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  1. Hi I love you I added your voice to the end of my old video: ----- I'm still having serious, serious IRC issues -- with other servers too, such as, and all the servers that I really love. It's really awful, makes no sense, a.k.a. for no reason; and I've been having to use some website-integrated Mibbit Widget on since February. ISP didn't help at all, none of my genius friends (not sarcasm) know anything about it, I'm not technically challenged (too much) so I've tried tons of troubleshoots to no avail. I'm kind of bad at proxies though, and actually internet connections knowledge in general, sort of. Somehow this "Mibbit Widget" works for the server, which is really odd. Even going to itself doesn't make it work!! Maybe the Mibbit Widget (for uses a proxy...? And there's now the topical new issue happening, i.e. #ocremix has that problem where I join (via Pidgin IRC) and I eventually get into the channel, when I'm lucky, only to be kicked out soon. (And all the while, mIRC doesn't allow anything to work at all. I.e. I can't join the channel, at all. ...I.E.) ----- But anyway, really I was wondering if there was someone named "Xerol" in the chat. I saw that he has one of my WIPs, in a WINAMP Generated Playlist. It's a remix of "Testament" I made years ago, from Xenosaga 3. But a HDD crash caused me to lose a TON of my self-made music. I will maybe go make a thread eventually on the WIP boards. Basically any source of this community's people would be wonderful for me to have so I can ask around, if anyone has music/arrangements by me.
  2. Hi I'd like to request unban from #ocremix. I joined but my IRC was having problems, and didn't even realize that it had started working. By then, it kept quitting me out and rejoining me, so a mod probably banned me. Username should've been something like Audity. Sounds right.
  3. I went through various archives and I didn't see the Tetris Attack trance remix of Walk On A Rainbow. I don't even remember the remixer. I don't remember the name of the mix. I even put it in a megamix I made. That's gone, too. We really need to find more VGMix X tracks. Especially that one.
  4. "Erasermotorphantom Lich" mashup work-in-progress version1
  5. do it it also sounds like it could be remixed into something like this song: Which I'm going to mashup right now.
  6. This is one of the best on OCR, let alone the Internet. Very professional. (Some months back I stopped keeping up with every OCR. But I'm sure my point is still accurate!)
  7. Hi! I'd like to know if there's been any headway on the ease of ripping PSP music, because this song is amazing: and there's no OST with it.
  8. Bought 4+ years ago, but very very rarely worn (sorry!:[ ). Nonsmoking home. PM me (or buy^) if your interest knocks you flat!
  9. Any song. -- Secret of Evermore's ambiance. It sounds so much like it. I'm finding it difficult even to find other songs that sound as similar to other game songs (though I haven't looked much presently).
  10. I still like this remix, and listen to it intently, whenever the need arises! But I must point out that it's redundant to list Terra's theme as part of this arrangement. This is because "Save Them" already has Terra's theme in it, and is even arranged in a very similar fashion that this remix has!
  11. It's no longer available anywhere on the Internet. Are there plans to make it available again, in some fashion?
  12. Almost three years later, my hard drive died with this song on it. I only need the one that was in the second link. Does anyone have it?
  13. forget single posting because FOUR COLORS HAS THE GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME that was a catchphrase, but if i could un-dilute its now-lowered sincerity level, i would. check them out in the original post. Also, what's this Ender's Game thing? The "Rat" song is awesome.
  14. the hell is this immeasurable stash. i need sleep. Thanks, ! and, shnabubu, for, existing,
  15. this needed one more majorly good fuckin solo or something similar, to seal the entire package tightly, and it'd be one of the best remixes. but still enjoyable. (also, it's not repetitive. wtf. get some $200 headphones; your mind will be dancing all the while.)
  16. Hey, do you still have that Stuck (Penultimate) song I made? You said you really liked it. But my hard drive crashed, and um, well, I'm quite sure that my friend already salvaged the Penultimate version for me. However, I did make a version after that; I was wondering if by any chance you have it. Please respond. I don't really care about much in the hard drive crash, but that song's my child.

  17. 1:34 - 2:44 IS GOD So is the transition from Atma Weapon back to normal boss, but that only lasts for a second or five. But the other a whole minute of genius buildup. (Not none of that cheap building material, found in other songs!) Plus the mixing is overall the least cluttered, and is actually balanced during that section, for use in cranking it as loud as possible without any one frequency range vibrating itself into irritation. ... In other words, I can't find much wrong with it.
  18. A video to this would be amazing. Best shnab song, aside from Peachy Love and that SMW madness, and stuff. I want to make an audio recording of me singing S,W,P; I could do it accurately, too (after practice), considering my playcount.
  19. prty amazing for a schala remix. I really wish the ending would do what it does, BUT have a final, finishing sustaining blow so to speak. As it is now it merely fades out basically (not technically, but musically). And, given all the uniqueness beforehand, I'm sure something great could've been whipped up for the end.
  20. It's great. I just wanted to say that there's a little bit of extra treble in the high-end percussion, which, according to my experience and producer-headphones setup, is a common problem in many many songs really. I like playing my songs loudly. And, in order to hear natural instruments (e.g. high notes of pianos and guitars) at their maximum quality -- by boosting up high-end EQ -- doing so primarily results in ear piercing, whenever there's such percussion 'in the way' in many songs out there. It depends on the mindset and audio setup of the person, but I think that a tiny bit more tweaking and consideration for many artists will make for an always enjoyable listen.
  21. This song is probably worth your time! (Nintendo DS) (Highly recommended compared to YouTube's version.) Sorry for the FLAC. I can upload in MP3 if requested, or you can get the .2SF file at Zophar. File name: NTR-APHJ-JPN-0016.mini2sf. YouTube's: related thread
  22. The difference between WIP1 and 2 is insane. I just wish the higher-frequency buzzing/fuzz in the first half was somehow quieter, even though it's quite quiet already.
  23. me too i can't wait to wake up one day an be all like YEAYUH as much as i hate remixes not being posted in order of submission... this needs to go up now!