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  1. whenever i feel like it, which hasn't been recently. one day, i'll be back to my collection. i have this thing against using playlists, for some reason.
  2. awesome. check out his mix on vgmix from mario party 2
  3. The whole song's a bit loud. I mistake the vinyl for clipping. Does it last throughout the whole song? Despite this and my opinion that this song is overdone, it still sounds enjoyable, possibly from how decently crisp it sounds, and actually even from how it doesn't focus too much on the melodies, and overall has a solid arrangement behind it. I liked the jazzy section. Reminded me of JJT's FF6 mix. I'm sure the singing won't be too bad, but I'm not really a fan of any singing when comparing it to an instrumental version. Having two versions would be cool for anyone with a similar opinion.
  4. I think it all sounds good, even still, but maybe because it's all only the beginning, and if I want to fulfill my idea of a megamix, I think a decent amount of buildup is necessary. (I can always submit shortened individual versions to OCR.) I remember looking at the judging forum yesterday (I rarely look), looking at only one NO thread and lo and behold, I saw Darkesword saying, "Don't use pads for a melody[/progression]". But I figured maybe it's alright to do it, because I have plans to eventually replace those pad sounds with more attack-oriented samples. Thanks for noticing, though! I tried adding more attack to the ones already there, but it didn't sound right. (Using them in the first place was an accident, actually: "*goes through sample sets from the wrong sample set due to boredom; pads appear* ...omg this sounds awesome".) Multiple times, I was thinking of adding a little bit of music-like substance to the opening, to make it more SoE-like at the very least (more interesting, musically, too). Also, I forgot to extend the ominous long-note that briefly appears. Ah, yeah, the opening loud sound effects aren't really supposed to act as a transition tool in the traditional sense, and perhaps I should even have more time between them, but I thought it sounded good anyway while not lasting too long. Dunno when I'll ever finish it. Could take a year if I spend my time learning more about remixing solely for this piece.
  5. hey thanks for replying to my WIP thread. IN RETURN: HEY this has a harp and strings and stuff, too. It's pleasant. I am sort of familiar with the game's soundtrack due to my friend's semi-obsession with it, but I can't say I recall the original. It would be cool to hear it again. Anyway... I got some criticism from someone regarding the dissonant chords in my terranigma thing. I know it's really tempting to try to break the mold a little, but without style surrounding the dissonant notes, they just sound like wrong notes. After hearing them (near the beginning, and 0:53) a couple times, then going back to the song, I can sorta' see the note. ...But for first time listeners it might be awkward. (Basically, style is key.) Or perhaps I'm in too much of a critiquing mood. Definitely has a lot more texture than my WIP! (That ending song is a killer of ideas.)
  6. For years at attempting to remix many songs, and create originals of my own, I finally plan on creating a long mix of all the best songs in Secret of Evermore. First segment - My take on the beginning events of the game. Sounds like a woman breathing, but it could also be a boy if you think hard enough. Unfortunately, I can't find ANY 'electricity' samples to mimic the dog chewing the wires; perhaps I don't need it. Maybe there's something more I could do here. Introduction/Credits - Not sure what I'll do with the rest. Maybe I'll break into a trance (or be Xenosphere-esque), but I tend to play by what instruments sound good, and currently I have a lot of great sounding stuff/ideas, IMO, and feel collected about this whole thing. I think this mix will be my life's purpose. Intro/Credits will transition into the 2nd half of Queen Bluegarden, aka RLY GOOD IDEA. Boss theme - Primal style Pyramid - Fucking awesome jammin' style. Fields of Gothica - Short but sweet piece I could probably fit in somewhere. Flying - Oh this would go well near Gothica!! Ebon Keep - Castle - This song is so mellow I must arrange it somehow. Final Boss - Invader Zim style. May not remix but are decent songs: Collosia Chamber 1 - People have already arranged this. Ivor Tower - The Town - Shnab have already begun to move.
  7. WIP2. This could be quite a project. I plan on making it pretty long, everchanging and whatnot. THANKS FOR COMMENTS THEY HELPD
  8. It barely resembles the original, but if I add more to it, it might turn into something of a remix.
  9. I've heard a decent amount of this kind of music in the not too distant past (artist: Ott), so I was a little skeptical. But it's grown on me a bit, and has a bit more innovation even, than Ott. Main thing I wish for is more 'new' material in the last quarter of the song, which would make this epic beyond all imagination.
  10. Reason 4.0. Mini-song/WIP using just two samples, new to 4.0. (And a ton of reverb n equalization and compression and stereo imaging, which I've never implemented well until now, IMFO.)
  11. The intro could have been more spread out before the main synth comes in, but other than that it's about time that someone did this theme in a fitting way.
  12. GREAT PALACE THEME yeah hopefully more variations of great palace's theme happens after the every-other-palace music
  13. edit: made mistake in subject title; editing does nothingggg sort of. edit 2: revised the mashup. -- I am here to offer everyone my briefly-worked-on mashup of the Dune Soundtrack's Ecolove and GrayLightning's Dezoris Winter. I PMed Gray about this, but his private message box is full. Perhaps someone can send this message to him? tl;dr: the link to my mashup is right in the quote. and now optional: flac
  14. Hm, game design. I'm definitely not an artist (really bad at that). But plotting out "how things should be" is a type of design, I'd assume. I'm always thinking about things and how they "should have been done this or that way", so somewhere in the myst of the gaming industry ladder I should be able to be influential in that sense, without having to know code or be artistic (pictorially, anyway). I'm not much of a complete inventor of genius overall gameplans, but with others' work before me, I could potentially correct their oversights for the better. Kind of like remixing game music, though creating something from nothing isn't completely beyond me. I'm still up in the air for anything. I rarely play games ever anymore, but I feel it might be refreshing if I go into its field and believe I'm improving things.
  15. I only listened to the first version so far. I like how long it is already, and cohesive it is. The part leading up to the breakbeat section was really weak, however. It's a pretty standard concept in songs like these, so if you're going to continue to have that section there, I would make it more fitting with the rest of the song. [Listening to the 2nd version, what I just mentioned in this paragraph has been fixed. Cool.] I definitely think it's an improvement over the original, as a stand-alone song. I was a little pessimistic at the very start, it being a Deku Tree remix, but the feeling of the repeated melodic progression reminds me a lot of this song: Magic_Lamp_-_(Ellywu2).mp3. This computer doesn't have it, so I can't upload it, and I don't know what game it's from, but that's what it's called, and that's who it's by. Harmonic minor breakbeat music is great. I could upload once I set up my other computer. Most of the song's structural progression relies on the percussion, and I think that's swell, but near the end I got this feeling that some new, melodic sample, or variation of melodic samples, could make the melody more powerful, without being too cheesy. [Now that I've listened to the 2nd version, there was a decent amount of change. This is mostly a good thing, but like someone mentioned, the wobbly stuff after the ping pong percussion fadeout could be more fitting to the rest of the song if it was handled differently.] Keep working on this. It could turn out really great. I think the duration could go on at least another minute. An extended version could go on for 5 minutes, even.
  16. This sound is really unique. The production could use a bit of work, but I know diddley about that. I'd also like if there was a little more substance to it overall, BUT I think that's just because of how the production currently is. Kind of like how the limited sound of the NES chip needed a lot of substance to make up for potentially low production values. All I know is that Combinators are your friend. Same with that Default Mastering device or whatever:
  17. My school (Orlando, FL, UCF) actually has a video game production college. Too bad it's fucking owned (pwned?) by EA, basically (the college touts EA-affiliation as some sort of positive trait). Makes me want to stear clear from that place. Instead of crappo EA, I'd much rather work for Nintendo o' tha USA. Yo. Fuck. ok anyway that's just my immediate idea. It feels like half the people on the internet say game testing is a horrid job, and the other half says it pays really well. For now, from feedback here and elsewhere, it's not something much to consider anymore, and I should just talk to that advisor about the general Digital Media offerings that I could get myself into. Game producer might be nice, actually. Telling people what to do is awesome, as everyone knows. It's just that I thought my ideas would sound so logical to people, that even if I was "merely a game tester", they would pull through to the very end. Then again, people are stupid.....i mean probably won't care since the person I'd be telling would probably be like "oh, ok dude, sounds great" and then think about dying 'cuz he hates his job. or something. to think pessimistically. Guess I should bring this link out -> Basically where I got most of my positive outlook from. At least it's presented (somewhat) better than a lot of other retarded game tester guide preaching sites.
  18. Well, I've already got the concept down that a job is a job, which is why I was hoping there was some college degree that I could get which would make me able to snag a decent paying job while at the same time not being too grunt-worky. I mean, if a job is a job, and I don't see practically any as being particularly enjoyable, then there's no really complaining about indecisiveness. It just seemed to me that video game testing could let me give feedback about the game, because I very much think I would be able to suggest really awesome features for games that I rarely see implemented. I guess if game testing is literally the garbage heap of the gaming field, then I should use college to gain position in some field that would accccttually let me achieve that desire to suggest features.
  19. I have had my mind all over the place as far as careers go. From Information Technology to Health Administration to Financial Accounting. And now I am interested in being a Game Tester. I have read from many online sites that it can net you up to 80-100+ dollars an hour. But according to that Wikipedia article, it says solely $8-$15, no questions asked, basically. What's the deal here?? I'm going to speak to an advisor in Digital Media at UCF on the 4th, but until then I was wondering if anyone here has any non-biased informative experiences with yourselves or friends/relatives. I also heard at another place that 10-20 dollars an hour can be made for someone without a college degree, and upwards of those previously-mentioned high rates can be earned with a degree.
  20. The opening and ending background reminds me of The Extreme from FF8. The Primey synth first four notes remind me of Chrono Trigger theme. The remix reminds me of Skytown and Prime 3 opening theme. Ok, fine, enough with my obvious observations. (3rd line is sarcastic in nature, obviously.) Overall, if I don't think about other ways to remix this diverse theme, and just listen, it's solid and great. Can't think of anything else (maybe some more volume dynamics). I wouldn't mind looping this for awhile. It seems like you like remixing the best themes. Great philosophy! :]
  21. I made a decent sized thread requesting this game, too. I always thought Megalomaniac was overrated ever since I grew tired of it. I have to say that the remix has a really refreshing touch to it. Nice. I would love to see any of these five mixed, because they're my absolute favorites whose appeal never exhausts. But as this MegaloMix shows, even my less liked ones can be made enjoyable. S01.spc is kinda complex. I wouldn't ever be able to tackle that one. I got some crazy idea to make S03.spc's bpm a lot faster and make it some sort of speed rock/techno/whatever mix (I'd like to mix genres up if I ever work on it). That would be nutsly awesome. As a less intense version, it sounds like something djp would remix. I think S21.spc would benefit from being mostly like the original, but played Live (lol) or something. I really believe this source material should be known by many. It's simple and very pretty sounding yet unique all at the same time. Haha. Remix project: LIVE A LIVE: LIVE! I'm a genius.
  22. He only mentioned "steady beat" and "amazing soundtrack", though. There are amazing soundtracks out there that are easier to mix. Complex melodies and chord progressions (etc.) are undoubtedly harder to comprehend than simple ones, regardless of whether or not they have a steady beat.
  23. Songs not having steady beats have completely no relation to the difficulty of remixing. To the open-minded artistic ones, anyway.
  24. I just remembered how good this song is. Tons of remixing potential, too. While I'm at it: Does anyone know which track off the Earthbound Remix Project remixes Threed, if any? It's impossible to find that individual mix, if it does exist. The original track names aren't given anywhere, as far as I know.
  25. Haha no one mentioned this yet??? Final Fantasy 7 - Frozen Landscape from the FF7 Project. Also, Ice Dungeon from Skies of Arcadia. And many other ice dungeons maybe.