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  1. Since we're speaking of formats and bitrates, I just realized that the music on the Brawl page is encoded at a pretty low rate. It's like 80kbps or something. Similar conversion method as Youtube, and Youtube audio always sounds awful. So not all hope is lost. I'm curious as to how they will handle Brambles from DKC2.
  2. This song is amazing. Just raise the volume in Audacity and you're ready to go. The sound quality for some reason, while not being what you'd standardly hear in a song, sounds way better in certain ways indescribably. No one I show this to seems to like it, but perhaps only due to the volume. Speaking of raising volume... Here's a version with the volume raised. I went in Audacity and used the pencil tool to get rid of some of the higher volume peaks, and then raised the volume of the whole song. PM me if you're interested in a FLAC version. It does go in the red zone occasionally, barely, but I don't notice degredation in quality; I just notice how much better it sounds when louder! Useful when you just have an on-board sound card. This is more 80's rock than techno. The drums do get a little monotonous after awhile, and with the right touches more power *could* be put into this without it losing its appeal. I have to say, after raising the volume, I noticed the pitch-raising synth near the end is the most powerful section in the whole song; a certain point after it, though, it goes back to normal power, which is a little disappointing. I tried to alleviate that in the above version.
  3. I like the first half way better, along with the ending since it goes back to the 1st half's concept. The strings are too cheap sounding to me.
  4. Hello, I am back again with yet another weird song! Except this time hopefully it's enjoyable. It's the best thing I've done, easily. It's pretty much a fusion piece. I need to make the first part of the song longer. Loops are default from Reason, but the rest I composed/mixed together. edit: somewhat revised version:
  5. Maybe a little lessening of the static effect is in order, but the ending sounds very appropriate as it is, and may feel a little random if the static was completely removed from all but the ending. Speaking of the ending (the forest theme 8th notes + main theme), it is solid and the best part (nice bell quality, appropriate strings, fitting complexity, much-needed arranged drum programming), and I have nothing to say that would make it better. But maybe the last few measures could do something different. The notes currently there hardly represent themes from the rest of the piece. The repeating downward melody is present elsewhere in the song, so that sounds alright, but I can imagine some either fading-in, or simply quiet background 8th notes, arranged slightly differently than previous 8th notes, while those last notes are playing, instead of leaving that plunked-down semi-abrupt ending hanging without any 8th note buddies. Just an idea, that apparently involves much notes of eighths. Sorry I didn't download this (since I figure it'll be on OCR sometime), so I can't give exact seconds. The progression in the beginning is the same as in the ending, which is nice, and gives the beginning more meaning.
  6. I just got to the 4th planet and hope there's still lots more to do with this game, since it has so much potential to just break out into a bunch of awesome exploration (but probably won't). This thread seems to be talking about a bunch of spoilerific details recently, so I just skipped the last pages. I remember someone wondering what people's favorite music is. Does the music get better than Skytown? I actually like the "omg metroids" music, too (that one chord is great). Definitely wish they didn't go the orchestrated route for the majority. People keep mentioning some ice place, but it seems to only last for two seconds. I hope there's more. Needs more. More. Really disappointed by the music, overall. Might be better if I implemented the facade of a hi-tech surround system over it. Maybe Darkesword (or someone) could make Skytown into a lonely guitar piece. Or nothing at all since it's already quite a bit in his style anyway. For the controls, I changed every default, almost. Switch jump/shoot for obvious reasons, removed HUD lag, switched visor buttons since I use scan every two seconds, changed to advance sensitivity, kept free lock-on, though. I like the switched jump/shoot way better because you use what they call your "trigger-finger", and probably doesn't move the wiimote around as much. So far most mysterious place is Valhalla. Makes me wonder about things. Need more of that feeling elsewhere. Maybe the game truly gets better as you keep playing, with Retro unleashing their full-force steps at a time.
  7. Perclexic Inconcision 30 second WIP The part after the crash cymbal is pretty random and only in there for slightly humorous reasons. I'll change that somehow. Otherwise I'm quite pleased with this weirdness. This thread originally said the time signature of this song is weird, but I just added one beat to the beginning of the song, and the whole song became 4/4, except for the part in the middle where the melody repeats. I guess it's sorta like Flim by Aphex Twin. Reminds me of dancing cats, then Flim, then some strange thing.
  8. fine by me! Maybe one day I'll actually use a program that mixes better. By the way, it's more like just a megamix than a DJ mix. FLAC is up.
  9. I made a thread not too long ago, offering a mega-mix that includes calm, pleasant, atmospheric music. But that's then and this is now. MP3 FLAC Here is the order of songs. The unabbreviated, super-long-just-for-the-heck-of-it title is called Journey from the Beginning of Time through the Superficial to the Recognition of Beauty, because I imagined some stories during the compiling and listening of it. It includes as many energetic/fun songs as possible, but there's actually more to it than that, as expressed in the title. See if you can create your own story while listening. I spent a shitload of time making this thing ok. I often find myself unable to stop listening and can't stop dancing whenever that mashup section comes up in the middle of the mp3 (which occurred completely by accident yet sounds incredibly awesome). I can only hope that various artists enjoy seeing their songs in this. The style of the megamix is to implement 1) BPM changing to fit songs on top of each other, on occasion, and 2) adjust volume levels as to hope to achieve smooth sailing [this was easily the most annoying part]. I did everything in Audacity, which is very time-consuming. I could actually probably have used a decent amount more fun songs to replace the more "cool" songs, which would cause much more toe-tapping, but I like to mix and match themes at least a little bit. I've found headphones are best to use, while playing loudly, but I'm sure y'all know how to listen to music. It's mostly game/remix stuff, but there are two original songs in there by some guy named TERMINATUS he's the man. I planned on using some non-game, but there were so little of them. It's for the better!
  10. Sweet, thanks; that's why I made the description (besides it being a true story). I guess something I forgot to ask is if anyone knows of any songs from that are similar to the tracklist/description of this mix? I am not too familiar with the music there.
  11. It will be the 1st song on disc 2, if I ever make that, since disc 1 ends with it introing in. Isn't there a method of using a .cue file in order to be able to skip to certain sections of this long-ass MP3?
  12. VGRemix Community - Aural Pulchritude (Audity Megamix) - Disc 1 MP3 FLAC Like the name implies, this incorporates songs from OCR, VGMIX, and elsewhere, that have a pretty aura of atmosphere about them, in one way or another, and are transitioned between each other in interesting ways (hopefully). Its inspiration formed whilst I drove down an evacuate highway, enjoying the full moon on the night of the recent lunar eclipse---its provided luminescense purifying the prevalent, dark nighttime paint cast by the universe's shadow. ...All of this while listening to the song represented in this mix's first track. Disc 2 might take a slightly different approach, towards the dark(er) side; I'm unsure. I have a list of song names, times, and artists below. Order
  13. I think it would be neat to hear people's rendition of this song should they choose to arrange it. It is a really simple yet good song, so many people could attempt it. Here is the original song. Here is my attempt, and I barely know how to play the piano: I didn't have a composition in mind, so it's practically improvisation. Maybe it will inspire someone to start a remix.
  14. Really nice chords on the pads. Definitely do more with this.
  15. The really short ending chord is how I intended to close it. I didn't change many velocities at all, or do anything to add expression, since it was originally going to be something I could make sheet music with. But thanks for the opinion. I might try something more with it.
  16. I stayed up all night working on this, since it's my favorite song from the game. Original Song My Arrangement There's one note I want to put in towards the end, but who cares; I'll put it in some other time. I started out just wanting to create notes for a simple piano arrangement that I could make sheet music to and play on the piano, but I started going too crazy. I didn't spend much time getting a good piano sound, but it sounds alright, anyway. I don't really think any parts are that messy or random except possibly the last couple of measures leading into the highest-octave-piano part. After experimenting throughout the whole piece, this end result is a sound I am pleased with. I wonder if it's OCR-material. I'd be really surprised if it is; the arrangement is there, but sound quality might be bad? Sounds fine to me! It's less than 2 minutes long, but it seems like a really long song to me, even so.
  17. After thinking about possible other methods...laparoscopy is the best. I had an inguinal (groin) hernia surgery on my right side in December, but I was in and out the same day. Appendicitis sounds worse in ways, considering it took multiple days. The pain right when I woke up from surgery was completely unbearable. I never hear people say that it's like that, but it was in my situation, for whatever reason (maybe the stitches). Eyes were shut and all I remember was lying down, actually lifting my whole lower body up with my upper back and feet and turning myself from side to side; maybe the lifting up part is exaggerated, but that is what I remember it as. I think the pain "subsided" to a more bearable state soon enough, either before or after they gave me painkiller to drink. I couldn't lift stuff and all that jazz as well. Couldn't even pee for awhile, due to PUS or something, even though I was supposed to. Painful processes. Recovery in a week sounds alright. It took me that long before I could really do much. I got 3 cuts for the surgery, and only the bellybutton one is really "noticable", if you count a small red and white line as being such. The others are really small and covered by MAN HAIR. Also, if you don't take showers you'll end up getting really sweaty in certain places and that is not comfortable later on due to rashes. Experiences. Then again I couldn't stand up at all without feeling the pain of a thousand worlds, for several days. (I had the hernia since childhood, so I wonder if the procedure would have been suckier if I didn't put it off for so long, though I did put myself at greater risk by doing so since inguinal hernias can be fatal if left alone and a constriction problem arises. Mine was "minor" enough to not matter as much, I think. I can't believe I went most of my life like that. They have to bring up this lower part of the abdominal wall that rips during the initial occurrance of the hernia and stitch it up with the upper part.)
  18. Weird that you didn't think it works as a real ending. I got a suggestion to slow down the tempo, but I don't have a problem with ending it in such a fashion. I'll still give it some more thought. The key changes were really random, yes. I still think I need to change the bassline, and especially the melody, somewhat, during the finale (before the piano-solo ending happens) to fit with the completely new involvements I gave the song by introducing those samples. I don't know what to do to make it longer, though. Maybe playing with the bassline would give me ideas on how to do that.
  19. NO DRUMS!! I took a gander inside my Silent Hill folder, clicked on Not Tomorrow which I'd already heard a dozen times, and somehow got inspiration to arrange it. About a quarter of my way through I felt like sneaking in a part of this other song from GRANDIA II called Granas Sanctuary. So here's an arrangement of Not Tomorrow (Lisa's Death) and Granas Sanctuary. I've also included the original songs. The climax at the end is a little strange with all the stuff going on. The version of NT in the rar is from the OST, which is not the whole song. If you don't mind seeing something really bloody and disgusting from the game, you can hear the parts I also arranged in THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO. No, wait, I found something better. It's someone playing it on the piano. Oh...hey...look at that bassline at the end. I guess I didn't do something like that!!! Sounds fine, anyway. I played with the melody, instead. OKAY SHUT UP AND DOWNLOAD edit: I'm guessing I could change the bassline here and there. I'm guessing others will agree, but feedback is great. Don't think I'd submit to OCR as it is.
  20. One of my favorite mixes on the site. I agree with the above post. So well-structured. Don't really like the direction at 2:27, but that's the only part "bad" about this song.
  21. mirror Since its first incarnation, I always felt this song made me feel "stuck" in some place. I guess it's penultimate since there'll probably be only one more major improvement if I ever get to working on this again. I guess you could say this is a decent test of some of the immediate loops present in the Reason 3 library via the Combinator device. (Actually, everything you hear is from a Combinator). Much of the progression is based off the rhythm and pitch of the "Lantern" loop that you hear in the beginning and ending. The song is a bit random in places, like with the ending, and the bells in the 2nd+3rd sections, and some of the monk chants. Though if you really want to know about random, the wood-blocky offbeat melody carrier in the last section is full of it. Every time you press the key it's a random rhythm and pitch. I've tried to make a couple game remixes (Xenosaga III, FF12, SMRPG), but never finished any of them, so I thought I'd put this here! The main reason I'm creating music is because I found this site all those years ago, anyway. On an off note, you could say the sound of this piece is inspired by the sounds of Silent Hill, but there are other reasons, too.
  22. I love being thread killer! Just found this and thought it was pretty...perfect for workout music.