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  1. I'VE GOT IT. What is sarcasm? /jeapordy!1
  2. THIS MAKES NO SENSE ARG but it's funny
  3. Unfortunately a song mixed well is the case approximately 0%-1% of the time.
  4. I just bought $200 DENON AH-D2000s. The experience between them and Sony MDR-7506s is incredible (maybe my Sonys are just really [REALLY] worn out, though). ...You may be wondering why I'm bringing up my headphones. Well, I started messing with (Winamp's) EQ settings for the first time in my life yesterday. And I have to say that, without a doubt, there is no best EQ setting. (Technically, this is true; but if people want to "lie" to themselves ...or are too lazy ...or like to spot songs with "amazing production"* via flat listening, then go ahead and set one setting for all. I know I'll occasionally become lazy and be content with a general setting.) This is because there are particular frequencies, in every song, that are stronger than others. (The bass---among other frequencies---in Protricity's 'Brambles in the Breeze' seems to benefit by a hefty [60hz] bass boost without a significant drop in listenability regarding other frequencies.) And since everyone uses a different setup, it's impossible to say what's best. As for my headphones of this caliber, every single song ever created sounds like shit unless I set a specific EQ, so this takes some discipline (or genuine interest in my case) to overcome. *Unfortunately, since different producers created each of your songs with different audio setups, every song technically sounds not so amazing without EQ boosts. Perhaps it was easier to tell what sounds good with my previous 'phones (they made me aware that certain frequencies existed that I couldn't find via "flat listening" with these new ones). But if someone listened to music with these even for the first time, the third paragraph should provide enough accurate information to create soundscapes they really enjoy. Random/Concluding note: the Sonys didn't seem to sound good with any EQ (too tinny), but perhaps I didn't experiment enough. Can't believe I just taught myself all of this last evening/night. And I may be still learning. Like even better headphones may wield crazier results. And holy crap, Adhesive Boy's 'Cry of the Chasmal Critter Chain' might be the best song I've heard via flat listening yet. His 'Braving The Flames' sounds good with "Live", though I should be able to tweak it a little to sound even better, given willingness.
  5. Would you consider something like DENON AH-D2000 headphones producer headphones? They're 200 dollars (Sony MDR-7605s, my "old" headphones, are 100), and they're the worst headphones I've ever heard in my life. Edit: Maybe that's not true. They have a deeper quality to them after direct comparison. However, it still sounds a little weird/stupid/muffled. Maybe a headphone amp (a recommended accessory for these 'phones according to would justify the purchase. Edit2: Alright! Apparently the headphones don't suck. Apparently it's just that so many songs are not produced well!? But, like, every song is not produced well or something, according to these 'phones. I tried fiddling around with Winamp's EQ settings (for the first time ever [enlightening experience]) and came up with songs that sound insanely good. I didn't even know I could raise the dB level via that method---so songs like JigginJonT's 'Live from the Yggdrasil' sound way better from not being so quiet anymore (oddly, that arrangement's quality improves dramatically with the Winamp EQ preset "Ska", and of course the dB level raised differently at different intervals of the song). If this is how good it sounds without a headphone amp, then I don't know what to expect with one. Hopefully I'm not going mad here. If you're willing to change the EQ setting for a lot of songs, then these DENON AH-D2000 headphones are great! Perhaps certain headphones, including the MDRs, actually do "unflatten" the songs to accomodate for the casual listener who doesn't like messing with EQ settings. I can't believe I'm just learning about this now! And all from inference, too.
  6. these can't be beat: Quinn Fox - Mamabrain about:blank - Acrophobia Quinn Fox - Modeserpent Quinn Fox - Solace in Second AmIEviL - LetThereBeLight Disco Dan - Green Amnesia Ceracyst - Heart's Anxiety MIDIman - Metroid MegaDance Mix 2002 Harmony - Nighttime Evolution the wingless - Aphrodite Oceanus Adhesive Boy - Cry of the Chasmal Critter Chain Harmony - Live at the Springyard Patrick Burns - Revisiting the Ruins Protricity - Brambles in the Breeze McVaffe - Crystalline Caverns Mazedude - Lounge Lemmings JigginJonT - Anthem of Exile JigginJonT - Live from the Yggdrasil Oceanfire - Xenosphere McVaffe - Vortex Groove-Mecha destructo - The Lost Horizon Tweek - Frozen Landscape zircon,pixietricks - Deliverance of the Heart Sine - Seeking Heat Protricity - Autumn in Yesteryear Guardia
  7. It's the return of DJ Frog!! anyway, I'm basically gunna be repeating Drumultima, but... 1. It's too loud. Your bass kick/some other stuff is clipping. This advice is 100% correct and must be changed (unless it's on purpose/stylistic, which this isn't). Lower the volume for all of your instrument/sample tracks equally and see what happens; it should sound clearer. Comparing your song with your favorite OCRs is useful. ...Preferably ones that are well-produced, like djp's Socket/Fortuna/Sveldt remix (and many other remixers'). This WIP is louder than most songs on the entire site. 2. The sections starting at 0:56 and 1:23 are both uncharacteristically dissonant/out of key, especially 1:42-2:12. If you were actually going for a dissonant approach, you would need a LOT of style to pull that off---you would have to make the whole song flow enough for the listener to be taken on a journey uncommon in music (on this site anyway, though I think Mazedude did something like that)---usually through the use of chord progression. But, since I doubt you are, there's no point in making a dissonant song. Also, considering the original is anything but dissonant, your audience wouldn't approve. Things to read up about: a) Auditory Clipping Key signature c) Chord progression
  8. too bad it literally sounds like crap at 44khz/16bit WHICH THIS IS NOT or something? mmm pure Reason soundage. edit:fixed link and during this first wip yeah i went back and edited it to be longer than it initially was. whatever, i can go either way. i know i have a long road ahead for this one; only got the easiest stuff out of the way.
  9. Yes, YES! It's working! My evil plan to consume Audix's identity! no actually i'm a different person
  10. Faux-naif Melodic/Piano/Kalimba/Electro-drums/Weird ambient synths/Reason 4/hooray
  11. It's a rough ride transition-wise up until the rhodes. (The phat beat until this point is a bit loud.) But mostly smooth sailing from there. The middle dipping back down to reference the opening seems just a little empty. It's that way with the ending a little, as well (also seeming to reference the opening).
  12. The ex-ReMix called IceCreamBearShoeHorn is not here. It appears to not exist on the internet anymore. It was by DJ Seith. Game name: Anticipation.
  13. I thought this was going to be a thread about this place:
  14. You should provide some more analysis with that blue shit for other types of compression. VBR V0 versus CBR 320 particularly interests me. The easiest way I can tell if any particular song requires a higher bitrate (without going all crazy with that graphing stuff) is by converting a WAV to FLAC, and looking at the average kbps rate throughout the song. (Though I may be missing something here.) I assume by that method, one could see if that opera example truly is a "terrible" one or not, by seeing how far the FLAC dips down. Hm, kinda' makes me wish there was another type of FLAC-like format that wasn't as restrictive as MP3 VBR is, yet was engineered with human-hearing limits in mind. ...Maybe that's called OGG! (Made by the same people, too.) (As a random not-really-relating note: recording a human voice to WAV, then FLAC-converting it, leads to a pretty small size. But as soon as I add some effects to it in Reason [default reverb patch on full-power], the FLAC size doubles.) I got it right awhile ago. Couldn't tell the difference really until the end. Though now that I think about it, even after listening to it all that time ago, I remember I could put my finger on this certain open-ness throughout the entire 320kbps opera clip. I wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing at the time of the listenings, but it ended up being my backup reason for choosing the correct one. And with dann's WAV clip, it just makes more sense (it being slowed down sounds really awful, however). If anything here is true, it's the fact that backing shit up as technically as possible sure beats just talking out of an ass. (Not saying I've done any good tech-talk here.) Unless the person desires to continue living a life of uncertainty.
  15. The opening sounds like it's got a sound quality problem (can't put my finger on what kind), though apparently that's some effect you deliberately chose to put over it. I guess it's alright! Since I'm a critical sort of guy: the whole first section, with the percussion and main progression, makes me want to critique this negatively ("it's just verbatim Zeal with percussion!"). However, when 1:28 comes in, it turns into a really cool style. Because of that, I'd have 1:28-1:39 play longer, before that main Zeal melody commences. Extending it like that would really have affect on many more people. It would make critical people less critical about the song as a whole, imo, as it did in my case, because it would bring something new to the Zeal theme. So, once they'd hear the entire song and go back to the beginning, they'd enjoy it a lot more. (Kind of like the first synth lead part of Beatdrop's new mix before the 32nd notes.) I don't enjoy vocal clips. Unless maybe they were put under some effect. Effects make EVERYTHING better . Lots of songs use just plain voice when they could easily make things more interesting by putting it under an effect that compliments the rest of the song. I mean, if vocal clips are even necessary at all. Ending is good. Reflects that 1:28 section. As for production, it's good enough... ...Though, if choosing to go the extra mile on your current sound-producing capabilities: it could be more open, bigger and fuller (comparing to all those l33t electronic artists out there). Volume as voltage/amp'age REALLY makes a difference in any song ever. After all, if you can't hear a song('s details), why bother listening? With my headphones plugged directly into my computer's slot, and everything imaginable at max volume (no headphone amp), there's a certain oomph not present in this that's present in a lot of retail electronic music. Though obviously don't make it clip, should you decide to experiment with volume. And I'm sure there's something more to do with it than volume (ala maximizer), but that's not exactly my strong point.
  16. Best mix in awhile the end. The appearance of the first gritty synth lead (1/6 through the song) made me a bit weary of the rest of the song. Then the 32nds came and it was all unique from there. The most important aspect of music today, in my opinion, is to find a sound that's unique---and that's what's present here. Electronic buffs, make yourself at home with this ReMix.
  17. I swear I not only searched but went through every page ctrl+f'ing for "SNES". Whatever. thanx, d00d
  18. Vintage OCR? I've heard every OCR since I came here in 2001 or whatever. And on a semi-related note, anyone know of a site that has NSF files not on Zophar? I know this one which has Slalom but not some others I'm looking for like Anticipation (and other DavidWise stuff [WheelofFortune/Jeopardy!]).
  19. I read a thread here half a year ago or so, where someone was going to do this and point out notable tracks. I don't think it exists anymore; is the guy still around doing it? I wonder if anyone's done it for the NES and C64, 'cuz chiptunes r cool.
  20. Probably my favorite source from the remix album and the original soundtrack. The original is there with the standard good style of Morse to really bring out a new and vibrant sound. I just wish it was higher bit-rate and included my favorite section of the original (it has all the other parts).
  21. The surf section doesn't "ultimately" ruin the song. It's probably the most enjoyable section of the song BECAUSE of how random/unexpected it is*. The orchestral intro is well-done, too. But when the guitars drop out, I don't really like the lead synth at all (needs to be accompanied with something more gritty, or rather have the entire sample be different). Then, leading it up to the bright cheerful lead sample, that's a good sound and I like it, but I think it's too lonely for too long (kind of a minor nitpick, since the next section uses it along with that Pendulum-style section). Mainly, I think most critics really would like to see the song more fleshed out. It suffers from the syndrome I have with making music, where I have sections of music only last for like 8 measures. With longer duration and a somewhat-better mixing of sounds to give things a fuller meaningful feel in certain places, this would be quite perfect. Certainly it's extremely important for people to enjoy what they truly like hearing and express that, rather than let nostalgia take them over 100%. It's very natural for people to compare OCRs with retail songs (production or otherwise), and love and nostalgia for games can overshadow that a little. Sure it may be a little harsh sometimes. ...But there's quite an abundance of people out there who will think it's the best remix ever, as well. For me, I wouldn't mind if every song created from now on was a mix of genres, because there's already been so much stuff done in familiar territory. (Doesn't mean it always has to be hardcore and 'fun'; it could be super meaningful, too.) *Though I may have a bias 'cuz I know this super-cool dude who really likes fun works like this, and I'm reminded of him every time something like this comes up. ...I wonder how great this would sound on expensive and colorful car stereo system. The final heavy section really made me wonder that. With all the negatives and double-thought out of the way, it's actually quite nice to just sit back and enjoy it. And yes, Pendulum is good. (offtopic: Speaking of cool contemporary artists like Pendulum... Robot-O-Chan, the song not the mediocre [imo] album, by Prometheus is one of the most enjoyable and well-written songs I've heard lately, along with Ribbon on a Branch by Younger Brother.)
  22. Only annoying parts were the sporadic organ with the opera singing, and the megaphone lady, and how they used kids' voices a LITTLE bit too much (still infinitely better than that Most Wanted song which is seriously one of the worst things I've ever heard).
  23. This sounds a lot like Theme of Payon from Ragnarok Online. The sound quality is a bit higher, though! And there are still some stark differences. It's nice to listen to after that RO song.
  24. Here are some very under-represented songs (in the remixing community), from SOTN. They aren't the best VG songs ever or anything IMO, but they seem like they could be the most popular for those familiar and into the game. ...Besides that over-remixed Dracula's Castle theme. Now if there's only some way to not show the videos in this large fashion. ! Rainbow Cemetary
  25. I figured there was a catch, but not anything like that. Don't know until I try.