes I am creepy. Have fun around here!
  8. It does explain why I've attempted to donate more to OCR lately. Not successful since my credit line is quite capped, but I should still get an A for effort.
  9. Hai. You're a busy man. Hope you enjoyed the summer sun a little and got some color on that glinting head of yours.

  10. Was this meant as a joke or did you really think you found subliminal messages in the song about donating more to OCRemix? My sarcasm meter broke yesterday in a facebook status thread.
  11. Amen to that! So subtle and moving, yet uncomfortable and chilling. I've been watching ZP for a while and, I have to say, he's gone through fluxes of being really REALLY angry and then not being so-much angry as opposed to playful. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood was very playful, but then again it WAS his 100th video. Silent Hill 2 was one of the mostly kiss-ass episodes but it was still awesome. My favorites still include Fable 2, Mirror's Edge, Duke Nukem Forever, and Guitar Hero 3. I hope he gets around to the new Wolfenstein game. It was released with such little fanfare online (at le
  12. Wow, glad this got bumped cause I never saw this thread. Manoria Cathedral never got enough love. That song was actually one of my first real elaborate attempts at remixing back in the days of VGMix2 using my guitars and a cheap casio keyboard. Good days... Will listen to this when I get home.
  13. I work late Saturday night so it will pretty much be impossible for me to attend, unless I fly out that morning just to come to the BBQ and fly back that night...or drive and not sleep either to or from. I love you, Wes, but not for THAT much sleep depirvation.
  14. Thanks for the bday visitor message. And ironically, I guess kinda do look like the doom guy a little in real life. I know my eyebrows do that thing he does.

  15. You should remind me to do TF2 one of these days, so that I have even less free time. :-)

  16. Yes, indeed. When you get older, all you are is exhausted and working, sleeping, or cleaning. It's a cold-hard fact they don't teach you in school because if they did the child-suicide rate would skyrocket.

    More work on pokemans this week, I'm hoping!

  17. Your metal may be brutal, so the rest of the music must mend those wounds your shred inflicts. I'll have to switch to new-age music just to balance it out now.
  18. I'm in for SMRPG - Barrel Volcano, unless I find another SMRPG song that fills in another open theme slot. You'll be guarenteed to receive a mix made with lots of passion and kool-aid.
  19. YOU!!! I am the one that keeps touching your eggs.

  20. I'm not even kidding you when I say that all the entries from last week's OHC049 have been playing on my media-players since that night. Seriously, that was fantastic enough to have meritted being OHC050. I guess that means we have to out-do ourselves this Thursday? Mighty hard, the quality of every mix was ridiculous. I could gush on and on about it, but even if you didn't participate, go listen, and vote. Also, these were some of the LONGEST songs from what I can tell (well, except OCRE's, which are always short). Mad love.
  21. Dj Mokram, he's our man, if he can't do it, no one...will.

  22. What if I get a tattoo of Brushfire as the soldier on by back, would that help? First podcast was great, can't wait for the next one.
  23. The Damned's comment is ridiculously classic. Yeah, yesterday was a good day, and I can't imagine my life without OCR and you folks in it.
  24. Yeah, that inbox present made my morning AND my day! Thanks to both of you many many times, cause seriously don't know how happy it made me.

  25. Level 99

    Sony PS3

    Just thought I'd point out, since I didn't see it mentioned on that differences list, that apparenty the slim PS3 has removed the "Install Other OS" option. Read summary here: http://www.eurasia.nu/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=2442 Well, I know it's probably a small minority of the people owning/potentially owning PS3s for that reason, but that does seem like a bit of a dick move too. The cell processor is a great piece of hardware for things other than gaming and this puts those potential new users out in the cold, now standing along side people who wanted to play all thre
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