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  1. Kind of cheesy, but remixing game music is mostly like that, and I like anyway. More random (I could go into the positives, but I already said "I like") comments: the transition 2/3 the way through and the abrupt ending are both awkward. And the piano during the ending could have been more to the forefront/clearer. That's about it for the negative, besides potentially being beefier overall. Phat bass and Beatdrop quality needed to be perfectly ideal. Actually this reminds me of Beatdrop's Guardian Legend ReMix once the bass gets deeper and somewhat more when the strings enter. I can hear it being overlaid in a song mashup already!
  2. I forgot about the ancient taboo of favorite threads on OCR. Not so sure about the admin modification though K I'LL STOP right there. (Nevertheless, finding this was very exciting for some reason, obviously.) Anyway, this is another unique soundtrack. Very minimal(very!)/ambient/TechnoOfSomeSort-ish. Not sure if I'll find more goods. Just searching in my folders for "_02" and "-02" at an attempt to find main themes of SNES games.
  3. Yeah, you heard that correctly. I'm not sorry for the caps lock, either. This game's soundtrack deserves it. (edit: Uh, the site automatically corrected the topic title to be lowercase.) Every track is pure gold, pretty much. (Check track 06 for a very Michael Jackson feel.) Though it starts out with a generic (from what little I heard of it) Flintstones main theme arrangement, and even has another one thrown in there, ...damn, the rest is one enjoyable song after another—incomparable to most all other sound-chip game soundtracks. Word of warning: the sound is very quiet. I have a sound card that can make the sound really loud at low volume control; and I have to put everything almost to max just to enjoy this. Just find an EQ and bump up the preamp (I guess). It starts becoming more average later on. I (actually) haven't heard the soundtrack to the end yet, however. As far as exporting to WAV: I noticed that foobar2000's SPC plug-in doesn't have any faint hissing during really quiet sections (especially noticeable in track 02), and Winamp's Alpha-II SPC Player plug-in does. I'm not sure which one is more correct.
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    Mother 3

    Pink Shell [The background of this has a lot of potential.] [Please tell me/locate the official title on the Starmen site if you know. I can't even find it in the .miniGSFs.]Dangerous Highway [Reminds me of Michael Jackson.] Hard Rain Beyond the Sunshine Forest Murasaki Forest The Attic's a Dungeon?! [You can tell my bass/groove bias by now. Most of such can even be woven together because of short their length. But the next two are a change of pace, especially the latter.] Adolescence Monkey's Delivery Service Let's Ride the Train Wasteful Anthem [0:24-0:27 could have a pretty good extension. Unique, overall.] Please save me from the inescapably bad GBA quality... by providing with some inescapably bad ocremix attempts! Except don't do the latter. I haven't completed the last few chapters, so I'm probably missing a song or three.
  5. Some more obscure famous memories: Atari 2600 ---------- Some game that was only one screen, and if you got hit it would start slowly and then rapidly being filled with rainbow lines (maybe it was just one color). WTF was that game. NES --- Mega Man 2 - Sleeping over at cousin's house, getting to Air Man late at night after he'd gone to bed, and becoming scared. Ever since, I was never comfortable with people falling asleep before I did at parties or whatever. Game Genie - Getting it at said cousin's house with Link to the Past. Link to the Past - Playing it with Game Genie until I had enough plays to fill up the ending credits. (Oddly I don't even remember what exactly was in the credits that filled up.) SNES ---- Darius Twin - Playing it a hundred (million) times. Lagoon - Getting stuck on the Cloud level and finally figuring it out on my own. FF6 - Playing it a ton. Chrono Trigger - Trying to max stats with all my characters. More plays than FF6. ... Maybe I'll think of more if I go through some more SNES SPCs out of the huge Zophar collection that I personally completely downloaded, all that time ago.
  6. I've been using the site for a long time now. But I just came across a song that blew them all out of the water. Ozric Tentacles - The Hidden Step. P.S. I created a Zircon station awhile ago. It's the most maxed out station I have, for some reason. Maybe I could share it.
  7. Parts of it remind me of the main theme of Live A Live. Then there are the other references people are saying, and even a hint of the song A from IIDX/DDR near 2:20. I like the ending the best. It ranks up there as one of the most hauntingly alluring sections of any game remix out there. 3:24 = yes. Otherwise, I'd have liked to see some different directions taken, like sounding less of a MIDI file/perfectly quantized/minimal risks composition.
  8. Word, indeed. I'm with a roommate right now that doesn't want to accept anything new or even be persuaded by anything ever (the other one seems like she would), and has an attitude about it. I can only wonder how many people are of the same mindset, and how I fear the consequences. If only I was more social LOL!!!1 I could give better insight. Sociality is the greatest incentive, after all. Thus, anything can change with it.
  9. There will always be closed-minded, "stupid" people (just going along with the thread). I just hope the world is less overrun with them soon, so I can get onto a life without such a mosquito infecting the entire world on my mind. Oftentimes I think of a world where high quality/high standard is forced (a scenario that seems to be on the rise, anyway), so that such people, static variables of life who simply 'accept things as they are', will simply accept it—not an idiocracy overrun with mediocrity. If anything, it'll protect humankind in the end, imo, at least for longer than what some people currently in power will destroy. (Then again, anything I say merely on this Internet forum can easily be seen as shortsighted, and countered by someone else with a different motive for the world; and who's to say I'm the one with the better plan?) There's such a thing as seeing art on a personal level, and one on an historic level. There's such an opinion as hating mainstream music because of the philosophies behind such a thing, and knowing better alternatives anyway. I don't see the difficulty in understanding if one merely thinks, or rather, has multiple experiences on the issue. As for me, I can't think of any Youtube links to offer or whatever!
  10. I thought it would be about online addiction with a subsequent delve into something general.
  11. This should be everyone's attitude. Though it's not often that it actually works as well as Burn Out (but it still works).
  12. Pandora is a nice way to branch out. I've found a lot of stuff there. But I wish there was a better site out there, to speak the truth. ...One that directly compared, percentage-wise, one person's tastes with another's. I think it would be a sure-fire way to find tons of new material and even meet others. But alas, there would need to be a web-development team equal to or greater in skill than Pandora for this to happen. I see scattered music communities attempt to do just that (that is, seek music from one another), but I think there could be a more efficient way, than even Pandora/, to do it. As one's life progresses, certain songs depreciate in value, I've found. Those with active minds ("musically passionate") eventually discover new, similarly meticulated genres to be... well, "better", even compared to previously highly-esteemed tunes. So there's this constant migration to higher forms of meaning in music that people desire, rather than letting oneself be subjugated to repetitive patterns that make humans realize, "Hey, I've already heard this before. And, now that I think about it, I hate it." Pandora is actually a great way to realize this, because on the site people hear one song after another, all similarly structured, and (most importantly) greater in quality than what other stations provide (allegedly). tl;dr: some songs are better than others and music lovers seek them out lol and web people roq.
  13. Insanely better while inebriated with whatever. Sit back and listen on ultra high quality setup with a big room and a big sofa and you're set.
  14. 1. Some generic "Diablo - Final Fantasy" remix thing I heard on, and Napster, got me pumped to search for more video game remixes. (Upon reflection, I don't think that was even a game remix.) This lead to me hearing Impoetus as my first OCR besides Hyrulian. I had no idea what was going on but it sure was cool! Makes me realize that others can still experience music as awesome events. 2. In 2001/2002-ish, setting all I could on a discman, and lying on the floor with my legs going up the side of my brother's bed. I swear I heard songs that night that I'll never hear again, despite listening to all of them again later (but looking at the computer to see the names). Point being, it took me places. (Oh crap that was just my brain functioning oddly.) 3. 2002-ish again (might really be messing up these dates), brother playing Asheron's Call MMORPG with Disco Dan's 'Snake Man Get Down'. I remember it was one of the most unique songs I'd ever heard while it played through the beefy (for the time) system. It was another laying-on-the-floor moment. Scott Peeple's Punchout remix was similar, though I don't like that song anymore 'cuz of how the percussion sounds all repetitive. 4. virt. Then there was this time I spun up the discman while I was doing physics homework ah wait that was VGMix.
  15. Why are you so defensive of this site/community in a sarcastic manner all the time? Your opinions of late have been REDiculous. I love you.
  16. Hm I just had the same question yesterday. Someone I know asked me to recommend him some of the more recent ones.
  17. I take back my statements about volume. Just bought a sound card, new headphones, and downloaded foobar2000 and loaded it with a ton of DSPs, so now loud songs are LOUD. Like Beatdrop's MMX thing hah. Just thought I'd share.
  18. That's because he's Shnabubula. where's his webspace, anyway?
  19. Audity

    Over 9000?

    Actually, this video did: Get your facts straight! ok i'm not really a jerk i don't talk like that
  20. Oh yeah, make more zircon and pixie albums!! woops i meant to make that text size small OH WELL IT STILL WORKS
  21. The point of being objective is? WELL I SUPPOSE the only benefit of such is to counter those who mix nostalgia with objectivity. Oh right, nostalgia doesn't factor in with objectivity; I forgot! As for me, I never owned the games, or felt like owning them after playing them at friends'/relatives' houses. But they were always really unique to me, and have the utmost respect to those who have an attachment to the games. Plus, I must have liked Disney games :}
  22. Not totally my style, but it sounds nicely cohesive. Just sit back and contemplate!
  23. I enjoyed the ambient beginning. The sounds are really mixed well. The first "not 100% perfect" personal gripe is that the vocals seem too fast. My main gripe though is the chorus, as I guess I'm a purist when it comes to this song? Whatever, the rest is worthy. Only listened to once, shall probably listen in the future.