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  1. I agree (not fully). Except everything before 2 minute mark isn't as great. In fact only the synth and piano make the mix what it is, obviously. Definitely seeking a higher quality version! Carbunk1e is the one who got me into Reason (I wonder if he remembers) so that requires some thanks.
  2. Gets kind of repetitive. 0:50-1:07 I'm not fond of, though I'm very familiar with the sound. 1:07-1:24 I like quite a bit. Reminds me of the good cathedral-ish strings from Xenosaga Episode III, and some of Final Fantasy XII, and possibly an area of Star Ocean III. The section after is pretty good. The voice I'm not crazy over. The percussion at 2:33 is reminiscent of a particular track in XS Ep.III within a darkened corporate facility, which has now become a recognizable favorite of mine, so nice touch there. Overall, though, while a slow and smooth constant ambient groove can be a good thing, I really wish the chord progression changed just a tad while still sounding good. I mean it's already a thought-provoking type arrangement/song anyway; might as well have varied it up as opposed to thinking the same thought for 3 minutes or whatever. Holy shit. You're from the same location as I.
  3. And as a final note (exaggeration), let me say that no one's REALLY gone out into the wild to scream that this song is amazing. Very few reviews as well. Easily the best guitar sound I've ever heard. I would rank this with Revival Day Impoetus, and XOR's "auf" mix over at I don't think anyone could hate this song. Well, it's not good to overlisten. One listen pretty much is satisfying anyway, until later use.
  4. Except he's depicted as being from Hell. Kind of hard to see that it's a tribute from that.
  5. PHANTASY STAR IV!!! You must have someone play this live. Or else.
  6. I know someone who looks like him we can have a grand old time with that too bad school starts on the 8th man that just doesn't make me want to commit suicide at all!!
  7. This mix is really good to listen to while staring at DrumUltima's signature. I've always liked this from way before. I listened to the OCR version to see if anything changed, especially after djp mentioned a drum solo which I didn't remember. Alas, nothing new (even if just one thing is ever changed in a song, and it is for the better, it makes me glad inside, no matter what the song). At the time it was doubley disappointing because I was listening on my really crappy headphones. At the time, it almost made me not like it altogether because I couldn't hear any bass at all. Luckily changing from 20 dollar open headphones to 100 dollar closed headphones makes 1000000x the difference in bass and everything else. Anyone who has the money and is a fan of music, wearing 20 dollar open headphones, should go shoot themselves in the face. Well not really, but it's pretty important. As an aside, someone once said the left-panned synth sounds like a really cheap synth sax. Just sounds like a synth to me. Could be considered weak, but anyone who's played Cave Story (and liked it) should love it.
  8. I thought it was really weird at first, but eventually I understood the kind of production that this song has, and the melodies all clicked together. I can't really notice anything that sounds like a bad sample, like djp mentioned. Slowly becoming a really decent unorthodox song.
  9. WHAT THE FUCK is that? Yeah BGC is the man and we all know who the woman is. But we don't know the point of this post.
  10. I remember this from VGMix. All in all, I like Darke's first Metroid Prime arrangement better. This one could be good too, but (and I don't know if this is my headphones since this one cool bass part of Ziwtra's Soukaigi mix stopped working)* the bass sounds really soft in this mix. I don't really like the EQ levels is all I'm saying (not only on the bass)---things are too soft for me---but maybe I need new headphones. Really simple piece of work, I guess could be perfect for chillaxing. Or Chill Axing. *Part of edit*: Also, my main reason for paying attention quite a bit to this mix, before deciding that I liked the other Prime mix more, is because of my I mean, because I had just gotten finished playing Prime 2 (my first Prime game) and noticed similarities between these samples and those of the game to create a similar atmosphere. So those claiming to love this over it being from Metroid Prime aren't lying! *(I have Sony MDR-7506. The wire got run over by my desk chair a lot so a wire's been exposed which I electrical-tapisized. It makes no sense that that Soukaigi mix part [2:19] would stop sounding cool unless my headphones got messed up. It's the same on both my sound cards so it's not that. Maybe someone can knows what I'm talking about and can PM me about this.) (It's called going on a tangent. Some people can't handle incredibly minor things I guess. Either that or everyone in this community hates me for absolutely no reason. I'm voting for the 2nd option, since it makes the least sense.)
  11. Starts off really bad, reminiscent of the old OCR days' "bad music". But once it picks up the beginning has more meaning. It's all really experimental sounding, in terms of the combination of instruments/samples. I can't really notice anything technically wrong, except that the buildup is kind of long. Wait, that's not technical, but it should be! Anyway, it doesn't really bother me anymore, but I have my doubts of how many people would like what they're hearing at first. The chirping at the beginning has too much treble. The log drum sample is the first sound that sounds really authentic. All of it should have been longer and more arranged. The background is really arranged, in almost an appropriate way to give a new style to a well-known, now-tired source tune. But the melody is still there, too much the same. The ending is good, the best part, except for the lead-out (rephrases the part that's been played the same, throughout the whole), but maybe one more original section in the middle would have sealed the deal to perfection. It makes me wish the whole song had the ending's energy. I love me some energetic music, but I'll have my doubts with future listens of this. But not until I give it some more chance! Just like how the song's given all the select semi-juxtaposed samples a chance to sing in harmony while they're neglected in other people's songs =(
  12. I usually absolutely hate music like this, but somehow after 30 seconds I was really feeling this. It's got such great atmosphere.
  13. Hearing Yuki Kajiura I was also anticipating greatly. It has a pretty unique atmosphere after listening several times. It was pretty hard to get into, as the melody seems pretty sparse and non-recognizable. The progression is pretty elongated too, requiring multiple listens, for me anyway. One main complaint is that I don't like buzzy string sample at all. I can try to get over it, but I'd rather have something that isn't so buzzy. It's probably actually a really good sample for what it's trying to emulate, but yeah. I've played through this game once or twice but I don't recognize this tune. Also I have no idea what a Koan is. Ah what a strange experience of music.
  14. Listening to that last show was pretty good. However, you can barely hear the intensity of the songs. In fact, they sound 305982905x worse than ever -- every song sounds really offkey and just...the worst ever. Maybe the videocast will be better? And next time, you should play the Mario 1 bowser castle theme, and know what to play from there I forget if there were any rock covers.
  15. You should put How To Vote or something on the first page with super easy to follow instructions. Took me like 20 more seconds than it should have to find out how to vote! Oh no!
  16. The poster said OVERRATED not OVERREMIXED. As far as remixes go, Israfel did one. Kinda low-key...whatever that means it just sounds good.
  17. Thanks for making this. I like it a bit more than the first one you submitted, which had really piercing treble at points. I had to turn the volume down in my car to like 12 instead of 20. The best thing about it is I could never get this melody out of my head when I was listening to the original songs a long time ago. It's like part of my brain now, and a piece of its history. It's a simple progression that repeats, yet pleasing to my ears. Plus there's a ton of varying and accompanying percussion and...stuff so it doesn't get TOO repetitive.
  18. Just wanted to say this. I'm a really big fan of SoM's music. Most all of it's really really good. I've also already played through SD3. The strange thing is, however, that when I went to go listen to the SPCs after hearing about this project, I couldn't recall more than like 3 songs from the whole soundtrack before I started listening. Then I started listening to the SPCs. It just so happened that the first one I picked was Harvest November. I nearly cried of happiness because that was such a good track, and this project was being made. Then I listened to the opening theme, and thought that was really nice as well..................then... What happened? I listened to all the tracks after that, and they were SO lame. They were all so simple, and not even the good kind of simple. After listening to them all, I only put 7 in a folder that I really liked. There were a few more that were okay, but overall, the whole thing was just way too simple, and the melodies were worse than Nobuo's. I'd even played the game before! Hopefully this just means the project will be even better. Good luck! Anyway, here's what I think has gone wrong with this original soundtrack. Wasn't he the head of the sound composition AND production for Secret of Mana? I heard that he/they used the SNES's sound in a way that had never been done before. But with SD3, oftentimes I would hear Kikuta try to make a similar style to that of SoM's, but the samples were just so hollow, and the whole thing was just not complex, which he seems to have a knack for making sound good, as opposed to simplicity. Does anyone know the backstory of what happened regarding him during the making of this game's music? He seemed VERY limited for every single song on this OST.
  19. So, which episodes would people say are LEGENDARY? I can host them. 300gigs transfer every month. Dunno how many people would download them. Maybe they could be lowered in quality a little bit more. There can't be THAT much exciting about the quality of a radio show mp3 can there?
  20. That was one of the best things I've ever heard. History in the making. Everything important in one mp3. 58:54, what's the song playing? I know I've heard it before, but I have no idea why I'd delete it. a remix right? Sounds like one. That'd be really strange if it was an original. I don't want to be wrong but it's possible.
  21. I was just watching a Zelda 3 run, and realized how unbelievably awesome it would be if they made one of the stages from the Dark World. The music arrangement would be to die for, I'd hope.
  22. Hi, Score reminds me so much of this song from VGMix 1. Any plan on a FLAC release?
  23. The beginning made me feel good. Then a questionable synth comes in. I thought it was very questionable at first, but after a second listen, all I could remember is how okay/good it sounded teamed up with everything else going on, and a lot of the grating went away. I could even hear some of its beauty. Anyway, then I had the thought, at :59, that the sample could benefit from being an octave or two (or whatever the range is for the note at :59) higher, and continue doing its melody from there, like how djp works it into his M.U.S.H.A. remix. It actually starts to get old at such a low octave all the time. There are certainly many other things going haywire, so why not that main sample? Other than that, I love chopped up music. Just that one sample gets too much of the highlight. Ugh, it's actually getting annoying again, in a different way than when I first heard it. I better listen to some of these other recent mixes again. They all have an experimental approach to them. Bonsai Garden, this, Concerto for Velociraptor. Good memory building time for OCRs!