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  1. A wild THE DAMNED appears! THE DAMNED is exerting its pressure. Fight, Item, Run, Pkmn? Level 99 tried to run away. Can't! THE DAMNED used FINISHREMIX. It's super-effective! Level 99 fainted. Edit: Guess what? I updated the title track.
  2. Bahamut, we have a classic case of project-oversaturation, and it's ALL YOUR FAULT! Well, my fault too, and the fault of everyone who's ever run a project. Ever. Just kidding.
  3. Ouch, prophet, crack in the case? Ah, it's easily replacable, right? As long as the art isn't damaged. Still waiting on my shipment, hoping it gets here today. I'm preparing the Link-opens-a-treasure-chest soundclip on my phone for when I rip it open and hold it thusly in the air.
  4. Yes yes, of course of course. One of these days I'll actually spend more time at home than just 7 hours (6 sleeping, one getting ready for or up from sleep) and then music will be made!


    Teach me the ways of OHC, Mr. OCRE. Teach me how to make catchy less-than-a-minute tracks!

  6. A semi-shameless bump, just because there are only four open tracks left. If anyone's still on-the-fence about picking up a track, please lean towards the picking-up side! And for all of those about to start school/already started school, good luck this year.
  7. Happy Nice Birthday!

  8. Oh yes...we will rock out some mixes. ROCK!

  9. I've not heard the original, so I'm taking this from a completely original-song standpoint. The song, while taking a while to reach the real meat of the mix, is a great moody buildup that plays very well on the somewhat-recognized gypsy scale (I dunno if I'm right in what it's called, but you know what I'm implying!). The drums are crisp, if just a little on the flat side, but I love the snare you used. And when the bass fuzz comes in, followed by the processed drum fill...that was pretty sexy. The brass is nicely leveled and the bell chime adds a lot to the progression. The production is
  10. I know I'm three hours early, but I don't care. Happy birthday, OA! This last year you not only came out with the FF4 project, but you also became a Judge, and also became a father. I don't know how you can top it next year, but I know you will.
  11. Go you, buddy! Everyone's jumping on the marriage bandwagon these days in OCR, so you better keep up the good track record of awesome weddings and happy lives! I raise my glass to you and wish you the best of luck.
  12. Wow, LuZiA, you weren't kidding when you said you were coming back in full force! Audio Fidelity/John Revoredo: I'll have my ideas to both of you by the end of this upcoming long weekend. Time got sucked away again but I should have some once I get myself situated. I think I'll experiment with Logic for this one and see how that new Amp-thingy in it works.
  13. Oh! Hello there! I seem to remember you from somewhere but I can't remember where...do you, perchance, play guitar? :-P

  14. This is fantastic. Fresh, quircky, and keeps your attention. Great job, buddy.
  15. Can't we do both? I'll make cookies and you make cupcakes, we'll meet in the middle.
  16. I think we all learned a valuable lesson today: never judge a book by its cover. No wait, it's don't cry over spilled milk. No, that's not it either. Hmm, I think we all should eat COOKIES!
  17. pixie! I was just talking to LuiZa today! We were reminiscing about our jamming at M4, when you, me her, Darangen, and Taucer were all just rocking out. Good times, good times.

  18. I was about to start a thread about fitness stuff like this, but figured I'd actually be smart and searched first. After receiving some questions from people about what I've been doing for my fitness routines and eating habbits, I guess I'll just post what I can here for now. The following is my tale of fitness from the last year+: I'd always been a bit on the big side for most of my life. I love to eat, and always followed Mama's rule of cleaning your plate. I had many previous spurts of random workout enthusiasm, but never too it too seriously and always gave up or got too busy for it t
  19. Happy birthday, you crazy mixing man!
  20. Ooooooooooooooooo.....a.

    I have some questions about Logic, Compression, "dampening", frequency modulation, and that firewire reocrding thing you mentioned when we talk tonight. Just writing that here in case I forget because you know my memory glitches when we talk: I always call having something important to say but the moment you pick up I forget it.

  21. Done. Now get started on that WIP Thanks for taking interest! Edit: It just hit me: This year, FF4 project was released in July, around the time of Otakon. Depending on when Otakon is, and as long as the project is released on or around the projected release date...I just may have to throw another listening party like I did for FF4. That would be ridiculous, if all the piece just fell into place and not only was the project successfully released then but at the listening party I can guarentee* there wont be any naked people busting in at the end! *note: not a guarentee.
  22. Will do, José. Whenever you get any kind of WIP, head on over to the NiGHTs forums on KNGI, sign up and I'll get you into the NiGHTs private forums. Good to hear you're interested!
  23. Pick a song, make a WIP, and send it over and we'll see if it makes the cut!
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