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  1. A bit underdeveloped, but I quite like the crunchy sound of the beats. They're pretty well done for being so repetitive (but they really should do some more things than going constantly "up and down" like that, if you know what I mean). I guess I wanted a not-so-genre-changing style, but that's more of a subconscious thing; the truth of the matter is some of these songs are getting old (just from overlistening---still doesn't change what I like about them musically) and could use some new styles anyway! And it's always nice to hear different renditions of songs that you enjoy (since it makes me reflect back and forth between the original and the remix), especially when it's something pretty new while at the same time being something I'm used to. I'm used to my OCRs sounding something like this The too-loud quality of the guitar thing at the beginning kind of reminds me of how the original intentionally sounds of old quality. Something more could be done with those strings. I don't know. It has quite a bit of potential. Maybe I'll come back later and comment some more.
  2. who the FUCK made that awesome art
  3. I sort of agree. After I'm done listening to all the songs I like, when it starts back at the beginning I'm enjoying it way more than some of the others. The whole song is good, but my favorite parts are before it turns into James Bond. Mainly the accompanying piano sound. Speaking of Some of the Others, I upgraded my audio mix of all the songs. Has a few more songs, too. (I neglected to say this before, but I've dedicated the whole audio mix to the unexpected passing of my friend's brother. It's sort of scary how some of the song titles in the 1st half represent the themes of said event.)
  4. freaking awesome man I'm glad you like them. They're only some of the best songs ever created. I've played the 1st and 2nd games and liked them. 3rd one was hard to stomach (I heard it gets better) so I didn't finish it, and I haven't played the 4th one. I couldn't really appreciate the music as much as I do at the moment. They're good songs, but in the game I didn't really notice them. Sometimes I just like to listen to the music and get my own visuals along with the ones provided in the game. Plus the boost in sound quality (album versions) is always nice. I never even heard Love Psalm in the game, which is weird. Hm, checking out your Legend of Dragoon WIP again it sounds way better than last time for some reason. I like the synth sound; reminds me of the best song from Dew Prism, the forest song. Sounds like your style could potentially be great for SH! I don't think your LoD samples are on par with the original SH samples, but that's pretty much going to be a given for the majority of mixers on this site. Arrangement is always a start. See if you can succeed in the challenge of provoking the feeling out of your songs like the composer for SH does! I feel sometimes SH songs are a bit underdeveloped. I think Dance with Night Wind could really use some higher octave awesomeness. The whole song is really low octave as far as the piano goes. Perhaps that gives it uniqueness, but it would be nice to hear another take on such an awesome lonesome theme.
  5. NEEDS MORE LOVE. With the recent revelation of remixers rarely checking this forum (I already knew this), I'm going to make my thread exciting (I already did this in the past!). So without further redundant paragraph ado, here are some tracks I think have a lot of potential. Like, way too much. SH3 - I Want Love SH2 - Alone in the Town SH2 - Laura Plays the Piano and uh, many more. To congratulate yourself on reading my thread, here's 100 megs worth of the best Silent Hill tracks IN MY OPINION HEHA. Basically everything I said before this is pointless and all the songs in that rar are worth remixing in any style that doesn't suck. I think many people will enjoy these songs, but what do I really know.
  6. The piano arrangement is really lovely. But I can't get over all the accompanying parts, wishing there were less of them or that they were better sounding. Plus I wish the piano sounded better. Obviously that would sound better live, and I've already experienced a touch of that what with the Youtube video(s) out that play this ReMix on the piano! IMO, this is only the start of what could be a masterpiece.
  7. Back on VGMix 1, someone uploaded a version of this song that was either a direct rip, or had some small additions. Ever since, I've liked this theme quite a bit. I was hoping to hear more of the original in this, like at 2:12, but instead I was faced with vocals reminiscent of silent's In the Atrium. I think 2:12 could have worked with or without drums, and "with drums" including some different sounding percussion than the ones used here; needed something more unique to fit the style of this mix. The vocal bits remind me of the end of silent's In the Atrium OCR from Ninja Gaiden. Seriously check that mix out if you want to hear the exact same kind of "out of tune vocals." Some of them sound verbatim from that mix. I didn't like those kinds of vocals in silent's remix, and I don't like them here. It's supposed to be a style? Just sounds out of tune to me. Some of it seems stylish, but other times (which also seem deliberate), I just don't like. Regardless, I'll probably keep this just for the part that I wanted to hear (it's well-done). Stories within mixes sometimes does not = casual listening, and that is the case here. With this, along with some other "flaws", of course people have very good reason to say it sounds terrible (though, as a fan of detail, elaboration on their part would be nice). But to not sound preachy (not that I want to), I'll stop here.
  8. Really, only the beginning was kind of...bad. As soon as the distortion came in it was about 250% more enjoyable. I was afraid the arrangement was going to be really stagnant, but I'm surprised. It reminds me a little of Alexander Prievert's Bloody Tears Inspired mix. And that's REALLY a good thing. Fun semi-generic electronica indeed.
  9. Stunning, and nothing less.
  10. Yeah that's DJ Taka. DJ Amuro. Same person. I'm just wondering if SGX is talking about some random person who calls himself DJ Amuro...
  11. I think this is one of the only songs ever that makes me want to get up and dance. For this purpose I have created a DDR-length version of this song! The main thing about the song that causes this is all that silence in between each 8th note. I think they call that sticatto...
  12. This song is the best orchestral mix on the site. No questions asked. (EDIT: I forgot about Jared Hudson's Pilot the Yggdrasil.) [Nigel's Castlevania IV mix is worth a mention, regardless.] Nothing holds a candle to this. (Okay fine there might be something I'm overlooking but I doubt it.) As many others have said, everything flows like none other.
  13. Here is a .rar that includes 5 songs from the game. I recently went through all of them, and thought these were the best. I also included a readme thing that has my thoughts, and interesting tidbits about the tracks. If anything: it's nice music to have!
  14. I...agree. Here's a rar of all the songs that I think would make for worthy remixing. Shnabubula already made a fantastic arrangement for a couple of the more beautiful melodies in the game. But the game is chock full of even more! Don't let this awesome potential go to waste.
  15. I didn't know the outer space machine was by Rellik RELLIK. Speaking of Rellik I was going to suggest his Zelda 2 mix but it's not really workout music. Actually, I wouldn't mind any of my OCRs being played while working out. That's only like a 3rd of my collection
  16. Actraiser_Lord_PROTEKTOR One could say the synths are ear piercing which might have negatory feelings towards working out. But if this was playing I sure as hell would work out. One of my favorite songs. Bionic_Commando_Bionic_Electronica I'm not really a fan of the string instruments repeating so much, but the breakdowns are nice. Castlevania_2_Simons_Town It's mixed a bit low, but it might be good on some decent work-out speakers. Might be too melodic and crazy. Who knows. Castlevania_2_SimonsSymphony This is actually one really decent rap song for the masses. Castlevania_SotN_TheDevilInside_(ItaloDiscoMix) 'nuff said Chrono_Trigger_Calamitous_Judgment BEATS plus awesomeness Chrono_Trigger_DreamofZeal I feel like walking lots and lots and lots and lots when hearing this song. Requires no thinking and sounds good at the same time. Chrono_Trigger_Lavos_Battle_dnBoss really nice, though a bit rapid-fire-beat-like. Chrono_Trigger_Revival_Day_Impoetus You WILL work out to this. Columns_MainTheme(BlueSquareMix) Sort of too melodious, but has some decent pumping parts especially when the synth melody gets the quarter notes along with the beat. Command_and_Conquer_On_the_Prowl_Redux and Adventure_Island_Tribal_Warfare I've heard the genres of both these two songs be called the types of song that would be in gay pornos (luckily I haven't experienced this first-hand). Useful for when there's only guys in the gym! Or not... Dark_Cloud_LaSaiasRestingPlace niiice. Gotta have some variation. Delta_Space_Grind YES Diablo_WetGrass_Inspired Just a good piece of music. Donkey_Kong_Country_2_Assembly_line_Apparitions Anything by Protricity, really. Donkey_Kong_Country_2_BramblesInTheBreeze Protricity Donkey_Kong_Country_2_Forest_Birdcussion Protricity Donkey_Kong_Country_2_Mechanical_Swamp Another Protricity Donkey_Kong_Country_2_Savage_Seduction MORE PROTRICITY Donkey_Kong_Country_2_GhostofStHelens Very cool beats and stuff. Donkey_Kong_Country_Blue_Vision steady beat. would be good teamed up right next to his CT mix which I already mentioned. Donkey_Kong_Country_Stray_Donkey_Strut Pretty good overall. The ending might throw people off. Donkey_Kong_Land_Revisiting_the_Ruins Turn your gym into an aquarium instead! Double_Dragon_2_Mean_Streak_on_Main_Street Doesn't sound too great on headphones, but with speakers it was amazing. Double_Dragon_2_Twin_Blood The best straight-up rock mix on the site. Dune_Arrakis_Wormsign Perfect Earthbound_Dreaming_on_Distant_Shores awesome Earthworm_Jim_2_Wormaphobic_Disorder Protricity Final_Doom_Quick_Fix aural bliss and beats Final_Fantasy_6_Agony_of_Obscuration one of my favorite mixes ever (took a few listens before deciding this since I thought it was just pretty average at first). Good beat, too. Final_Fantasy_6_EngineerCid(factory) I like this remix way more than many of the high sample quality ones. Straaange. It's the opitome of workout music if you don't have a bias against the sound quality. Also one of the best songs ever. Final_Fantasy_6_Eres_Des_Points For some reason I am a DJ Crono rap fan. Final_Fantasy_6_Kefka_Goes_Carnival SALSA Final_Fantasy_6_modeserpent it's different at least. Still beaty. Final_Fantasy_7_StringMachine(CorelPrisonMix) yeahbuddy Final_Fantasy_6_The_Sveldt DO THE DJP and work out. Final_Fantasy_10_Via Play it unless you don't want to get strange looks from an opera girl singing in the middle of the gym. Final_Fantasy_Adventure_Willed_Assault Neverending kickass Fury_of_the_Furries_FurryintheForest Aww yeah. Fury_of_the_Furries_swimmingfurries ditto. F-Zero_Voices_Broken a slightly different any music ever created. Ghouls'N_Ghosts_Poltergeist_Mix ending is particularly nice. Guardian_Legend_Ace_of_Space 0:44's section is like...pure blood-pumping. ICO_Save_Me_(OCR_Edit) yep Illusion_of_Gaia_Wills_Journey this gets no love... Jurassic_Park_everythingremainsjurassic gangsta' hood done at the right level Killer_Instinct_KillerInstinctsEnhanced The type of airy guitar(s) that give this song its atmosphere are really good for energy. I know of a couple more OCRs that are like it, except with vocals. Last_Ninja_8-Bit_Kamikaze it gets good during the main chorus Legend_of_the_Mystical_Ninja_Oedo_Hop Nonstop energy Magical_Drop_3_Enigmatic_Lunacy kind of trebly. I dunno, but I haven't listed anything like it yet. Pure dance music. Mega_Man_2_Airman_WindShear you should be familiar with this one. Mega_Man_2_Wily_Meets_Flashman not too sure about this one. Has energy but is kind of loud. Maybe that wouldn't matter with speakers. Mega_Man_2_WithTheQuickness This one's a bit soft, but nothing speakers can't fix. Mega_Man_3_Its_Boss_Time This would be so great as a last boss theme. Er, I mean YEAH IT'S WORKOUT MUSIC Mega_Man_3_SnakeManGetDown one of my old favorites. Trancey. Mega_Man_X_BrainsickMetal bestsongever Metroid_Prime_JustaLittleMore_(PrimeEdit) coolness Ork_Portal yep Phantasy_Star_2_BurntMota I remember playing this while jobbing monsters on some MMORPG. Pictionary_Person_Place_or_Groove Yeahp. Pilotwings_64_Birdman_ClearSkies a classic, and pretty jazz. Except with a beat thing. Revenge_of_Shinobi_Chinatown(BadSushi) Nice dreamy no-thinking workout music. Revenge_of_Shinobi_Consent_(MakeMeDance) River_City_Ransom_RiverCityRammstein These last two are a bit synth heavy, if that detracts anything. Seiken_Densetsu_3_Electric_Fields Constant cool. Shinobi_3_Whirlwind(GaleForceMix) Shinobi_Rayza_Shuriken this may sound really generic, but I like it quite a bit, strangely. Socket_TripTheLightFantastic Trance beat yay cool. Sonic_2_Reich_Lake mmm repetitive coolness. Sonic_2_Welcome_to_the_Metropolis another generic techno thing that sounds nice to my ears, regardless. Sonic_3_Aquatic_Pressure Quite a bit of variation while being beaty. Sonic_3_Dub_Island_(Bashment_Riddim_Edit) Awesomeness enwrapped within an enchilada. Sonic_3_Sonik_Azure Sweetness Sonic_3_Tight_Finale the most energetic song ever Sonic_3D_Blissful_Eruption This song...gets no love at all. Completely nice sounding. Sonic_Adventure_2_Knuckles'_Unknown_from_MC more rap Sonic_CD_ColKaos_Stoned_Future like Blissful Eruption, except less thinking required. Sonic_LiveattheSpringyard Lounge music, but maybe works as workout music as well. Maybe I'm completely fucked in the brain. Sonic_Love_Hurts Yeah. Sonic_sonik_special guitars and analoqqq Sonic_the_Hedgehog_3_SonikElektronik kraftwerk "genre" done decently well by Rayza. Soukaigi_Aftershock I'd workout to this. Speedball_Speedy_Guitar Just as the name implies! Star_Control_2_Lightyears_Away yes Starfox_FortunaFavorstheFunk Impressive sound quality.......BEAT INCLUDED; ages 12 and up. Starfox_Meteorave bLiNd is da boMb Starfox_Space_Cowboys Street_Fighter_2_China_Street_Beat Street_Fighter_2_DhalsimSpicyCurry This song has way more to it than probably half the people who listen to it think. Streets_of_Rage_2_BadassPosse McVaffe is a good person for this job. Street_Fighter_3_MakotoJungleJazz piano-y intro, but gets into a perfect groove MCVAFFE Streets_of_Rage_Drop_and_Roll Experimental, at least. Streets_of_Rage_Wah-Wah So awesome. Super_Double_Dragon_No5_(Snapdragon) Another experiment Super_Mario_64_Fleeting_Ecstasy See how many heads turn when they hear this awesome rendition of the Mario star theme. Super_Mario_Bros_2_SuperBuckJazz And this one maybe not so many turned heads. Hey, jazz has a constant beat. (This one's very energetic, too.) Super_Mario_Bros_3_Battle_Rocks constant beat Super_Mario_Bros_3_Staff_Battle Selecta Novel is great. Most of his stuff is on VGMix, though. Super_Mario_RPG_Seeking_Heat some variation on mood while still being beaty. Super_Metroid_Brinstar_Bonsai_Garden wind down time (WITH BEATS) Super_Metroid_MegaDance_Mix_2002 Supreme. Super_Street_Fighter_2_CammysLondonDrizzle McVaffe is all I need to say. Super_Thunder_Blade_Overdrive underappreciated, probably. Terminal_Velocity_Proxima_Path crazy Terranigma_Blue_(Shooting_Star_Mix) yum Terranigma_Reviving_Zue Sweetness. Unique. Refreshing. So insanely good. TMNT3_Turtle_Wave sogood TMNT_4_Waste_Water_Wipeout evenbetter Turbo_Outrun_Slam_the_Gas TOO BAD IT'S NOT ON OCR ANYMORE Xenogears_IndieRockDajil Spice up your life with some Indie! Xenogears_Skyline The secret to why Ziwtra is good? No one knows. Yoshi's_Island_CrystallineCaverns MCVAFFE Yoshi's_Island_Indian_Ragga MCVAFFE Zelda_3_Triforce_Majeure the genre is superbadass Zelda_64_Hyrule_Party_Mix Boom TSH boom TSH. I can imagine people working out with this. Zelda_Links_Awakening_ClashattheMountains Loudness Zillion_InsideTheRoadhouse synth madness and beats. It's like a supermatureversion of his MUSHA remix. That's about 115 songs right theeeerrree. That was a really fun experience. Brought a new hope in me! Or something cheesy yet important.
  17. It's interesting to hear music where people try really hard out of their own free will (and for free). More than 3/4 the time I don't keep the songs, but that doesn't get me discouraged about the site. (I say this because as of current this > 3/4 situation is in stark contrast to how I used to keep every song on the site.) Keep music you like because you like the way it sounds, and not due to it being popular, being in a genre you normally don't like, or even being from your favorite remixer...unless you're just a collector kind of person. Keeping it because of the source tune and game, however, seems to be a decent enough reason, and often is an origin of the sentence "keeping songs because of the way they sound." Also, as people grow older, their musical tastes get more mature because they're hearing the same thing used over and over again in songs. People will always outgrow songs, but as they themselves grow, they easily have the potential to outgrow less and less songs. Those songs that you cherish as maturity increases will be much longer lasting. (Also, don't forget to give songs chances. I'm often undecided on whether I should keep a song, even after a couple days.) It really depends on taste. You shouldn't come to a forum and ask a question like this, since everyone's going to have a different answer. Figure it out for yourself, or don't bother sharing your view that no one person is going to share in exactly the same way. It doesn't help that no reasons at all were given for why mixes "sound horrible recently".
  18. This isn't exactly the right thread, but isn't there some place where all meetups are planned and organized? I don't live anywhere near Baltimore, and I don't see anything else about meetups around here.
  19. zyko's work is usually plain old "interesting" to me, but this one really gets me driving. In the night time. Lots of really cool things were done with this song. Don't let the slight muddiness turn you off. Listening to all the details completely nulls any "muddiness" (which adds to it in some cases...or maybe the whole case).
  20. It's no wonder djp direct posted this. Those familiar with Redlight's previous mixes immediately recognize the main synth used. In the case of myself, I rather wish some other sample was used since it reminds me of his sad and lonely Descent mix. Placing it in this extremely hyper song is a bit weird since it sounds like a sad and lonely synth, perhaps simply just from hearing that other song. Some parts are way more enjoyable than others. Maybe putting it in my car won't seem so bad. It seems to have a bunch of integrity to keep it from losing taste in such a situation as a car-drive. Then I could crank it loud and feel those RHYTHMS AND BASSz. Speaking of which, I just noticed that behind all the insanity is a lone repetitive bass kick and snare drum. Maybe it was like that in the original? Regardless, I would have liked some more insanity from it (or at least variation).
  21. I made most of this years ago when the Super Metroid project was going underway. I just touched some things up yesterday. Turns out no one has arranged this theme yet, even on the project, unless I overlooked a small section. My site is currently in process of renewing so I had to make temporarly links. Yousendit Rapidshare It's nothing amazing. I could really add some more stuff, fix up the EQs/whatever, but I don't know what to add. I already have two other mixes I could be working on. At least it's something to throw out into the internet.
  22. All I could think during the introduction was, "Nice professional movie soundtrack rip. Can't wait until the theme kicks in and it goes all downhill." Then I heard the strings, and immediately inferred that I was wrong about it being a rip, since those sound professional enough as well. Wait, maybe the beginning is a rip. I don't know. If it isn't, that must have taken some crazy sample maneuvering. With flattery aside, hopefully this doesn't turn out too dull due to it being orchestrated. Even if it does, I believe it will be a very interesting experience nevertheless. But it really sounds like it will have a lot of variation already. The intro is a tad too long. It's a really interesting sound and concept, but it really does go on for a little too long. This better be the best damn mix ever. No one's ever done these themes justice.
  23. They're only important to keep things from getting stale visually, and for leaving room for some genius to say "I have a completely unique vision for a game that can only be implemented with the XBox360's power". Sure you can go back and enjoy old games, and even enjoy the graphics, because they are unique to the game. Now, there is such a thing called a difference in art styles, which can be achieved on the same system. So in this sense it's not really necessary to achieve a boost in processing power or whatever, unless someone has a vision for a gameplay that requires system power not available to the public yet. I enjoy Xenogears a lot even though the graphics are pretty horrendous (I never even noticed/cared, until someone played it a few years later than me and pointed it out; and even now I can still enjoy it, mainly because of the story). But let's say they boosted the graphics to look at special and 3d. Congratulations, you're playing the same exact game except you're focusing on the graphics, leaving less budget for the other aspects of the game. Budget is a key factor in this whole discussion, actually. If a company has a huge amount of money, let them use it on all aspects of a game. FF12 is a pretty well-rounded game. Xenosaga, while visually stunning and directed really well movie-wise (yet the rest of the game is not really much of a "game"), made its sequels fall short. (The director of Xenosaga I reaally overspent his budget, which made him have to take a back seat for the next game. I think he had a larger role in the third game, but still neither sequel were). I'm going on a bit of a tangent, but it also brings up the point that it really depends on the person playing the games. I happen to love Xenosaga I. I wouldn't have liked it as much if was on the SNES. People play games for different reasons, no matter how many people say ONLY GAMEPLAY MATTERS. I think Metroid Prime achieves a good purpose that involves a stunning level of detail and 3-d-ness, while still making the gameplay enjoyable. But let's say you downgraded the graphics down to the level of Super Metroid. Congratulations, you're just playing Super Metroid again with different level designs, and leaving less mobility which makes the game as a whole unique. One thing's for certain: as soon as the limit is reached, we'll see more innovation, which goes back to my 2nd paragraph. I just made all this up without thinking beforehand except for reflections on my past experiences, so yay.
  24. Holy God Yes. I was just going to create a thread for this. Except I was only going to request that one song be arranged: So. Good.