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  1. Mandolins are the best part out of this high quality song. I like the melody that it plays, and such. What is that part a remix of?! I can't stop thinking about that part in the song. Aural blissssssssss. And I haven't seen one person really express how great that part is. Really sticks out, and has good structure from the first part of it to the second.
  2. This song came on my playlist and as soon as that section came up I remembered that I wanted to comment on that. I think it's very awkward. Having that melody played on the 16th offbeats or whatever doesn't sound right at all. I think something similar could have been pulled off but without every single note landing on a 16th offbeat (or whatever). Whatever that rhythmic sample is in the background, it's pretty nice---one of the highlights---but I completely looked it over when paying attention to the offbeat weirdness. Some things, if not most, don't have many velocity differences (or whatever else contributes to these purposes), or even rhythmic variety. I'm all for not caring about perfect realism, since synthetics are being used anyway, but there's always the problem of becoming too static. It gets better towards the end. Ah, finally a track that I sort of like where I feel like I can actually review it properly. The whole thing focuses very heavily on arrangement, but I think nuances in various places were overlooked as a result.
  3. As others have said...completely baseless. I even agree with artemisjaeger. I really liked the chord progressions in the beginning, and my expectations for the rest were crushed. Plus that I didn't like the violins. I think...I just don't like all. I like many other string instruments. They're really loud and dry to boot. I need to find a song where I actually like violins. Perhaps even 50000 songs I would like that have them, but I can't recall their sound being good. I just don't know!™ With the other judgement day mix on this site, it's sort of the same. Somehow in the past it was one of my favorite songs, but recently I couldn't stand it, and got rid of it. I guess the source tune just got repetitive.
  4. Those extraneous noises at the end were really annoying, at least this listen-through, since I couldn't even pay attention to the piano at all. I think the silent part at the beginning is alright...if it wasn't so long. I mean it's like TOO long. It could have easily had the same feeling if it was just a little shorter. Other than that, I have no clue what the post above is talking about with the "you should have practiced it more" comment. The soundscape is what made me keep this song, besides the arrangement, much like with what the guy said about burning the song for his truck. Near the end of djp's write-up rings true.
  5. I was just listening to this by myself with no one else's input, thinking of deleting it because it felt like just another rock mix, from a song I didn't know at all or really care for. But suddenly I thought of reasons why I shouldn't delete it, and all I could think of is, "There's...nothing wrong with this song technically. It's perfect." I'm still not sure about the source tune, besides it just being a "rockin'" tune, and not really striking a personal note. But then I thought of driving, and it was perfect. Then I found out it was a direct post! And that no one hates it. Well, except for grandmas, since they're being rocketted out of their seats supposedly, as said by someone else. Here's to hopeful source-tune personal-likingness! And to already drive-pumping music.
  6. lol LOL LOL (actually I don't know, but it just sounds like original lyrics to me) But still. 3 lols in a row, from me is pretty crazy. djp needs to hurry up and delve into every genre so he can go back to the funk! Better than it could have been. I'm not going to keep it because of personal preference, but I like how it develops even if it doesn't really go anywhere, and how the guitar seems to conclude at points, but then continues, echoing the vocals.
  7. This remix was made that long ago? I thought it'd be at least a little later. Um, everyone who's liked it pretty much said all my thoughts. Middle section leads very nicely into the ending. Also some other nice lead-ins.
  8. I thought I would be the only one to really like this song when I came into this review thread. But it seems there are rabid fans of the original game. Myself, I've never played it . But I like most of it quite a bit. Very different sounding, though perhaps too different sounding during the "climax" sections. I never really liked those, as they sound like something 5-year olds would hear while riding one of those circular-moving "rides" in front of huge retail stores. Well, I don't like this song as a whole TOO much, but can really hit the spot occasionally. A keeper.
  9. None of this means shit if people like how the rest of the song is done. I hate when people say something is overrated. As if they think everyone's opinion is wrong. There's a way to have a different opinion than acting like a jerk, since the latter leads to absolutely nothing but more jerk actions (well at least it's hard for a lot of people not to react in the same manner). I know very well that this has "lol generic trance synths and percussion"...except it's actually not that bad of a sound. In other words...try to enjoy a song without setting up an immediate barrier. Well, you did say it was very well done, though cliche in genre. So that just gives way more chance for quite a large number of people to like it. After all, you're basically saying, "This is very well done trance." And not everyone has to think of trance as LOL EASY GENRE FOUR ON FLOOR DUH SOUNDS THE SAME except it doesn't. Really in the end it just sounds like someone mimicking someone else's act of arrogance towards the frequent structural similarities of trance, instead of making a unique opinion. Anyway, enough talking about someone I don't even know. I like all the nuances. And it's very beefy, and raw (which I imagine the 2nd version got rid of, which would be why some would not like it, kind of like getting rid of the human touch to a song). And I like energetic songs, so yay. Very fun to listen to on rare occasions. Somehow it's the only ffmdj song I like (I haven't heard all his most recent ones, maybe). Well I liked his Jenova one, but it got old.
  10. Stock samples indeed. But the whole song makes me happy inside. Super-excited announcer guy adds to the mix by at least one thousand percent. It's pretty crazy that right now I have a tiny bit less than 300 mixes from the whole site, with this and matt pollard's FF6 "EngineerCid(factory)" mix included with it, two arrangements with pretty low quality sounds, yet I keep them, despite there being 500+ more mixes with great sounds that I didn't keep. Being selective is awesome, because then you get really excited about your accomplishments, and can be as excited as this announcer when you play this happy little generic song in front of friends. I wasn't quite sure about this mix when I did just that, last winter. But after playing this more by myself, I've found that next time in front of someone I can say stuff like "Whoa man this song, is so exciting! Get ready for it!" with confidence. So thanks for the simple request, person!
  11. Very enjoyable if you actually listen to it (and...enjoy it of course). But man some of those old judges' first post reviews are harsh. I agree with djp.
  12. No one gives Selecta Novel credit! All his remixes are very unique, and I like basically all of them (most are from vgmix). They are most in the style of music where one would expect rap, or music that is heard in a ghetto (a cool ghetto, yeah I make no sense). And yet they're all pleasing. Must be the Video-game Effect. No actually it's that drum programming. His beats are all immensely enjoyable, each song. He needs to submit more stuff!
  13. Ugh, don't listen with headphones, please. Headache!! As for the song itself, I always end up liking this, and then not liking it. Probably need to be in the right mood. But one thing's for certain is that I was really enjoying until the cool voice effect happens after the silence. Upon first listen, a year ago, hearing that voice effect, I said to myself, "This is awesome." But today I thought it was mixed too low or soft, or something else needed to be present, or a range filled, given the level of range throughout the rest of the song. Anyway, besides that, I mainly wanted to say the first 40 seconds or so are better than the rest, for whatever reason. Now excuse me while I listen to this some other day on speakers and not headphones so I can actually make a clear judgement on the rest of the song. Really reminds me of when I burned a CD of all his originals and listened to that to and from work/school. Pretty...neutral experience. I like the concept quite a bit, but sometimes (more not than often) I get too overwhelmed. Something to stress, though the remixer is probably all too familiar with this, is to make sure huge samples aren't the only thing that sounds good; have worry later that something can be improved. Like with the bass in the first 40 seconds. It becomes the "voice effect" line, which becomes something else later. However, I think that bassline in conjunction with the percussion is what makes the first 40 seconds better than most other parts. As if some part is being left out. Go listen to tefnek's originals: para bellum and love song. the ending to love song especially has the most amount of things going on you'll ever hear, all while sounding insanely nice. Then go check out the rest of his songs.
  14. This song should be really bad, but it isn't. I guess that's the difference between genre and musicality! No really, even the musicality should be bad, due to how not that many instruments are prominent, but somehow it's still a full sound, and I like the whole song. Oldschool.
  15. I enjoy this one highly. Ending ends too happy. I rarely ever hear music like this.
  16. Some musical choices just seemed annoying, like near the end. But overall nice work. Secret of Mana++!! Some of the overall feeling reminded me of Bangkok & Fire Garden Suite - Bull Whip, Pusa RD., Angel Food, Taurus Bulba -- by Steve Vai (more prog rock stuff)
  17. THIS TRACK NEEDS MORE REVIEWS I mean come on now. It's really slick smooth, sounding unlike all of djp's other mixes. I can never remember how the song goes except for the first seconds of the song, but instead I just remember how soothing it sounds the rest of the way through, and then it never gets so old that I have to delete it, unlike all the PunchOut mixes on this site...
  18. I can't seem to like GL music. Except this one. (You talked to me on AIM a long time ago [VGMix1.0] because we both liked Grandia music, remember? Probably not. And you said Grandia music was too tough to touch upon and remix. Anyway, now you're gone from the scene and persuing an audio career!) I remember hearing the first version of this remix, and liked how the low strings were more constant 16th notes, as opposed to having a 16th rest here and there. But I seem to have gotten past that. Very enjoyable to listen to, and makes me remember the game, even though I just quickly ran through PS2 and 4 on an emulator. Also does well to sound completely different from the game version. edit Whoa, I come back here more than a year later and find that I'm still the last person to review this. I just wanted to add that this mix very very very very much reminds me of Ecolove from the original Dune game's soundtrack. Really interesting.
  19. I just started listening to the bass of this piece. I never have before, and I've always liked this song since many years ago even! Funkyyyy. I also listened more to things I never did before. This one part where everything dies out, before the first synth rave climax part near the beginning, sounded really weird, but other than that, quite a nice listen, once again. The original (title screen music) is very subdued, which makes this mix really shine once you know what the original sounds like.
  20. Great ideas and implementation. I would say it's the best Wily mix, but it basically ties against NoppZ's Wily Meets Flashman (as if they were each at opposite ends of a long metal pole). Wily Meets Flashman may seem like a very generic techno song upfront, which prevented me from immediately thinking to keep it (took me many listens), but has so much going on, which simply works, just like this mix, which seems like a generic orchestral song at first. Here's to good Wily mixes!
  21. Someone made some AMV to this and now I remember it and this song forever. Not that I even want to go back and watch that AMV ever. Plus it's just unique, in a good way. Definitely sounds FruityLoopsy, but nice composition and "genre".
  22. I wish there was more variation of the Can't Stop sample. I used to really like this song but it just got too annoying. Even making it seem like it started singing different pitches would be better! Like that "electronica" Bomberman mix with the constantly repeating sample. (How can anyone like that song? I know I would if that sample didn't repeat.) Also, when the sample becomes more like a real voice at the end, there's too much treble on the S's or something.
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  24. I give you a zero out of five! I like the intro. I didn't like the main melody synth for awhile, but listening just now it felt fine. I even like the craziness of the discord section, except its exit seems kind of random (weird panning action), making it seem like he didn't finish that part all the way. Me of course finding out about this site quite early on, before the exodus. So I was used to this kind of music.